Sunday, December 11, 2016

Christmas Card Photo Shoot

I really wanted a picture of all four of the kids together for our Christmas card this year.  I tried and tried, but not everyone would cooperate at the same time.  Typical.  Yes.

So, I gave up and went to individuals.

The final product.  I like it!!!!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Santa PIctures

Layton's class walked to the library during school to see Santa.  Ledger and I tagged along.  I figured it might be my best opportunity to get some Santa pictures and I was right.  I knew my big kids wouldn't care about getting all dressed up to go see Santa.

The library did a little craft and read a story to the kids before they saw Santa.

My big Kindergartner.

I thought these pictures were the sweetest!!!

I could not believe there were no tears from Ledger.  He took the perfect Santa picture!!!!

My sweet baby boys!!

Friday, December 9, 2016

My 40th Fiesta

So, little did I know that the same weekend that Mom and all my aunts and cousins were in town for shopping, there was also a surprise 40th birthday party planned for me by Kris and some of my Life Group girls.  Mom and I were at the Mall that afternoon waiting on the others to finish their shopping so we could go eat and shop at some other places.  They were taking forever, which was not anything new, but I was getting frustrated.  Mom was texting them and she wouldn't let me see her texts.  I thought this was a bit weird.  Then, when they finally got done, they said we were going to go to the Hallmark Crown Shop over by our church because they knew that I had seen some CC Beanies there that I wanted to get Hannah for Christmas.  Again, I thought this was weird.  Then, on the way over there, it was just Mom and I in my car, and she asked me how close the store was to the church.  By this point, I was getting suspicious of something because she was acting so weird.  I think I even said, "What is going on?  You are acting so weird!"  Ha!  Well, we were almost to the store and Mom tells me to go on over to the church building.  I really knew something was up then.  

Sure enough, I could tell that it was a party because I saw all the cars in the parking lot.  It was still a surprise walking in to all the people though!!

I was so overwhelmed walking in and then seeing everyone that was there and all the decorations, that I just burst into tears.

So did Ledger.  ha!

One of the first things I saw on the entry table was a poem that my dad wrote me back in 1998.  This was while I was in college.  It is so precious to me and I had not read it in years.  This really got the tears going.  

I saw my Aunt and Uncle from Benton there and pointed them out.

Kris said a prayer.

 We took some funny pictures.  Love all these friends of mine!

Love my brothers!

Love my parents!

Love my little family.

And love my Life Group!!

Mom made a collage of pictures of me.  It was fun to look back over them.

Someone took a bunch of pictures of everyone that came and helped decorate and get ready for the party.  I sure am thankful for these friends.

Stacey made the cake and cupcakes.  They were scrumptious!!!  The 40 cake was unbelievable and right up my alley!!!

We ate chips, salsa, cheese dip, and Chuys' jalapeno dip which are some of my favorite things.

 My friends and family sure know how to make me feel special.  It was so wonderful and really helped take the edge off of turning 40!!!