Thursday, March 28, 2013

Park with friends!

We recently spent a late afternoon at the park with the Rainbolts.  I took my camera along because I was playing with some settings.  I got some pretty good ones of all the kids playing.

Love this one of Hannah and Eden!

Love Harper's big smile!

I tried to get a group picture with them all lined up on the end of the slide because I thought it would be cute.  This is what I got.

My beautiful Hannah!

Gotta love the static hair after sliding down the slide!

Big smiles!

Looking forward to more days at the park this spring!!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

In the midst of a storm...

Early this morning around 3:00 a.m., it started to storm outside.  I almost always wake up when I hear it.  As soon as I woke up and heard it, I figured my little Layton would be in our room soon.  He doesn't like storms either.  I was right.  After that first big crack of thunder and downpour of rain, he came running down the hall crying.  I quickly got up to get him.  It is instinct for me.  I grabbed him up and hugged him close and told him that it was just rain and it was okay.  I brought him into our room to sleep with us because I didn't want him to be scared.  After I laid him down and saw that his sweet little eyes were closed, I heard this

"Mom, I not scary anymore."

My heart pretty much melted right there looking at that sweet little face.  All I could think about was what a blessing he has been to me.  I can not imagine what life would have been like without my sweet baby.  Such love.  I prayed right then and there for him and for his future.  I just love him so much.

After my prayer I began to think about God and how this little moment reminded me so much of Him.  I thought about how much comfort it brought to little Layton, when he woke up scared, to be able to run to me and his daddy because he knew he would be safe with us.  He sought comfort in us and immediately found it.  I couldn't help but think that that is how it should be with us and God.  When we are scared or troubled, we can go straight to Him and be comforted.  He is always there.  In the calm and in the storms.

It is amazing how one simple moment at three in the morning can turn into such a big moment of reflection.  God is amazing.  He is always there.  He uses all kinds of things to get us to see Him.  Last night, he used my baby boy.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Rock Climbing with Jack!

A couple of weeks ago, Lincoln went to Jack's 6th Birthday party.  It was a rock climbing party and it was fun!  Enjoy the pictures!


Happy 6th Birthday to Jack!!!  Lincoln just loves his buddy!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lincoln Lost His First Tooth!!

Last Thursday night Lincoln lost his first tooth!!  Here's a before picture from a couple weeks prior.

His tooth was driving me crazy.  The new tooth was half way in already behind the loose one.  It looked so weird.  Before going to bed, we mentioned to him that we really needed to get that tooth out.  I can't remember whose idea it was to try the string.  I actually think it was Lincoln's.  Kris got some fishing string and tied it around the tooth.  Lincoln wanted to sit and pull on it for a while, but it was already past bedtime, so Kris and I just looked at each other and I knew what he was going to do.  Enjoy the video!

Poor guy!!  He was tricked!  It was quick and easy though.  Kris thought it was the funnest thing ever.  He just kept saying "That was fun!" over and over again.  I don't think Lincoln thought it was very fun.  He told me later that he didn't want to pull another tooth like that. 

He wasn't too sure about the blood.  It didn't bleed for long though.

The after picture.  Look at how much the other tooth was already in!  Glad we got it out!!

The Tooth Fairy came the next morning and brought a little note and a $2 bill.

Yay Lincoln!!!  Another milestone down!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Our Artist!

Last week Hannah came home with an Art Achievement Certificate that her Art teacher gave her.  She won 1st place for the 2nd Grade in her school's art contest.  She was super excited!  Her artwork was entered in state and county contests apparently.  We were also invited by the Art Guild of Saline County to the 31st Youth Art Show Open House which was at Saline Memorial Hospital last Sunday afternoon.  We got to go see her artwork along with all the others from grades K-12 from all the Saline County schools.  She was so proud to show us her work.  It was called "Cats."  Apparently her art teacher had everyone draw cats and chose hers as the best!  Love it!

She got Honorable Mention.  We were so proud of her.  Hope she takes after her Pappaw and her Uncle Wes and has some artist talent!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

End of Upward

The kids really enjoyed Upward basketball and cheerleading.  They finished up a couple of weekends ago.  Here is Lincoln at his last game.

Cheering on Bub!

Dude has some en-er-gy!!!

I believe he made 3 goals during that last game.  He had a lot of fun.  Here he is with his team and coach.

One last "Go Ducks!"

Hannah ate up the cheerleading.  She was a good little cheerleader too!

They had a closing awards ceremony last Monday night that we went to.  They had entertainment that was pretty hilarious.  This Chinese guy imitated Psy and lip synced to "Gangnam Style."  The kids loved it!!

Happy boy!!

He got an Upward basketball to take home!  Awesome!


They did a video to wrap up the season.  Both kids were in it, and I managed to take a picture of Lincoln when he came on.

Hannah got a cheerleading picture frame.  She was so excited.

Here are 2 videos of Hannah cheering.  The first one is from her last game and the second one is from the awards ceremony.

Upward was a great experience for our kids.  We all loved it and I am sure we will do it again!