Friday, October 14, 2016

Hannah's 12th Birthday!

We celebrated Hannah's birthday with a game night party!  She loves emoji's right now, so I made her favorite strawberry cupcakes and found these cute little emoji candies for the tops.  Perfect and easy!

We had Chick-fil-a nuggets, hot wings, pizza pinwheels, fruit, chips, sherbet punch, and sugar cookies too.

She had several friends from school, our neighborhood, and church come.  They played several games.  Twister was first and then had fun!!!

Ledger got plenty of attention from her friends!

Next was Pie Face.  It was a hit!!  Ha!

They played Taboo too.

Hannah had to pop a balloon to get the birthday money from a friend.  Cute idea!

More games!  Cranium.

In the meantime, Lincoln had his friend Tate over to play.

The last game was Mad Gab.

 I hung plastic tablecloths up over the window for a photo booth back drop.  It was cute. 

Hannah and her friends--Ashleigh, Hannah, Ava, Abigail, Taylor, Madden, Kenzie, and Katelynn.

12 years old.  Our girl is just growing up.  She is looking so much older.  Right now she is into big bows in her hair, all kinds of music (she knows the words to just about any song she hears on the radio), killing it on her trumpet, making great grades in school in all her classes, bullet and bible journaling, Percy Jackson books, and watching hair tutorials.  She is a huge help with her baby brother and loves to put him to sleep.  Fights pretty constantly with her other two brothers.  Loves texting her friends and can't wait to get to wear make-up.  

I wish time would slow down.  It is just flying by.  My little girl is turning into a little lady.  I am praying that this is a big year for Hannah.  We love her so so much and are so proud of her!!!