Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Lincoln is 11!!

Our Lincoln turned 11 on the 20th!  His actual birthday was a crazy busy day.  He and I had to head to Greenbriar for DI Creativity Day, so we stopped and got him some birthday breakfast of his choice--Chick-fil-a.  

We went to Greenbriar, and Kris and the others stayed home.  Layton had a basketball game that morning.  Lincoln had 2 games that afternoon at 4:00 and 5:00.  We barely made it back for them.  After his games, we all took him to dinner.  He wanted steak at the new Texas Roadhouse, but unfortunately, the wait was too long.  We ended up at Logan's instead.  He still got his steak!

I forgot to bring his birthday cards with me, so after his bath he opened his cards from Mimi and Pappaw and Grandma and Grandad.

We waited until the next weekend to actually celebrate with his friends.  He wanted to have a Third Realm party and then come home for pizza and pie.  So, that's what we did.

What a crew!

The only way I could get a serious picture was to tell them we would do a silly picture too.

He requested the same Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie as last year.

Some things about Lincoln right now at 11 that I don't want to forget:

**He is a loyal friend and loves his friends.  He is slightly interested in girls.--not too bad, thank goodness.  He had a little girlfriend at the end of last school year, but hasn't talked too much about any so far this year.  I am okay with that!  Ha!

**He loves basketball and football.

**He wants to grow his hair out.  Ugh!  I am trying to be patient with this, but it is not my favorite.  I am hoping that he will realize how annoying it will be in his face and want to cut it.

**He has really developed a love of reading this last year.  He finally found some books that he thoroughly enjoys--The Percy Jackson Series.  I sure do love seeing him with his head in a book.

**He still loves to tinker with things and build things.  He still loves to use tape.  This cracks me up.

**He got into the Gifted & Talented class this year and is having a great year so far!  He got on the Quiz Bowl Team again and is in DI both of which use his awesome brain.  He is so smart and creative.  I can not wait to see what he does with this one day!

**He definitely has his own personal style.  He loves hats especially fedoras.  Ha!

**He has got to be the roughest kid there ever was on shoes.

**He is not on any ADHD medication and doing quite well in school.  He never gets in trouble and his grades are great.  His hyperness at home can be a handful at times, but we deal with it.  I still talk a lot about self-control which Lincoln has trouble with some.  He can be pretty impulsive.  When he gets something on his brain, he has a hard time letting go of it.

**He LOVES candy.  I mean LOVES.  It is ridiculous actually.  I have to really watch him because he will bring candy with him everywhere he goes.

**He is probably our pickiest eater.  He loves to snack.

**He loves Ledger so much, but I think he can be a little too rough sometimes.  Ledger is constantly telling him to "stop" (wonder where he heard that word??) or "no."  This really hurts Lincoln I think, but he has got to figure out how to play with Ledger differently.  He has always been so good with him and just loves him so much!  I love how much he loves him!

**He loves video games and television.  He prefers them to being outside.  This is the opposite for Layton.

**We are running into a little bit of attitude from Lincoln mostly due to his age I think.  He pushes the limits at times.  However, he is very sensitive and can be super super sweet.  He has a tender heart and I love this about him!

Lincoln, you are growing into such a handsome, caring young man.  We are so proud of you and love you more than you will ever know!  I hope you had a wonderful birthday, Bud!


Monday, January 22, 2018

DI Creativity Day with Lincoln

Lincoln got chosen to be a part of a program at school called Destination Imagination.  Here is a little bit about it:

Destination Imagination, Inc. is a leading educational nonprofit dedicated to teaching students the skills needed to succeed in school, their careers and beyond. We develop project-based learning programs that blend STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education with the arts and social entrepreneurship.
Through our programs, students use the creative process to turn their ideas into reality and learn invaluable skills through the process including:
  • Creative & Critical Thinking
  • Team Building
  • Problem Solving
  • Risk Taking
  • Project Management
  • Perseverance
  • Self-Confidence
  • Students work in teams to research, design, and build a solution to their preferred Challenge.  Students who participate in the Challenge Program have the opportunity to present their solutions at a local tournament and if they qualify at the state level, they’re invited to participate in Global Finals, our culminating international tournament that celebrates student creativity.

His team went to a Creativity Day in Greenbriar where they practiced doing Instant Challenges.  Instant Challenges will be 25% of their score during a tournament.  It requires teams to engage in quick, reactive, and critical thinking.  Let me tell you, they are interesting!!  I got to watch them practice these Instant Challenges, and I was SO impressed.

This is his team.  They are all 5th graders at his school.

I just couldn't get over these challenges.  This was the first one.  It was called "Balance of Power."  They had to build a structure that only touches the ground within a red square and supports weights directly above different purple squares.

These were their materials.  They had 5 minutes to think about it and build it.  Crazy.

This was what they came up with.  Impressive.  Since this was just for practice, they told them kind of how they would have been scored had they been at the real competition.

Next, was "Fit for a President."  They had to make a perfect "political" sandwich for the president.

"On the Tube" had them building a structure on an inner tube that was as tall as possible.

They taught them about improv.  They told them to do certain things, and they had to think fast and come up with something.  Here they said to be a bed.

This was a bunk bed.

In "Ping Pong Animal" they had to build a "creature" that could toss ping pong balls as high as possible.  

"Gone Fishing" was interesting.  They had to make a fishing pole and line and put as many "fish weights" as possible on the line.  It had to be attached to the table.

They had a whole bunch of clothes pins (weights) on their line--the most in their round.  Each project had 3 other teams in the room doing the same challenge.  When everyone was done, they all talked about what each team did and the facilitator told them what they did right/wrong and what they could have done better.  It was definitely a training day for the real competition which is in March.

Last was "The Lid Flies Away with the Spoon."    They had to build a vehicle that would fly with its load to a targeted area.

This was a super fun day, but I know it wore Lincoln out!

They have a lot of work to do to get their Engineering Design done before March 3rd.  They have to build something using certain materials to accomplish a certain task.  Adults can't help them at all other than purchasing the materials.  They meet after school once or twice a week to work on their stuff.  They also have to do some sort of play where they act something out.  It will be very interesting to see how they do.