Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Miscellaneous May Moments

And now for all the rest of May...

May is always when Teacher Appreciation Week is at school.  I only had 2 teachers to do this year.  I made breakfast buckets one day.  I found these cute little buckets a long time ago on clearance at Kirklands.  I knew I could use them for something like this.  I filled them with a muffin, a banana, some yogurt, and attached a paper flower because it was suggested to bring your teacher a flower that day.  We did a Sonic gift card, their favorite candy, and wrote a note on the other days.

I had the kids fill these out about their teachers.  My favorite one from Lincoln was My teacher always says "You are not confused.  It is hard."

Lincoln decided to do Barracudas swim team again this summer and his practices started up after school.  Ledger was so cute the first day we walked into the pool area.  He got so excited and started screaming "Ba!!! Ba!!!"  He is still calling water "Ba."  So funny!


Layton is in the thick of baseball.  His team is pretty good.  They win some and lose some.  I still can't tell exactly how much he likes it though.

Trying out the grilled nuggets at our favorite place.

 He is not walking quite yet, but he has started pushing this thing around.

Ledger has found the dvd drawer.  Sigh...

Snuggles with Sissy.

Speaking of Sissy, she is looking way to big.  We were on our way to Becca and Quique's wedding this night.

Hannah decided she wanted to try Cross Country.  She made the team and has started practicing some.  She took this picture after tryouts with her friend Taylor.  I am glad they are doing it together.

We went to the park one night for Life Group.  Ledger had never really been on a slide.  He wasn't too sure about it.

He liked the bubbles though.

He is always into something these days.

We tried out the swings at the park another day.  It took him a minute to warm up to them.


Ledger likes to go into the pantry and sit on the step.

Sweet baby.

He has really started to like books these days too.

He loves his new swing from Uncle Jeff for the back yard.

 Layton LOVES to push Ledger's new wagon around especially with Ledger in it.

He was helping himself to his Daddy's fries and ketchup.

Making a mess with paper.

Layton has been hitting the ball really well.  This night he hit a home run and got the game ball at the end.  He was so happy!

His faces just kill me.

May is over.  I guess summer is in full swing now!!!

Ledger's first swim

I took Ledger for his first swim at the end of May.  The pool near us has a pretty great area for little ones.

He doesn't like to have sunscreen put on him.  He has such a serious face here.  I think he was taking everything in.

It was hard to take pictures because I have to watch him so closely, so I only got a few.

He loves the "ba" which is what he calls all water.  I see many fun days at the pool in our future!