Monday, August 15, 2016

First Day of School 2016-2017

I made it through the summer!  Ha!  I can't believe it is time for school to start!  Here they are all ready to go.

Lincoln (4th grade), Layton (Kindergarten), and Hannah (6th grade).

I think Lincoln was excited, but a little nervous about his class.  He got put in the Gifted and Talented Class this year.  I have had him tested 2 years and he has never tested into it.  However, his teacher last year told me that he did really well on the standardized test that he took at the end of last year.  They have to fill the whole class if they don't have enough kids that actually test into the G/T class.  So, Lincoln got put in there this year.  I was excited for him.  I know I am his mom and I am a little bias, but I think he is a very bright, creative little boy and I am happy that he will be in a class where he may get to grow and challenge himself more!  He is a little nervous about all the work.  ;-)

Her first year of Middle School.  She didn't seem nervous at all to me.  She wanted a Vera Bradley backpack this year so we splurged on that and she is still into the big bows.  She is looking so big to me.

Layton seemed excited to go to school the first day.  He was looking forward to seeing some of his preschool friends.  I have to say I did not cry until Kris and I were driving away from the school.  When I let myself think about the fact that the days of just he and I are over, I get sad.  From here on out, he will be away from me more than he is with me and that is hard to bear.  After all, he is still my baby.

Lincoln with his teacher, Mrs. Henard.  She is pregnant and due any day now, so he will have a long term sub for 12 weeks once she has her baby.

Layton with his teacher, Mrs. Kirkley.

This was my first day home with just Ledger.  I can't believe that I just sent 3 off to school, but have one still at home.  I am so glad though.  We are going to have so much fun!!!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Ledger at 3 months

I could just eat this little fella up.  He is such a smiley thing.  He is so happy and is really laughing now.  Nursing is getting easier and better.  He eats every 3 1/2 hours for the most part during the day.  At night he is going 8 plus hours between feedings.  Yay!!  He is doing great sleeping in his crib.  We have a routine that I follow.  I read to him if I think he is not too sleepy already.  We rock for a few minutes and I sing to him usually.  Then, I put him down, swaddle him, and put his little soft lovie blanket right up next to his cheek and turn on the mobile.  It plays music for a few minutes and he usually goes right to sleep.  At nap time sometimes I may have to put his pacy back in his mouth a couple of times before he finally gives it up.  He doesn't like when it falls out before he gets asleep, but once he is asleep, he doesn't need it.  At nap time I also try to read to him.  He is starting to like this more and more.

He is probably wearing 6 months clothes and some 6-9 months.  We went up to size 2 diapers.  Ledger loves diaper changes.  He rarely ever cries.  He just looks up at me and smiles and moves his arms and legs.  So happy.

He still likes to take baths and enjoys floating around in the tub with me sometimes.  I can't wait till he can sit up in the tub by himself.

He has found his hands this month.  I have caught him staring at them.  It is so cute.  He is just starting to be able to hold a few toys, but it is still pretty hard for him.  His hands are constantly in his mouth.  Sometimes it is his thumb and sometimes it is other fingers.

He is starting to lose some of his hair and I even caught him pulling at his hair while nursing.  I am anxious to see what color it will be when the new hair comes in.

Ledger is holding his head up well, but is still a little wobbly at times.

People say he looks like Layton.  I still am not sure.  We did find one baby picture of Kris that looks a lot like Ledger.

His nickname is Bubs or Bubby, but I like Bubs.

He is one heavy dude.  The kids are beginning to have a hard time holding him because he weighs so much.

Note:  I weighed him on the 19th (3 months and 1 week) and he weighed 17 lbs 8.2 oz.  He was 14 lbs 8 oz at 2 months!  This is crazy to me!!

He is just so pleasant.  The kids love him so much.  I am unbelievably thankful that we have him.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Week 13

This week was the last full week before school.  We tried to swim, Lincoln had a playdate with his buddy, Tate, the boys found out who their teachers are, and we went to two different Open Houses. 

At home, we thought Ledger was going to roll over.  

He looked like he was trying, but he never made it.

That hand.

We went to the pool with the Dockerys.

Kris is trying to get Lincoln to mow the yard.  He didn't want to do it, but we think it will be good for him.

Layton went to his friend, Maddox's, birthday party at the bowling alley.  He and Maddox are going to be on the same soccer team soon.  That will be fun!

This is how Ledger sleeps.  He is sleeping all night.  Yay!

This sweet outfit was made over 30 years ago by my mom for my brother, Jeff.  It has held up well.  Ledger looked so precious in it.

Ledger and Jeff.
At Life Group this week, Collin had a really good lesson.  He used some items in a backpack to remind the kids of some important things before they all head to school over the next couple of weeks.  He reminded them to display the Fruits of the Spirit that we have been studying over the last several weeks. to exercise and strengthen their faith, to pray and call on God, to have a pure heart, to remember the Golden Rule and treat others like they want to be treated, and lastly, to see the world the way Jesus did.  Such great reminders to us all.  I just appreciate Collin and Amy and their abilities to work with our kiddos so much!

We are finally beginning to hold onto a few things.

Trying to treasure these precious moments holding this sweet baby boy.  When I think about the fact that I never imagined I would be doing this again, I just get overwhelmed with emotion.  God knows what we need and what a huge gift this little boy has been to me.

Passed out.

Brother love.

One more shaved ice before summer is officially over.

Ledger is starting to lose some of his hair.  I looked down when I was nursing him one day and saw him pulling on his hair.  This could be part of the reason he is losing it!  Ha!

We went to Open House for all the kids this week.  I didn't get any pictures with the boys and their teachers that night, but I did snag this one of Layton.  Hannah has about 7 different teachers and we just walked around and met all of them and figured out where all her classes are.  It was crazy.

This was Ledger at Open House.  Kris said all of a sudden he just went limp.  I guess Open House was exhausting.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Week 12

This week was full of random things we needed to get done before school started, but we also tried to get to the pool when it wasn't raining.  Layton had his 6 year checkup.  I had a dentist appointment.  Lincoln had his end of the season swim team party.  Hannah picked up her schedule.  We did some shopping too.  Ledger was his smiley, good little self.

This outfit was from my Aunt Bet and Aunt Suz.  Sweet, sweet.

The boys were proud of their new school stuff.

I love his chubby hands.

Hanging out at the pool.

Ledger is starting to notice toys more.  Hoping he will be holding them soon.

Hannah's schedule.  She is taking 3 of the 4 Pre-AP classes that they offer and got the trumpet as her instrument.  Before school let out for the summer, she tried the trumpet, clarinet, and saxophone.  Then, they rate how they do on each one from 1 to 10.  She got a 9 on all of them and designated that her first choice was the trumpet.  We found out this summer that she will be playing the trumpet.  Fortunately for us, Uncle Wes and Uncle Jeff both played the trumpet.  Mimi and Pappaw still had their trumpets so we picked the best one and took it to be cleaned up a bit.  She is ready to go!  We toured the school the day we picked up her schedule and boy was it overwhelming (well for me it was).  The school is huge.  So different from where I grew up.  We had a hard time finding her classes, but will try to get it all figured out at Open House next week.  She doesn't seem too nervous.  Me, not so much.

We went to lunch with some girls who are all going to be in the 6th grade with Hannah.  She didn't really know these girls that well, but it was a good time for them to get to know each other before school starts.  I really am praying that Hannah will develop some good friends this year.  Some of the ones from last year were starting to get into some dramas.  I hope she will stay away from that.   Since several of the elementary schools all come to this middle school, there will be many new faces which is what these girls were.  School will be starting before we know it!