Sunday, April 30, 2017

All the rest of April

 There is lots more to April that I want to remember.  Hannah's buddy, Katelynn, was baptized by her daddy.  It was a very sweet, sweet moment and Jason did such a great job.  We are so proud of Katelynn and pray for her walk with the Lord as well as Hannah friendship with her.

Our Life Group went and helped serve lunch to the homeless downtown one Sunday after church.

I am very grateful that our church provides these opportunities for us!

Ledger went with me that night to Book Club.  He had spent all day with me that day and was just still such a happy boy.  We had been to church, to eat lunch, to feed the homeless, to shop at Rhea Lana, and then to Book Club.  I sure am grateful for such a happy boy!


Layton did some work to earn some money because he wanted this side-by-side toy that he had seen at the John Deere store a while back.  We stopped in one afternoon to let him buy it, but they had just closed.  The guy told us that he had already put the money up so we couldn't get the toy.  Kris asked Layton if he wanted to give him a $20 bill for the toy which was more than it cost and not get any change back.  He said sure.  So, the guy walked us in to get the toy.  He ended up just giving it to Layton because he was so impressed by his good attitude about the whole thing.  He said he wanted to be a blessing to him.  It was such a nice thing to do and really stood out to Kris, especially.  He says that that experience may have convinced him to eventually buy his tractor from John Deere.

This is the one that he wants. :-)

All dressed up in their Sunday best.

PV had a neighborhood Easter picnic this year in our church parking lot.  It really wasn't your traditional Easter egg hunt, but the attendance was great.

Layton trying to hunt Easter eggs in the hay!

Train ride.

I took this picture because I wanted to remember the two of them sitting looking at tractor videos and dreaming of tractors.  Ha!

Ledger has discovered the dvd drawer.

Layton wrote a thank you note to Pappaw.  Sweet boy.  He loves riding the four wheeler and side-by-side,

We have been playing some baseball.

Now he is into my snack cabinet.  Life is busy.

The yummy ice cream dessert I made when I hosted Bunko this month.


Lincoln selfies.

We went for a walk.

That face.

He loves my pantry room.  There is a step there and he loves to climb back and forth on it and then just sit there.  Cutie patootie.

Lincoln's class got to watch a little bit of the Special Olympics one day at school.

More baseball.

Reading with Bubba.

I couldn't resist.  Those rolls!!!

And that smile!!!

I met up with Layton and his class at the library one day.

Sleeping on Daddy.

Life is definitely busy and crazy right now.  Sometimes the kids just wear me out.  But then you look at them sleeping sweetly like this and all the picking up and other frustrations just go by the wayside.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

The many faces of Ledger

Oh the faces this little guy can make!  I tried to find a bunch of them, but I am sure there are more.  They are just too cute!