Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Random May Pictures

Layton getting his teeth cleaned.  He had his first cavity to be filled as well.  :-(

I went to Muffins With Mom with Lincoln at school.

Lincoln started swim team practice this month.

Layton did this at school and gave it to me.  I especially love that he thinks I am 20 something years old, that I am beautiful when I go to church, and his favorite thing to do with me is to go shopping.  He has been my little shopping buddy for so long.

The rest of my Mother's Day gifts.  Lincoln painted me a picture and made a tiny little canvas painting with his fingerprints in the shape of a heart.

Kris got me this birthstone bracelet with all 4 kids' birthstones on it.  :-)

Lincoln wrapped up tennis and had an end of season party.

He and Jack.  I really hope these boys stick with this tennis!

He had his awards ceremony at school.  Each kid got an award.  I don't like how they do that, but whatever.  They gave the kids awards based on candy bars.  His was the Skittles award.  It said he was always full of colorful ideas.  Yep, that would describe Lincoln alright.

His awesome teacher, Mrs. Hill.  She was so great for him this year.  Super understanding and patient.  Loved her!

Found this selfie of Hannah on my phone.

We went and got froyo after the last day of school to celebrate!

I LOVE how this boy uses his imagination sometimes.  Just give him a box and some screws and he will make something awesome!!!

Trying to be like brother!  :-)

These two have been messes lately.  I was so sick of them fighting and being super loud in the house that I sent them out to the backyard for a bit.  After awhile I realized I hadn't heard anything from them, so I went to check on them.  I found them both on top of the shed.  This picture was taken right after Lincoln jumped down.  Layton was stuck.  I realize they are boys and boys will be boys, but they were in big trouble.

Hannah's 5th Grade Graduation

I can't believe that Hannah is on her way to Middle School next year!  She is just growing up so fast.  Time, slow down!!

She had her graduation on May 23rd.

They sang some songs from "Annie."

Her original principal, Mr. Burbank, spoke.  They got a new principal this year, Mr. Scarlet.

Then, they got their certificate.

All the 5th Grade teachers, Mrs. Lequieu, Mrs. Walker, Mrs. Pitman, and Mrs. Menard.

Hannah and her friend, Olivia.

Brodie and Hannah.  Brodie and his brother and sister live down the street and carpool with us.

She chose to eat at McAlister's afterwards.

So happy about her emoji pillow.  Ha!

I love this 6th grader SO much!!!!

I think she looks 18 in this picture.  So grown up!!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Layton's Preschool Program

Layton had his end of the school year preschool program on May 18th.  I was SO hoping I would be able to be there for it and luckily I got to.  Ledger was 6 days old, but we went.  I had worked really hard to get things ready for this program and was so excited to hear the kids sing their songs.  I was so thankful to Erica for being there to take my place and lead everything.  I still can't believe just how everything worked out so well.  She was the music teacher last year and quit because she thought she was moving.  However, things changed and she didn't end up moving afterall.  I already had the job, though.  So, she was able to help me out throughout the year when I needed advice.  Once I found out that I was pregnant and wouldn't be coming back, it was so perfect that she was going to be able to step right back into her old job again.  

I loved all the songs for this program.  They were easy songs and the kids actually loved singing them which made all the difference when it came to learning them.  The first one was "This Little Light of Mine."

They all held up little tea lights that were not lit.  After the song was over, a couple of the kids had speaking parts where they commented about their lights not working.  This led into them talking about how in order for their lights to shine, they have to be plugged in and turned on for Jesus.

Everyone of those kids was singing their little hearts out.  It was beyond precious.

I posted pictures of the pvc pipe I used to make the big sun in another post.  Adding the yellow and orange streamers and painting the big cardboard sun in the middle was HARD.  It wasn't perfect, but I was happy with it.  Trying to do all that while being 8 months pregnant was not easy and I had to let go of some of my perfectionism and just get it done.  It was a great bright back ground for the program so it worked.

At the very end they threw their hands up and shouted "Let it shine!"

After this song a few of the kids including Layton had speaking parts.  They talked about how Jesus is the light.

Then his class sang a song called "He is the Light."

Next, the 4 year old class sang "Shine Jesus Shine."

Then, the 3 year old class sang "Show Me How."  I loved watching Harper, the little boy in the orange shirt, sing this song.  He sang his heart out.  His momma is Ms. Cassie who taught the 4 year old class.  We couldn't help but get tickled at him.

The finale was "I Saw the Light."  It was the perfect ending song and the kids loved it.  

They actually sang all these songs better during practice.  I think that their excitement and not being able to hear the music well enough caused them to be a little off.  But it was still super cute and I was SO proud of them all!

After all the songs was graduation.  Layton just had the best year and the best teacher.  Ms. Tata was wonderful.  I am so glad that he got to do this extra year of preschool.

Comparison of his first and last days of school.

He looks so much bigger to me!

Before I quit, I made 35 individual photo books for the kids to give their parents.  It was a lot of work, but they turned out super cute.  They only ended up costing $7 each through Walgreens.

Ledger and I with Lily and Phillip after the program.

After the program Ledger and I went to lunch with Vickie, Tonya, Cassie, Lori, and Erica.  I had the best time and just the best year.  I feel so blessed to know each one of these women.