Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas in Missouri

We spent Christmas with Grandma and Grandad this year.  I wish I would have taken a picture of the car.  We borrowed a Suburban from Kris' work because we had so much to take.  When I went to load it with our clothes and gifts to get on the road, I realized why Kris thought we needed the bigger vehicle--he had half of the back filled with tools so he could work on the farm.  Crazy!!  Anyway, that thing was completely full by the time I finished loading it.  I am not sure what is going to happen next year when we have a baby and all his stuff, 3 kids, and a dog too!!  I think it is about time for a new vehicle!!

Hannah loving on Grandma.

Lincoln brought his Snap Circuits with him and made a radio.  He loves that thing!

All the family got together on Christmas Eve for lunch and presents.  Grandma and Grandad gave this to the baby.  :-)

Mona gave all the guys these sack gifts and told them to open them at the same time.  They all pulled out nerf guns and had a huge gun fight right there in the living room.  There were lots of smiles.  Ha!

Looks like a big kid to me.  :-)

Layton loves his new snack cup from Uncle Kurt and Aunt Alexis.

Grandma got some good books to read.  She has always had an interest in Abraham Lincoln and, of course, she loves Jesus too, so these books were fitting.

Kurt and Alexis went with a fart theme this year for the boys.

Claire's gift card for Hannah.

Grandad got a back scratcher from Lincoln.

Someone handed me a present and when I opened it, I found this.  In case you don't know what this is, it is a bander for bulls.  (Think about it.)  Logan said he had a lot of time to think when he was driving from Searcy to Odessa.  He thought maybe Kris needed it!!!  Not sure why I was the one to open it!!!!

Kris inherited his dad's grandfather's shaving cup (so his great-grandfather).  Each of the brothers got one from someone in the family.  Roena had kept them over the years.  Kind of special.

All the brothers got jackets with writing on them.  Les' said "I'm the oldest, I make the rules."  Kurt's said "I'm the middle child, I'm the reason we have rules."  Kris' said "I'm the youngest, rules don't apply to me."  Ha!  Crazy that one day, we will have 3 boys that we may be able to say the same things about.

They are so silly.

Alex helping Lincoln work on something.  Our kids have the best older cousins.

Lots of Wahoo was played on this trip.

And cards.  Then, Logan introduced us to Settlers of Catan.  SUCH A FUN GAME!!!

Logan also serenaded us one night on his guitar.  

Layton always wants to go out and help Grandad and the guys.  He eats up riding on the tractors.

He also loves anything remote control!  Aunt Mona's four wheelers were a big hit.

What a great Christmas!  There were lots of memories made for sure.

Christmas Morning 2015

Santa had to come on the morning of the 21st because we were headed to KC the next day.  But we still got to have a Christmas morning which I am thankful for.

A few days before, Kris gave me an early present.  He had had one of the pictures that Tim had taken of Hannah a while back printed and framed for me.  I love it!!

The night before, the boys sprinkled the reindeer food that Layton had gotten at school out on the front yard.

Here is all their loot.

Oh how I love their happy, excited morning faces!!!

They opened their Blue Crew boxes first.

They had really a really cool shirt and hat this year.

A robe!!!  He really wanted one so he could be like Lincoln.

Books for Linc.  He really likes Big Nate right now.

Tools from Daddy to add to their collections.

American Girl set she wanted.

Kris discovered these Makedo sets that help you create things using cardboard.  He thought they were right up Lincoln's alley.

Accessories to go with her luggage set.  I gave her my old flat iron recently so now she has a travel case for it among other things.

Hannah wanted a North Face jacket.  When I told her how much they were and how much the one I found at Academy was that basically looked just like it, she decided to go with the Academy one (I left it up to her).  It is pretty much the same thing without the name on it.  I was proud of her for that.  She wears this jacket all the time and loves it.

I knew she was going to get a sewing machine later so I found this for her at Hobby Lobby.  She also got some other sewing essentials in her stocking.

Hot Wheels stuff for this guy.

All the kids got books.  I decided to go ahead and get Layton a few that he might start reading next year.

Lincoln got a big art set and Snap Circuits.  He really likes the Snap Circuits a lot!

Tape--our stocking stuffer staple.  Ha!  The kids are obsessed with it.

The last few years we have taken the kids shopping for each other.  We just go to the Dollar Store and let them pick gifts out for each other as well as grandparents, uncles, and us.  They LOVE this.  It can be quite comical to see what they pick out sometimes.  Both Hannah and Lincoln got Layton the same stuffed bear in different colors without knowing it.  He loved them!!

Lincoln got one from Layton too.  Ha!  They thought it was so funny!

Layton knows his daddy loves Hot Tamales.

Notepad from Hannah because she knows he loves to draw.

A magic wand from Lincoln!  Ha!

Lip gloss from Layton.

This Royals fan had to have some World Series shirts.

Kris out did himself this year.  I got all new Pioneer Woman plates, bowls, glasses, a pretty mixing bowl, a big dutch oven, and a new sewing machine.  He is too good to me.

Can't wait to put this thing to use on some baby projects!!!

 One of Hannah's big things was an armoire for her dolls.

We had a great Christmas together.  I love the memories.  They are precious.