Monday, August 26, 2013

Layton's Night

Trying to catch up again.  When Hannah was at camp and Lincoln was in Texarkana, Kris and I took Layton out one night to celebrate him being potty trained.  I told him that when he was completely potty trained, we would go to Chuck E. Cheese.  He was potty trained a while back, but we just hadn't found the right time to go.  Since the other kids were gone, we thought the time was perfect.  We started our night by going to Larry's Pizza.  Their pizza is SO much better than Chuck E. Cheese's and we all love it!


Then we headed to Chuck E. Cheese.  He was so excited!!  He raced from one game to the next, all smiles the whole time.  We loved watching him.

He wasn't too sure what to think of Chuck E.  He came out and danced with the kids and then threw out tons of tickets that all the kids swarmed to pick up.  His hand in his pants cracks me up.

My favorite part about Chuck E. Cheese is the little photo booth.  I love these pictures!

Layton is such a precious, precious boy.  He has such a sweetness about him.  So glad we had this special night together--just the three of us!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

More Summer Fun!

We have had a blast this summer doing all kinds of things.  We didn't quite do everything on my Summer To Do List, but we got close.  So, here are many random pictures of our awesome summer.

The kids have spent quite a bit of time at Mimi and Pappaw's.  This was one weekend when we were all there.  They love to help Mimi pick veggies out of the garden.

Hannah and I tried making washer necklaces and bracelets while we were there too.  Mom had made some already for a presentation she was doing with her club.

We picked all kinds of fun scrapbook paper and Mod Podged it onto the washers.

We let this dry well and came home and finished up the project with a little Dimensional Magic which made them super shiny and stand out.

We tied some ribbon or string around them and they were the perfect little gift to take Emma, Hannah, and Kenzie when they all went to camp.  Hannah LOVES doing these kinds of projects!

This is just a random picture from a presentation at our library from a children's book illustrator.  He told about how he became an illustrator and how he drew the main character from his book, "Creepy Carrots" that he was there talking about.  It was interesting.

Something I remember my mom doing when I was a kid was making taffy.  So, we took a stab at it one day.  We used Cherry Koolaid to flavor it.  Hannah and Lincoln liked pulling it, but Layton didn't like his hands being all sticky and buttery.  Ha!

It made quit a bit of candy and actually would have been more, but we ruined some I think because we used too much butter on our hands (Lincoln) and it got too soft.  Anyway, it lasted a long time in the frig.  I thought it was yummy!

Layton and I went swimming one day with Stacey and Karly while Lincoln was at my parents' house and Hannah was at camp.

I think he enjoyed being the only child for a bit.  We took him to get shaved ice after Wednesday night church that week.  He loved it!

He fell asleep in my arms one day and it was just the sweetest moment for me.

We have spent a lot of time at the pool.  Lincoln just amazes me.  I love to watch him swim.  He is a natural at it.

One Sunday morning after church Lincoln came out of his room looking like this.  He was wearing Kris' old wrestling uniform.  So funny!

Sunday night church has been a challenge this summer.  Our Life Group has been on a break and so we were just going up to the building.  Well, they didn't have anything for the kids and there were some nights when I thought I would scream.  The kids did not act well at all.  So, one Sunday night, we just stayed home and had our own church.  We sang and then Kris read the kids this poem that he had written years ago which was similar to The Cat and the Hat.  It was based on Matthew 25:35-36 where Jesus tells the parable about the sheep and the goats.  Then we talked to the kids about it.

I have kept the Rainbolt girls a few times this summer and it never fails they all play dress up.  Ha!

I took this picture one Wednesday night on the way home from church.  Layton looked up in the sky and pointed at this and said, "Mom, it's a angel!!"  He associated the rays of the sun with an angel.  Oh, I thought it was the sweetest thing.

We have loved swimming at the Beggs with our friends.  One day one of their son's friends came out and was throwing the kids in the water.  They did it over and over and over again.  Yes, that is Layton flipping over high in the air.  He was doing "a back flip" according to him.  Ate it up!!!

We took back-to-school crayons to our Chick-fil-a one afternoon and got free ice cream.

Random picture of the kids with the bears that Alyssa brought them last year from Australia.  They have been taking them everywhere lately and dressing them up.  Ha!

We tried to play noodle ball outside one day, but the grass kept popping the balloons, so we brought it indoors.

A couple of Christmases ago the kids got this big cardboard castle that you can play inside and color.  They wanted to get it out one day and played and played in it.

This was the kids going to stay with Mimi and Pappaw for a few days during the week before school started.  They had the best time and I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed a little peace and quiet.  I was able to do some cleaning I wanted to do and just have some me time.  They got to go see the movie Planes, went and played at a really cool park, rode the four wheeler, and who knows what else.

It was good to get them back, of course, and we finished up our summer break by heading to the park to play with friends on Thursday.  Layton learned how to slide down the pole by himself!

Thursday night we had Open House at school where we met the kids' teachers.  I'll post on that later.  Then, we had Lincoln's friend from school, Jack, over for his first sleepover at our house!  Lincoln had gone to his first sleepover at Jack Vick's house a few weeks before and had a blast!  As soon as I picked him up from Mom, he was begging to have a sleepover at his house.  So, we did.  They played Legos quite a bit and watched a movie later to wind down.

They laid down for bed around 10:30, but I went back to check on them once and Lincoln had turned the lamp on and was sitting up showing Jack all these crazy faces he had made with this sticker set he has.  They would just giggle.  Jack was tired, though, and he kept telling Lincoln to turn off the light and go to sleep.  I am so bad.  I was watching at the door and stuck my phone in to try to video them.  They were too funny.  You can hear them talking, but I couldn't actually see them with the phone.  Lincoln was telling Jack that he "never goes to sleep" and that he "stays up all night."  He is so crazy.  I finally told them to turn off the light around 11:00 and at 11:15 when I checked on them, they were out.  The next morning they got up and played some more until about 10:00.

Layton was going to sleep with Hannah, but for some reason he decided he didn't want to.  I put him in bed with Kris (I had to stay up and wait for the boys to go to sleep).  Then, I moved him to his own bed later.  Thought this was a cute pic of them though.

Friday morning after Jack left, we headed to Jacksonville to the Splash Zone with the Vicks and Rainbolts.  The weather was like lower 70's, so the water was freezing, especially in the kiddie area.

They had a good diving board, and Lincoln dove and dove.  We swam for about an hour and then had a picnic lunch.  The rest of our friends left, but we went back in for another hour and I videoed the kids on the diving board.

That night we went to a Travelers baseball game with the Cheesmans, Rainbolts, and Stephens.  We had picked up some free tickets earlier.  We sat in the outfield on some grass.  It was perfect weather and perfect seats.  The kids were able to run around and they loved being with their friends.

Layton and Conner.

Eden and Hannah.

Me and my buddy.

Lincoln and Braden.

Sweet Harper.  She was munching on a sour straw Kris gave her. :)

The girls, Eden, Hannah, Kenzie, and Karly, being silly.

Kris and I.

Our three.

What a great summer!  We really had lots and lots of fun.  We have been blessed.  We have definitely had our share of arguments, fights, and ugliness, but all in all, it was a summer to remember!!!