Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February Fun

Lots of other things happened in February.  We played more basketball.

We went out to eat.  Ha!  We seem to do this a whole lot lately.  Life is a little busy and sometimes it just makes sense to eat out.  I think this particular time was between basketball games.

Ledger has done lots of playing with his toys.

I love watching him explore and discover things.

This guy likes to eat.

Here he is eating the peanut snacks I mentioned in a previous post.  This was introducing him to peanuts.  He didn't seem to have any issues with them and really liked the little cheeto-like snacks.

We chaperoned at the Tween Superbowl Party up at the church.

There is nothing like a sweet, sleeping baby in a sleeper.

Here I had to prop him up in his bed for a while because he was having some congestion and was coughing.  It really helped.

Snuggling with Mommy.  Layton likes to be included for sure.

We made Valentine cards for all the widows at church during Life Group.  This was such a hit with many of the ladies.  We got lots of sweet thank-yous.  It was such an easy thing to do and who knew it could make such an impact.

He wants to stand up, but can't quite figure it out yet.  This is the best he can do right now.

Being tickled by Bub.

Hannah's English class wrote short stories and the parents were invited to come up and hear their student read theirs out loud.  She broke them out into groups and they had to stand and read them in front of the parents.  Hannah's story was great.  She is really good at writing!

Getting our diaper changed.  We are here a lot.

My view from the driver's seat.  Conked out.  I hate seeing his neck like that.

Ledger gets SO excited when you give him a sippy cup.  This may have been the first time I gave one to him.

It didn't take him long to figure the straw out.

It looks like he is crawling here, but he wasn't.  He will get like this and then scoot back to sit on his bottom again.

He really is good about playing by himself.

Mustache Day at school.

Crazy Hair Day.

February just flew by!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Valentine's Day

The boys both had to make Valentines boxes to take to school.  They both made basketball court boxes.  This was Lincoln's.  Surprise, surprise!  He wanted to use tape!

Layton with his box at his party.

Ledger hanging out at Layton's party.

Hannah had a school dance for Valentine's Day.  She went to a friend's house before the party to hang out and have snacks.  She looks so grown up to me.

Kris and I got to have a date night when my parents were in town later in the month.  We went to Bonefish and then to get ice cream at Cold Stone.  It was delicious and nice to get away just the two of us for a few hours.

Kris finally got to take Hannah on her yearly date.  They got her nails done, went to eat, and went to a movie.

I sure do love that they do this every year.

The boys and I went to the movies as well.

Then, we hit up Larry's Pizza.  Ledger was all about drinking from the straw.

Our celebrations were kind of spread out all over the month, but I am just thankful that we got to spend some quality time together in smaller groups.  I guess it helped us spread the love a little easier!