Thursday, September 8, 2016

Week 17

Hannah went to the Salt Bowl (the big Benton vs Bryant Football game) with a group of friends on Friday night.  SO thankful for the new friends that she has made!!!

Mom and Dad were in town and it was Mom's birthday.  I wanted to do something special for her so I tried my hand at a chocolate pie.  My Mama Cille made the BEST chocolate pie.  Wish I had her recipe, but this one turned out pretty good.

Happy Birthday to my Mom.  Love her SO much!!!

Ledger really started noticing the toys hanging from the play gym and started grabbing at them.

We stopped for donuts Labor Day morning on our way to see Quique who was in the hospital in Pine Bluff.

We put Ledger in the baby carrier to carry him in.  He is such a chunk.  That is Quique's brother in the back.

Later that day, since Kris was off work, we took the kids for one last swim.  I hadn't swam all summer, so Kris sat out while I got to swim.  I sure have missed being in the water with my kiddos, and can hardly wait till next year when Ledger will be able to get in!

Layton was showing me that he could swim all the way across the pool.  He is quite the swimmer.

This is what Kris and Ledger did the whole time.

Just having a little tummy time.

Sweet boy.

I went and had lunch with Layton at school.  He did great until it was time for me to leave.  Then, he had a meltdown.  Ugh.  I had thought we were over those.  I felt so sad for him.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Week 16

Amplify, a Christian Music Festival, was going on this weekend and so we met up with the Cheesmans there on Friday night.  It was super hot at 5:00 so we had to keep this little one out of the sun.

We got to hear Trent Harmon (the last American Idol), Flame, and the Sidewalk Prophets.  Didn't care too much for Flame (Christian rap group), but the others were great!

The many faces of Ledger.

Amy LOVES Ledger and the feeling is mutual.

Other than it being super hot, we had a great time.  We left before getting to see Building 429 because it appeared a big cloud full of lightning was headed our way.

This is his not-so-happy face.  He may have been saying "I'm hungry Momma.  Feed me."

He is finally starting to really be able to grasp a few toys.  This one is easy.

I sat him in his Bumbo, but his legs just don't quite fit.

Sooooooo cute!!!

Sweetest baby.

His eyelashes are getting long.

Layton must have been worn out.  He fell asleep on the way to church Wednesday night.

He tries to eat the toys hanging down from this mobile now.