Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Nursery Pictures

We started working on the baby's nursery way back in January.  This is the room as it looked before.  It was our playroom or the kids' t.v. room.

We had to figure out what to do with the two big chairs and the piano in the room.  The chairs are too nice to get rid of and the piano is mine from when I was little.  I was not going to give it up.

So, we decided to move the piano into our bedroom.  This is not ideal, but there wasn't another option.  The two big chairs went into the office.  The office had its own make-over as well because it now is an office/t.v. room.

In February, we painted the walls.

Kris wanted to texture them and scrape the popcorn off the ceiling as well, so he did that prior to painting.

We painted the walls a light gray color.

The first part of March we got new carpet for the nursery as well as the boys' room, Hannah's room and our bedroom.  We needed it really bad.

After the carpet was in I was SO ready to get on the decorating.  I had found my bedding and had pinned lots of stuff on Pinterest that I wanted to do.  Just a few days before the baby came, we got it all done.  I LOVE how it turned out.

The peg board was a Pinterest idea.  We got it at Lowe's and Kris just spray painted it.  The L.E. Keim sign on the top actually came off of Kris' grandfather's mailbox.  We have had it for a while in the boys' room.  It is neat because Kris' grandfather was the first L.E. Keim.  We still had the changing table in the boys room so we just moved it into the nursery.

I love having the baskets for the diapers and things.  They are so convenient.

I saw this whale wall hanging at Target a while back but didn't go back and get it until I actually decided to do whales in the room.  There is still room to add a few more knick knacks in it.  We had two of these book shelves in the office and since we needed more room in there for the big chairs, we put one in the nursery and one in the boys' room.  I still had most of the children's books that I had had with the other kids to add to it.

I found the curtains at Target.  We had the little night stand in our bedroom.  We painted it and the curtain rod a turquoise blue color.  I looked and looked for an orange lamp and finally found the perfect one at Target.

The rocking chair is special because it was my moms.  She rocked my brothers and I in it and I have used it with each of my kids.  I originally planned to make some cushions for it myself but when I found these pillows at the At Home store, I went the easier route.

Hannah found this picture at the At Home store too.  When I saw it, I knew that I needed to do whales.  It was perfect.

We already had the cubicle shelf in the playroom so I just moved it into the closet for more book storage and bought some navy and orange bins.  

We got the baby bed at Target.  It matched pretty closely with the changing table and book shelf which I was glad about.

All along I knew that I wanted to make a sign for above the bed out of pallet wood.  Dad took apart the pallet for me during Spring Break.  The scripture was one that we talked about in Ladies Bible Class.  We were talking about how we can either bless people or curse them even with our facial expressions.  When I got to thinking about this verse as a blessing, I knew that I wanted to use it to bless this child everyday--and all of my kids for that matter.

Here is the wood before I did anything to it.

I took some gray acrylic paint and added water to it and kind of white washed the wood.

Then, I had my handyman nail it together for me.

The real work came with the letters.  I looked on Pinterest and found a font that I liked and downloaded it.  Then, I had to figure out how big to make it to fit my boards.  Once I had that figured out, I printed out the verse.  Then, I cut out each word.  I placed them all on the board to try to figure out spacing.  One word at a time, I took white chalk and colored the back of the word with it.  Next, I placed it on the wood and took a pencil and filled in each letter making sure I pressed down pretty hard.  When, I lifted up each word, I had a chalk stencil on the wood which I then used to paint the word with acrylic paint.  I went over each word twice.  It was SO time consuming.

 It took me all of a Saturday to paint it and boy, was I worn out.  But I LOVE it.  It is special and I plan to have it for years to come.

 Something else that I made myself was a nursing cover.  It was actually not hard to make at all.  I also had one more cloth diaper left over from Layton that I used to make a burp cloth out of as well.

Once we got the room done, I was beyond ready for this baby to come!!!  We hung up the last thing, the pallet wood sign, on May 7th.  Just in time!!

Pregnancy Pics: Weeks 37-38

I went to the doctor on May 5th for my 37 week visit.  When she checked me I was 2 cm and 50% effaced.  I asked her if she had any idea how big this baby would be and she felt around on my tummy and said she thought around 7 lbs at delivery.  She thought he was still head down.  This is always important to me.  She said I could be induced at 39 weeks if I wanted but I am not big on induction.  I felt like I would wait it out.

I am still feeling okay.  I am sick to death of maternity clothes, still swelling in my feet and legs, and have noticed that I have these freckle looking spots on my face.  The baby is still moving well and I am sleeping well.  I feel huge.

I went to my 38 week visit on May 10th.  When I got to the doctors office and sat down in the waiting room, I thought I felt what I would call a real contraction.  It didn't feel like a Braxton Hicks contraction.  It hurt slightly and lasted about a minute.  When I got back to see the doctor, she checked me and I was still 2 cm and 75% effaced.  We scheduled my next appointment for the 19th which would have been 3 days before my due date.

Little did I know that 38 weeks would be my last pregnancy picture.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

All About April

April has been a busy busy month.  We went to Kansas City the first weekend.  For some reason I don't have any pictures from that.  Baseball games started.  Tennis games started.  Some nights we would have 2 games at 2 different places at the same time.  Life got a little crazy.  

I had 2 baby showers.  I went to the Women Walking With God Conference in Wichita.  Kris took a trip by himself to KC to deliver a mattress to his parents.  Top all this off with the fact that I was working hard and heavy on my preschool program stuff and let's just say I was SO glad to get this month over with.

Here are just some sweet moments that I want to remember.

My little shopping buddy and I did lots of running around this month trying to finish decorating the babies room among other things.  He saw this rock outside of Target and wanted his sweet picture made.  

Just a picture on the playground at school.

My last day of work was April 29th.  I had to get everything done for the program that I could before that date.  Kris helped me come up with a backdrop for the program.  The theme is "This Little Light of Mine" so I had the idea to make a big sun background.  Kris figured out how to make it happen using pvc pipe.  This was him trying to figure out what all pieces he was going to need in Lowe's.

Done.  All I had to do was make my sun and get this big thing to the school.  Luckily he made it to come apart where there were 2 big pieces--the arch and the base.

In Life Group Collin brought Bean Boozled to bring home a lesson on the Fruit of the Spirit.  We had lots of good laughs as different ones had their pick of jelly bean and then got to see if it was a good one or a bad one.

Hannah went to Band Night this month.  They got to try any instrument that they wanted.  She would only try the saxophone, clarinet, and trumpet.  The teacher rated them on a scale of 1 to 10 on how well they did.  Then, the student had to rate their top 3 instruments.  Hannah picked the trumpet first, then the clarinet and saxophone.  They have to wait until mid May to find out which instrument they will play.  The band directors pick it for them based on their assessment and the kids' choice.

We practiced the program several times at school this month.

And I worked hard on painting my sun.

Adding the streamers was a long and tedious task but it ended up looking pretty good.  Boy was I glad that it was over.  On top of working on this, I made 35 individual photo books for all the kids.  It was time consuming but I love the way they came out.  I used Walgreens and got a great deal.  I can't wait for their parents to see them.

My last day of school I planned a fun scavenger hunt for the kids.  They went all over the school following the clues.  I think they liked it.  They got treasure at the end.

My clues.  They did really good figuring out where to go next.

 This is random but Tim Sitler sent me a text with this ad that was in the Kids Directory this month.  Almost our entire family was in the picture.  :-)

 Like I said, I am so glad to get April over with.  May brings the promise of a new baby at some point and I can hardly wait!!!