Friday, December 2, 2016


It is no secret to those that know us well, we have wanted land for a while now.  Kris has had dreams of having it for years.  It is in his blood I think.  I kind of was getting tired of hearing him talk about wanting it and drooling over land whenever we would drive by some.  One day a while back I just brought up the question of why were we waiting.  Money has always been the reason, I guess.  We haven't really been putting much aside for this dream of ours and I just asked Kris why.  If you really want it, why aren't you working to get it?  So, I think that got to him because he started looking for some--we started looking I should say--and started trying to figure out how we could swing it.  We would drive around all over our area looking.  Land is not easy to come by around here, especially with our desire to stay in our same school district.  There is just not a lot of land that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.  But we spent several months looking online and driving around.  We knew the general area that we liked.  We even found one 4 acre lot that we were just about to make an offer on but found out that it had sold right before.  So, we kept looking.  And we finally found it!!!!!

We found 5 acres in a great little neighborhood.  I really have loved being in a neighborhood all these years and hoped that we could find something out in the country, but in a neighborhood.  I love the idea of having the best of both worlds.  As far as the money was concerned, I have to thank my parents.  They gave us some for a really good down payment.  We felt like we were getting a good price for this land too.  It is about 20 minutes from Little Rock and 15 minutes from Bryant.  We would be zoned for a different Middle School and Elementary, but we are hoping to do school choice when the time comes and try to stay at the main campus where all three schools are in one place.  We will see how that plays out. 

Our plans are to wait a few years before building in hopes of paying off the land. 

This is us after we closed on the property.  So exciting!!!!

I tried to take a few pictures of the property.  One of the downfalls to this land is that it is covered in pine trees.  Kris despises pine trees, so more than likely most of them will come down.  He won't have the ability to go chop wood like he wanted so badly, but he plans to plant his own trees at some point which he is excited about.

There is a slight slope up on the left hand side of the property.  I am anxious to see what it will look like once the trees are gone.

Panoramic picture.

Now that our first dream has become a reality, we are starting to dream of what a home would look like on the property.  This is a picture of a house that we like so far.  Who knows if it will be the final choice, but right now it is what we are thinking of when we dream of our future home.  Hopefully, we can make this next dream a reality in a couple of years.  I can hardly wait!!!!

Annual North Pole Breakfast

We had our annual North Pole Breakfast on December 1st.  I always enjoy doing this for the kids. 

Our elf, O, brought the kids journals this year.  They are grateful journals.  He wants them to write in them every night before supper.

Ledger got some books.

The sweetest face.

Excited boys!

I guess Hannah was not impressed!!  Hahaha!!  She will kill me for posting this one day.

My kids love grapefruit, so I thought it would be fun!

Ledger got his own first taste.

O is back, so I guess our Christmas season is officially off to a great start!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Week 29

We got home from the Keims and got back in the swing of things with school.  Lincoln was studying his spelling words.  He loves his new hat from Aunt Mona.  He is definitely a hat kid.

Ledger and I just played at home.

We worked on getting our Christmas tree and decorations put up.

I got to have lunch with my two handsome brothers one day.  Wes was in town for work for the day, so we met up with Jeff at Newks.  This was a treat!

Ledger cracks up at Lincoln when he gets in the car after school.  I mean cackles and cackles.  Lincoln starts acting crazy and loud and Ledger just loves it!  It is really, really cute.  I have it on video because it just makes me smile.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Keim Family Pictures

I wanted a good family picture of the 6 of us SO bad.  We tried and tried, but I really wasn't happy with any of them.  I wanted one good one to blow up and put on the mantle.  It didn't happen.  It is super hard to get all 4 kids to cooperate.

This one of the kids is not bad, but the lighting isn't great.

Lance and Lindsey

 Kurt, Alexis, Addison, and Isabel.

All the grand kids with Grandma and Grandad.

The whole family!!

Logan, Carol, Les, Lindsey, and Lance

Aaron, Alex, Mona, and Austin

My cute and sweet in-laws.

With all the little grands--and a photo bomber.  LOL!

Grandma and Grandad with the big grands.

The original 6.