Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Secret Keeper Girls

One of the moms at church a while back mentioned to me about this event that she was taking her daughters to.  It was called Secret Keeper Girls.  It is a program to bring moms and daughters closer together and closer to Jesus.  Well, Hannah and I have had our share of struggles lately and I thought this would be good for us.  A big part of the emphasis at this event was on modesty which is something that is always good to talk about.

They had some little tests that they shared that would help you decide if something was modest or not.  The first one was the "I See London, I See France" test.  If you bend over in a dress and you can see your underwear, your dress is too short.  The next one was "Criss-Cross Applesauce".  You can sit with your legs criss-crossed to tell if your shorts are too short.  Finally, there is the "Spring Valley" test.  If you push the side of your hand in the middle of your chest and your shirt bounces back at you, then your shirt is too tight.  I thought these were good things to know!  They had a little fashion show after talking about these things where they showed some ways to make outfits more modest.

 They also had some great lessons and singing.  The age range of this program was 7 to 12, so Hannah was on the upper end of it.  It is definitely geared towards the younger girls in many ways, but hopefully Hannah got some good things from it.

I am glad we did it together.  Our relationship is so special to me.  She is growing up and wanting more and more independence.  It is hard sometimes, and we butt heads.  However, I pray every day that she knows my love for her and that God will give me wisdom as I try to be her mom!!!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Lincoln's First Job

Lincoln started mowing Jeff's grass.  He is paying him $60 every two weeks or so when he does it.  Lincoln is so excited!  He has done a pretty good job too!  I so appreciate Jeff giving him this opportunity.  It is good for him to have to work hard at something and then have to figure out how to handle the money he is getting.  So, I guess this is his first little job!

All done!  So proud!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Easter Egg Dying

Dying Easter eggs is something my kids love to do every year, especially the boys.  This may be the last year that Hannah wants to participate, but hopefully the boys will keep wanting to do it for several more years.  Ledger just watched this year, but I know I will keep doing it with him for quite some time.  It is just a little tradition we do.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Easter Weekend

We went to Dallas to visit Wes over Easter weekend.  To break up the trip a bit, we stayed with Mom and Dad Friday night and then got up early Saturday morning and drove to Dallas.  We ate lunch at a place called Cowboy Chicken where they serve wood-fired rotisserie chicken dishes.  It was pretty good.  Then, we headed over to the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum.

Inside up on the ceiling they had the coolest video playing.

We were SO excited that President Bush's Portraits of Courage were on display.  I bought a copy of his book for my Dad as an early Father's Day present a while back and got myself a copy as well.  I read quite a few of the stories behind the pictures on the drive to Dallas, so it was really neat to see the portraits in person.  I think this was such a wonderful way to honor these soldiers.

We toured the museum as well.  I love this statement.

A piece of one of the World Trade Centers after 911.

Lincoln watching a video.  They had several videos to watch about different parts of his presidency.

All of us sitting in a replica of the Oval Office when Bush was President.  I really enjoyed his Library and Museum and I am glad we got to go to it.

For dinner, Wes took us to West Village where we ate at Taco Diner.

Then, we walked around a bit and enjoyed the scenery.

The next morning was Easter.  I didn't want to have to bring their baskets, so I made do with gift sacks.  Ha!  The Tim Tams were for Kris and I.  :-)

Ledger checking out his stuff from the Easter Bunny.

Hannah got her Inktense pencils that she had been wanting.

Ready to eat, I guess.

Yes, new underwear.  Ha!  He was actually happy!  There was other fun stuff in there too I must say!

Time to start learning about our body, Linc!  Ha!  His face kills me.  He did get other fun stuff too.

Probably the best picture of the day.  I tried and tried to get a good one of all 6 of us and I never did like any of them.  My kids frustrate me when it comes to getting a good family picture.

I love this one of Mom and Dad with the kids.

We went to church with Wes that morning and then took some more pictures afterwards.

We ran back to the hotel to change before going to eat some yummy BBQ.  Ledger fell asleep on the way there and slept for a bit while we changed.

It was a fun weekend visiting Wes.  We don't need to wait so long to go back!