Thursday, October 23, 2014

Day 3 - Epcot

Day 3 we went to Epcot.  It was so big and there was so much to do, we pretty much stuck with the rides and shows.  We didn't spend time with a lot of hands-on stuff or in the countries. 

We went to Sea Base where we saw lots of fish and the kids had their picture made with Bruce in Bruce's Shark World.

Notice their crazy daddy photo bombing.

Kris had to have some pavlova at one of the Australian food places.  Yummy!

Soarin' was a fun ride.  My mom wasn't too sure about it, but we made her ride it.  :-)

Turtle Talk with Crush.

Probably the favorite ride of the day was Test Track.  First, you got to design your own virtual concept vehicle.  This was the one Hannah and I did.

Then, you got to "drive" it on exhilarating hills, hairpin turns, and straight-aways.  It was really cool!!!  You can definitely tell we were having fun!!

Mission: Space was also cool.  You got to pick your own level of intensity here.  We chose the milder mission, I think, because the other one had a long line.  It was still fun.  In this ride, you do this NASA-style training with a simulated space launch to Mars.

Kris really wanted to do the Behind the Seeds Tour at The Land.  This was where you went through the living laboratories of Epcot.  We got to see how Disney's horticulturists use innovative growing techniques.  We toured the fish farm and four greenhouses.

I forgot what this plant was called but as you touched it, it would curl up like it was dead.  Then, several minutes later, it would be back to normal.

Layton got to release ladybugs to help protect the plants.

We got to see gigantic fruits and vegetables as well as unusual crops from around the world.  This was a 9 pound lemon.

We learned about hydroponics where no soil is used to grow plants.  It was pretty interesting--especially for farmers.  :-)

We ate lunch at the Sunshine Seasons which serves produce and seafood straight from The Land.  Then, that night we had a nice Meican dinner at La Hacienda de San Angel.  It was okay.  It wasn't quite the same Mexican food we are used to though.

Goofy at dinner.

After dinner we walked around the countries for a bit.

Then we watched the IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth fireworks show.  Layton passed out in the middle of it.

Here are some more of the pictures that came with the Memory Maker.

You can't go to Disney World without meeting Mickey!!!

Goofy has a twin. Ha!

Epcot was a great day!!!