Sunday, December 31, 2017

Christmas at Mimi and Pappaw's

We finally made it to Mimi and Pappaw's for Christmas!!

We also celebrated my birthday.  I feel like I have been celebrating my birthday for weeks!  Ha!  I have felt especially loved this year!

Present time!  Ledger had a big one, and he was ready to rip into it!

This puppy dog from Uncle Wes was a BIG hit with Ledger!  He was so cute to watch.  His faces at the different sounds were the cutest!

The boys got Third Realm gift cards from their uncles which they were thrilled about!

Mom and Dad opening their gifts from the kids.

Ledger thought Pappaw's funnel was a hat.

We all got my parents' family pictures to be taken by Tim Sitler whenever we can all get together.  I am looking forward to this, and I know Mom has wanted these for a while now.

Ledger was trying out his new toy.

What a great Christmas!  Thankful to all be together.  Love my family dearly!

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Santa Came!

Santa came while we were gone to Kansas City.  We got back the evening after Christmas and walked in to find what Santa brought!

Ledger's reaction was so fun!  He ran into the room and went immediately over to the stuffed Santa and was so excited to see it.  We had to tell him to look what Santa brought before he realized what was there.  Then, his face lit up!  It was so precious.  I love these special moments when they are so little and it is still so magical!

The big kids were excited too, of course, and came running in!

He said "Whoa!" when he saw the food truck!

Layton still loves remote control cars.  Santa left just the one he wanted!

Lincoln got the Xbox came he wanted.

A new game.

Puzzles for Ledger!

A month's worth of guitar lessons for Hannah!

Lincoln is in love with the Percy Jackson books right now.

Fun color changing alarm clocks!

Hannah wanted this journal set.

"Doos" aka books!

They all got Blue Crew stuff, of course, but Hannah's was the only one that had come in so far.

The boys got their tools to add to their collection.


My turn.

I love seeing the kids give their gifts to everyone.  Seeing what they choose for each person is so fun!

Checking out his books I got him.

Just trying to prepare him for his future!  Ha!

Hannah loves her new journal!

I got Ledger some Bath Dropz that change the color of the bath water.  I thought he would love this, but he really doesn't.  The picture makes it look like he does, but he really wanted nothing to do with the "ba." 

We had a great Christmas.  I am so thankful for Kris and how hard he works to provide for our family.  We are very blessed and very grateful!