Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Layton is 12 months!

Layton, you are ONE!!  I can't believe one year has already gone by.  What joy you have brought to us this year!  You are a special, special gift from God.  I love you so so much!

There are lots of things I want to remember about you at one!

You weigh 20 lbs 13 oz (21%).  You are 30 inches tall (60%).  Your head is 18.75 cm (84%).  Dr. Byrum noticed that you have an upper lip frenulum.  It is under your top lip and attaches the lip to the upper gums.  He said they used to clip these, but now (especially with boys), you will probably fall and bust your lip and it will tear and fix itself.  Yes, awesome, I know.  We did not check your platelets because I am not worried about them.  I feel like everything is fine.  I see no signs to make me think there is anything wrong. 

You are wearing mostly size 12 months clothes, size 4 diapers, and about a 3-4 shoe.  You have had 2 haircuts so far.  I think your hair grows fast.  Lots of people comment on how blonde you are and love that your hair sticks up in the back.  I love this too!  I don't usually try to make it stay down too much.

You are a very playful boy.  You crawl and cruise all over the house. You have stood alone for a few seconds and have occasionally taken a few steps by yourself.  You still are enjoying playing with balls and cars alot.  Those are your favorites, but anything else you can find that you probably aren't supposed to have, you like as well.  One of these things is the nightlight in your room.  I am constantly pulling you away from it.  Another thing is the toilet.  Yes, you have found the toilet and you love it.

You still sleep great at night.  You still take 2 naps, morning and afternoon.  They last anywhere between 1-3 hours.  You typically go to bed around 8:30 p.m. these days and wake up around 6:30 a.m.  Kris usually brings you to me in bed and we will cuddle or play for a bit before I nurse you at 7.

I took lots of pictures of you in the kitchen this month.  You love to be in there with me when I am cooking.  You keep yourself very occupied.  You open any doors you can and get out lots of stuff.   

I love this picture of you standing on your tippy toes.

Here you are trying to eat the knob on the cabinet door. 

You still are eating well.  However, you definitely know how to tell me you don't want something.  I notice you checking your food out more lately.  You used to just stick it in your mouth without really looking at it.  

You got two more teeth this month.  The two teeth on either side of your top teeth.  Now you have 6 total.  You like to grind your teeth too and I can't stand the sound!

You can shake your head up and down and sound like you are saying "Uh Uh" for yes.  You have started pointing at things that you want.  You especially point to your sippy cup at meal times when you want it.  You make the cutest little scrunchy face and blow.

Your favorite song is "The Itsy Bitsy Spider."  You try to do some of the hand motions as well.  I love to sing this with you.

As of your birthday, you are nursing 4 times a day still.  But since, I have started weaning you and have dropped the afternoon feeding so far. You have had milk now and seem to like it pretty well.  This is a good thing!!

 I think you are going to be a little mess like your brother.  You get into a lot of stuff and are just really exploring and wanting everything.  You are getting a little bit hard to handle in church because you want to do things you can't do and don't like to be corrected. You are still throwing little fits when you don't get your way.  One day you through a big fit and rolled around all over the floor when I took a screw driver away from you. 

Layton - 12 months

I had to get the big kids to try to hold your hands to keep you still longer enough to get a good picture.  You thought this whole picture taking thing was hilarious!

It took multiple tries, but I finally got this one. 

Layton, I can't wait to see what you will be up to next month!

Next up, birthday party pictures!

A Special Anniversary Date

For our anniversary, Kris got me a new Shark VacThenSteam so I can clean my hardwood floors and tile.  Yay!  He also got us a tent so we can try our hands at camping!  These were two things that I have been wanting.  He also bought and arranged these flowers for me.  Beautiful!

My gift to him was to recreate our first date.  I had been planning on doing this for quite some time.  I was given the idea at one of our GALS meetings at church.

I hate that I don't have any pictures of our first date.  I don't even know the actual date.  I think it was in April of 2000 though.  It was a Monday night I remember.  The night before, my car window had been busted out in the church parking lot because I stupidly left my purse in there.  So, it was stolen and my window was busted.  I was so upset.  Kris came to the rescue!  I lived in an apartment with a couple of friends near the church and he came with me and fixed it up for me with cardboard until I could get it fixed properly.  He was so sweet.  We had already scheduled our date for the next night prior to this happening.

Kris was afraid that I wouldn't want to go on our date the next night because of what had happened.  However, I was even more sure I wanted to go on it because of how awesome he had been. 

Kris had planned for us to go hike Pinnacle Mountain for our date.  So, he picked me up that next night and off we went.  We hiked and when we got to the top, we sat and talked for quite a while.  I will never forget how much Kris talked.  It was hilarious to me.  I joke and tell him all the time that he pretty much told me his whole life story that night!  Ha! 

After hiking back down, we were hungry.  We went to dinner at Shorty Smalls.  We talked alot more and this time he asked alot about me.  It was a great first date!

Back to the present:

I told Kris that my parents were coming up for the weekend.  They were going to be here right after lunch which was a little unusual.  They normally don't come until after supper.  He had called me earlier in the week and tried to schedule for Direct TV to be installed Friday afternoon.  I had to tell him that I had things going on.  I know this caught his attention and made him a bit suspicious. 

My plan was to go surprise him at his office around 4:30 that day.  Anyway, he ended up knowing that I was coming but didn't know what we were going to be doing.  When I got there, I had brought him a change of clothes to go hiking.  It didn't take him long.  He figured it out!  I played dumb until we got close to Pinnacle.  Ha!  Mind you, it was like 97 degrees outside.  He was so excited, I'm sure!
The climb was a little more difficult than I remembered it being! 

Beautiful views though!

Ok, the FUNNIEST thing happened as we started up the mountain.  We saw this guy.  You can see him in the background of this picture.  We are positive that he was hiking the mountain that day on our first date.  Seriously.  He was wearing the same tight biker bikini bottoms.  He was quite memorable.  Kris and I laughed and laughed about this.
Finally made it to the top!
I brought Kris some Tim Tam cookies.  These were cookies he used to only get to eat in Australia.  He loves them.  We would have to buy them at the Australia store in NLR if we wanted some.  I just happened to see them in Target not too long ago and got him some.
He read the card I got for him.

We took our picture at the top.

Then we headed back down. By this time he knew we were headed to Shorty Smalls next.

These pictures are from Shorty Smalls.  Kris is such a goof ball.  You can DEFINITELY see where Lincoln gets his silliness from!  I had to post all these pictures on here because I couldn't believe how much they reminded me of the pictures of Lincoln at Grandma and Grandad's 50th wedding reception.  Hilarious!

Love you Kris!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Takeover

I wanted to get a pool for the kids again this summer for the back yard, but with our back yard overhaul still a work-in-progress, we decided not to do the big pool again. So, to keep cool, I got Layton this little pool to splash around in since he can't quite run around in the sprinkler with the big kids.

He LOVES to splash in the water. He just loves water period.

Pretty soon the big kids were done with their water balloons and decided to join in.


Little Momma.

This look to me says "Hey, what has happened here? You guys have taken over my pool!!"

Oh well. The more the merrier!!!