Monday, May 11, 2015

All about April

April absolutely flew by and here we are already in mid-May.  Didn't we just start this year???

Here are some of the things that we did this month.

Layton and I have walked/rode to the park a few times in the afternoons.  He loves to do this.  He especially likes to take a little side trail that leads back into the park trail.  He thinks it is cool to go through the woods.

We have had some really nice days lately and we have been outside alot.

We probably hit up Chick-fil-a once a week.  This day it was just Layton and I and the cow.

We had parent/teacher conferences and I got to see/read some things that Lincoln has been doing.

This one cracks me up.  He was one of just a few in his class to actually think that recess should be shorter.  I was pretty shocked hearing his teacher tell me about it and then reading his opinion piece.  He is always surprising me, that kid.

Both kids are doing great per their teachers.  We are super proud of them.  They have both had really good years.

Collin is awesome at teaching our kids during Life Group.  Here he was doing an experiment with an egg in salt water to make a point.

Lincoln finished up tennis at the end of the month.  I think in the fall he is going to move up to the next age group and will get to play on a bigger court.  He needs this because he really wants to hit the ball hard!

The kids found this in the yard.  Lucky for us it was small and dead already.

Kris is slowly introducing the kids to yard work.  Lincoln did some too but I didn't get a picture.

Then they helped their daddy rotate my tires.

The Blands (Jennifer and kids) came to town one weekend.  We had them over for lunch.  It was good to catch up with her.  The kids seemed to have fun together!

In Life Group the kids are studying the Beatitudes from Matthew 5.  Each of the kids are responsible to take a beatitude and teach it to our group.  I love this!  This particular week it was Katelyn's turn.  She had her family help act out a skit to get the point across.  It was really cute!  The kids are working on trying to memorize the Beatitudes as well.

This particular night we were at the Stephens.  The kids had a blast playing outside while the adults had our study.  Such cute kiddos!

Poor guy.  He was having a rough afternoon.  He fell asleep while I was driving to pick up the big kids.  Love the drool.  Ha!

Remember when I said that Lincoln was always surprising me?  Well, I got out of the car at church on a Wednesday night to discover that he was wearing loafers with argyle socks with his athletic shirt/shorts.  He didn't care how it looked one bit, so Momma didn't either.  It did make me laugh though!  He is his own person and I love it.

Kris got to be Dr. Timbuckto again during Faith-in-Action one Wednesday night.  He was teaching the kids about encouraging one another.  He did an awesome job with his slide show and "experiments" to drive the point across.

Here he was having them all give each other high fives.  Little did they know he had glitter all over his glove and he "shared" it with them when he high fived them.  This was to show how things can be spread from one person to another (one little thing can affect many different lives).

Lincoln was his first high five.  This was his reaction to his hands.  Ha!

Well, that is all about April.  It was jam packed and went by fast!

Easter Family Pictures

I am one of those people who like taking pictures of my family at Easter and I love to be all matchy matchy.  Ha!  So, here are this year's pictures.  Love my family.  We missed having Wes in them this time though.

You might think this is not a normal picture, but I assure you it is.

So is this one.

Even though some of us wanted to pull our hair out trying to get everyone to cooperate, we did manage to get some pretty good pictures and for that I am grateful!