Thursday, March 12, 2015

Snow Daysssssss

Yes, there are 7 s's in my title.  We have now had 7 official snow days where we have missed school.  I have a feeling our summer is going to go by fast!!!!

The kids have had an absolute blast being home playing in the snow with all their friends.  They have spent hours outside.  I really got to see the blessing of our little neighborhood during this time.  There are 9 kids including ours that all play together and as of a few weeks ago, 3 more moved in across the street.  They have a boy Lincoln's age which is exciting.  I'm sure the kids will be getting to know them better when the weather gets nicer.  Anyway, they all really have fun together and made lots and lots of memories.

Layton is the youngest kid.  Boy does he think he is one of the big boys though.  He wants to do everything they do.

Little toot cracks me up.

We roasted lots of marshmallows.

Something that I thought was really funny was that the kids actually played in our playhouse during the freezing cold snowy weather more than they have in the spring and summer!!  They played for hours out there one afternoon.

These girls love to craft--especially Madison and Hannah.  They made all kinds of things to decorate the house and they were so proud.  They had club meetings in there too.  They have a little club that they call "The American Girl Club."  They all have AG dolls and play with them alot together.  They have a notebook for their club and everything.  I love it!

One day before the snow got too bad I took Hannah and Lincoln for well visits.  They were both healthy and growing like weeds.  I was especially happy to see that Linc's weight has steadily gone up over the last 8 months since he has been on his medicine.  I had been worried about that.

This is a silly selfie we took while waiting for the doctor to come in.

LOVE this picture that my neighbor took of all the girls, Virginia, Madison, Hannah, Lyla (friend of Madden's), and Madden.

Madison, Virginia, Madden, Hannah, 2 of the new kids, Ross Anthony, and Hunter.

Our last day last week, I tried to think of something different and fun to do with the girls.  We decided to have a mother/daughter mani/pedi party.  We invited our new neighbor and her little girl over to hopefully get to know them.  They didn't come and the other mom's couldn't either so it was just me and three of the girls.  Madden's mom sent some Jamberry nails and so I spent a couple of hours putting them on all three girls!

The snow was so good and no one would help me at the time, so I built my own snowman.  Ha!

My Dasher.  Talk about puppy dog eyes!!!!

Lincoln just loved roasting marshmallows and begged to do it every night!

We have had the weirdest weather lately, but it has brought with it loads of fun!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Finishing up basketball

Here are just a few more basketball pictures and a video just for memory's sake.  Our Upward program had a theme each week which was really cute.  The weekend of the Super Bowl they served Super Bowl Sundaes after the games.  They also had a crazy hair day, mustache bash, team pride day, funny face fotos one week etc.  It was really neat.

I tried and tried to get a video of Lincoln making a shot.  This was the best one I got.  I don't know why I turned my phone at the end!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Valentines Day

Valentines Day was pretty low key this year.  Kris and I didn't do anything for each other.  Our kitchen upgrade was our Valentine I guess.  I was fine with that!

Hannah and Lincoln had to make Valentines boxes for school.  I took them to Wal-mart and bought them some supplies (of their choosing) so their little creative minds could go to work.  Lincoln wanted some feathers and tape.  Hannah chose wrapping paper and tissue paper.  Then, they went to town.  I loved it because I didn't have to do much at all.  :-)

The big kids had their parties on the 12th.  Lincoln's class just did a cookie exchange.

Hannah's class just had snacks and then passed out their Valentines.  When I got there Hannah informed me that she had received a carnation from a boy in another class.  Love her face.  She thought it was funny.  It cracks me up because every year she seems to get something from a boy.  Lord, help us for the future!

That night I went to bunko at my friend Stacey's house.  She is doing the Daniel Plan with myself and several others in our bunko group so she made a healthly chili that was really yummy.  The dessert she had planned some time before and couldn't really change.  She had made and iced some sugar cookies and made them into a little box with a hole in the center.  We filled them with candy, topped them with another cookie, and decorated them.  It was kind of torture not getting to eat them because we can't have sugar on the Daniel Plan.  So, I brought ours home and froze them!!!!  Kris and I will enjoy them on March 21st!!!!!

Layton's party was the next day.  They had snacks and played games which is their usual party.

Even though our Valentines Day was low key, it was still filled with lots of sweetness, sugar (for the kids anyway), and love!