Sunday, April 29, 2018

More Soccer Pics

We spent more time at the soccer fields this month with Layton.  He is such a quick little thing and can be aggressive too!

My two brown eyed boys!  This may be a framer.  I love this picture!!!!

What's happening at the land

Kris worked really hard this month on his work shop with lots of help from my Dad.  He really couldn't have done it without him!  So, thanks Dad!!

Here's some pictures of all the progress and some fun ones of the kids too.

April 1st:

That is Kris up there on the forklift with me driving.  He was trying to get the last sections of the roof done.

Oh my goodness.  Ledger LOVES to ride the equipment!  He says "I ride it!" over and over again until you put him on it.

Daddy even let him drive!

This was Easter Sunday and so we had to have an Easter egg hunt.  We went out there then because Kris was needing to finish using the Forklift so it could be returned the next week.  He had to have it to get up high to finish the roof.

The land wasn't the best place for an Easter egg hunt, but we made it work.  It was mostly for Ledger anyway and he didn't know any different.  We all just enjoyed watching him hunt.

April 14th:

They started working on the sides.

We checked on our trees.  These are some of the apple trees.

I think this may be one of the blueberry plants.

Lincoln was helping to plant another tree.  This may be the magnolia.

Two walls up!

April 15th:

April 27th:

They were having to cut some pieces to frame around the door and garage door.

Precious little one with his "boots on."  He always says this when he knows we are going to the land.

More growth on the apple trees.

I love this picture!

I think at this point he was ready to put the trim on.

April 28th:

Layton has thoroughly enjoyed being out on the land with his daddy.  He rides his bike, plays in the dirt and rocks, and helps out some.  He always wants to be there when Kris is there.

Ledger is pretty much the same way.  He just has to nap, so he doesn't get to stay as long as he wants to right now.

I am really loving all the pictures I have taken of our time and work on the land.  I think it will be so neat to be able to look back on this time one day through these pictures and see how things will have changed!