Friday, March 31, 2017

March's Memorable Moments

There are lots of other moments I want to remember from this month.  They are random, but each one is important to me.

I want to remember Ledger at mealtime.  He is such a great eater and has so much fun.  He cheeses a lot and shows those 5 little teeth that he has thus far.

I want to remember those chubby little hands as they stuff food in his mouth...

or try to pick up a piece of strawberry.

I want to remember this funny shirt I found on clearance at Penney's for Ledger.  I had to get it because I knew he would love that it had what could almost be considered a picture of Dash on it.  Ha!

I want to remember him with his pacy in his mouth snuggling in the chair with me.

I want to remember that he eats broccoli because who knows, he may not like it in a few years.  Lol!

I want to remember him watching his daddy mow.  It helps me remember that my kids are watching our every move both inside the house and out.

I want to remember that one of Ledger's favorite things is a remote.  That kid will do whatever he can to get his hands on a remote.  Makes me stop and think that maybe he sees us with it in our hands too much.

I want to remember Layton's first year to play basketball and how little and scrappy he was.

I want to remember that sweet smile.

I took this picture to be able to remember the first time Ledger sat up in the bed.

I want to remember the days when I could put him to sleep on a bed and I knew that he would still be there when he woke up.

Tim Sitler wanted some kids for an Easter banner for church.  He came over one afternoon and took some shots of Layton and the Rainbolt girls.  This was the banner he came up with.

He got this cute picture of Ledger too.

I want to remember that time after nursing Ledger in the car that he dove into his backpack when he saw something that he wanted.

I want to remember fun Bunko nights with these ladies.

I want to remember how much Lincoln loves basketball and how in his last game this year, he made 5 points, 3 of which were from a 3 pointer!

That face!!

Ledger was about to stand up in his bed.  He figured out how to get up on his knees.

I want to remember playing Peekaboo with him on the floor and him smiling at me through his pacy.

I want to remember those sweet cheeks and eyelashes as he sleeps on me.

And I have to remember him standing up in his bed for the first time.  Look at him so proud of himself.

I want to remember him crawling down the hall for the first time--off to explore his world.

Sleeping sweetly in his bed.

Oh man.  I definitely want to remember that I finally seem to have a kid that likes peanut butter!!  Ledger was eating a peanut butter sandwich for the first time.

Standing up on the couch.  I think he had pulled up!

Memories of my kids serving with their church at a nursing home are also precious.

Lincoln was on the Quiz Bowl team this year.  He absolutely loved it.  He was so excited to get to be on this team.  He surprised me with his knowledge.  He is so smart.

Those eyes.  That face.  The messy mouth and the hair.  I want to remember this silly boy at 10.

Layton is playing his second year of baseball.  It is machine pitch this year.  He has no fear.  He is good at it, but I don't know if he will stick with it or not.  We are enjoying watching him play, but we are busy, busy with all the games.  He has 2 a week with one being away.

I have a lot I want to remember.  Thank goodness for this blog and all these pictures.  They may be a little obnoxious, but I know one day I will be so glad I have them.  And I hope my kids will be too.