Monday, March 28, 2011

Layton is 9 months!

Layton, you were 9 months old on the 21st! This has been a busy month for us and for you. You are such a good baby. You went to Washington D.C. with us and were no trouble at all. I can take you with me to go shopping and you are just my little buddy. You have rolled over a few times this month, but still don't do it often at all. You are still not crawling yet either. However, this month you really started getting on all fours and scooting backwards. You just can't figure out how to go forward yet. So, you scoot yourself into things and get stuck alot.

You still just light up when Hannah and Lincoln come around. Hannah LOVES you and is really such a good big sister. She loves to hold you and asks to do this often. She plays with you too and tries to make you smile and laugh. Lincoln is really rough with you. He just doesn't really understand what gentle means! Sometimes you take it well and other times you get upset. You especially don't like it when he takes your toy away (which he does quite often).

I took lots of pictures of you trying to crawl this month!

You get tired and just lay your head down. You smile so easily for your Momma. You are quite the Momma's boy and I LOVE IT!!!! You reach for me alot and when someone else is holding you and you see me, you reach for me. Yesterday at church, I told the ladies in the nursery to try to give you cheerios when you started getting upset and missing me to try to distract you. I think it worked for a little while until some of the other moms started coming in to get their babies. When you saw me walk in, you immediately started crying and reached for me. Then, you gave me the BEST love. It was the sweetest thing and absolutely melted my heart. I am just eating this up!!!

Your rolls are so stinkin cute! I'm eating them up too!

Your Aunt Mona sent you and your brother and sister T-shirts in the mail from Las Vegas. We had to take your picture together and send her a thank you!

Another shot of you backing yourself into a corner.

You LOVE to stand up. You can't do it by yourself yet, so I have to put you there. You get really upset if you fall down or I take you down. You think you are big stuff when you stand up and are so happy. You really show your little temper, though, when you are taken down. I'm wondering if you are going to be a fit thrower like your sister!

You are still nursing 5-6 times a day, every 4 hours at 7:00, 11:00, 3:00, 7:00 and 9:00. Nine o'clock is typically your bedtime. We will probably move this up some when I quit nursing. You still get very distracted while I'm nursing, but I guess you get your fill.

You sleep till about 6:30 in the morning when we get the other kiddos up to get ready for school. You are usually pretty happy and excited to see everybody. You sleep pretty good most nights. We have had a few nights/days where I'd put you down, but you would cry. I pick you up and rock you for a bit and try again or until you fall asleep. I still have to get up sometimes in the middle of the night when you cry out for your pacy.

You are still eating some baby food, but have really tried a lot of new foods this month. I don't think you have really disliked anything I have given you which is so nice! You love the broccoli and cheese soup from McAlisters, have tried french fries from McDonald's, and have even had a few licks of Chickfila's ice cream cones! You've added meatballs, hash brown casserole, baked pasta casserole, sweet potato fries, Gerber meat sticks, scrambled eggs, purple hull peas, waffles, biscuits, grapes, strawberries, cantelope, grilled cheese, pancakes, goldfish crackers, and baked potato to the list of things you have tried. You are a good little eater. I hope this continues. If you see one of us eating, you want something too!

You weighed 19 lbs. 6 oz (30%) at your 9 month appointment. You were 28 inches tall (40%) and your head was 18 1/2 inches around (90%). I think you may be little like your sister. :-) You had your platelets checked at your appointment and they were at 183,000. Dr. Byrum said this was perfect! We were so glad!

You got your 2nd tooth this month, your lower left central incisor.

You can wave "bye bye" sometimes.

Most times when you start getting upset about something, I can laugh or do something funny and you start laughing. You go from crying one second to laughing the next. It is the cutest thing!!!!

You still love bath time. I love to watch you in the tub. You really take it all in and just play. It is so fun. I also love how you smile really big and stick your tummy out at me when I'm lathering you up with lotion after your bath. I don't know why you do this, but I want to remember it. It's really cute.

You still say "Daddy" alot, but I'm not super convinced you know what you are saying. You jibber jabber alot which I love.

Layton - 9 months

You are just the sweetest thing. You are growing up so so fast. This is such a fun age you are in right now, Buddy. I want to remember it always!

Lincoln's Playing Soccer!

Lincoln is playing soccer for the first time this spring! I thought it would be a great outlet for all his energy! Here are some pictures from his first practice. It was a little hard to get him to stay out there partly because he kept wanting to come get a drink and partly because his coach wasn't very good at keeping the kids' attention and getting them to do stuff. Kris isn't coaching this time. (I wish he was!)

Kicking the ball to the coach.

Here he is all ready for his first game. They had pictures before it. He was so cute in his uniform!

His team! There are a couple of 5 year olds on it. He is pretty young to play and just barely made the cutoff to get to play. So...

that might account for some of this that went on.

We kind of had a rough time--at first. I think he either had wanted a drink in the middle of things or had fallen down and gotten upset. Also, right off the bat, he scored a goal for the other team. Ha! They don't keep score, but it was funny! It was a little confusing which goal was theirs!

He did pretty good all in all though! He is a fast little booger! He did great when he had the ball, but when he was running down the field without the ball, he was more interested in looking back while running, watching his shadow! It was HILARIOUS and the cutest thing!!! I don't think I got a picture of it though!

He did make one goal! He was so proud of himself! He looked over at us and had the cutest expression on his face.

Sweet little soccer player!

Having a snack and taking a break with Hannah. She cheered him on!

Layton staying warm and out of the wind.

Daddy congratulating Lincoln after his first soccer game! He has only been to one game so far. We were out of town for the last one. Looking forward to seeing how he does this weekend!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Wye Mountain 2011

On Saturday we went to Wye Mountain. The kids and I go every year, usually during the week. However, since Hannah is in school now, we had to go on the weekend. So, Kris got to go for the first time. We were able to get some really great family pictures! I was so excited!