Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksmas 2014

We went to the Keims' for Thanksgiving this year, and had Christmas while we were there.  The morning after we got there we woke up to this pretty sight.  It had snowed!  It didn't last long but it sure was pretty.

We did lots of playing while we were there.  Here is Lincoln playing checkers with Alex.

The girls played dress up with some old material and slips.

Santa Layton.

She just may be a fashion designer one day.

Somebody turned 2 while we were there!  Sweet Addison.

Logan, Lincoln, and Aaron.

Mona wanted some family pictures so I took some.

Funny how the first one I took was the best one.  They went downhill from here.  hahaha!

They got the giggles.

But this one was probably my favorite.  Yes, this is where Kris gets it.  There is no denying it.  Sorry Lyle. :-)

At least Les had a shirt on underneath--unlike someone else I know in another picture...back in July...

Crazy guy.  Crazy present.

Alex made this wooden star for Grandma.

Cows and jokes just go with this guy I guess. ;)

Explaining the picture she drew for Grandma.  It was the view from the dining room looking out the big window.  Sweet girl.

These were later enjoyed by all the kids--big kids included.

This guy LOVES cars and this one was a hit.

Hannah got her American Girl doll Julie's holiday dress.

Kris was explaining how the electric fence he got his dad worked.

It was a fun time had by all.  We had yummy food and it was great to get to be with and laugh with family!!