Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

I got some super special gifts for Mother's Day this year.  Lincoln came home with really sweet things that he had written for me.  LOVED them!  It is so sweet to see what is in their little minds. Ha!

 Kris got me some beautiful charms for my charm bracelet!

He got each of the kids' birthstones.

His cards always mean so much to me.  

Hannah's gift was something.

It is a treasure for sure!  She drew a family portrait and it was AWESOME!!!!  She has turned into quite the little artist.  This will be framed for sure!!


I love being a mom to this three amazing children.  By far one of the biggest blessings of my life!  God has been so good to me.  They are healthy, happy, smart, funny, and loving kiddos and I couldn't be much more proud of them.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Teacher Appreciation 2013

Last week was teacher appreciation week.  I went a little simpler this year.  The kids' school gives an idea of what to bring each day and so I based what we did off that.  On Monday it was a sweet or salty treat.  So, I made yummy Oreo Balls and put them in a cute little candy box.  Who does not like Oreo Balls?  Simple and yummy!  I forgot to take a picture of them.

Tuesday was a school supply.  Well, Hannah's teacher is retiring after this year, so I didn't want to get her a school supply.  So, I saw this idea on Pinterest.  It was just some good smelling lotion with the kids' hand print.

Wednesday was bring a flower day.  So, the kids took carnations to their teachers.

Thursday was write a note to the teacher.  I had gotten these two initial picture holders a while back at Kirkland's on sale, so both the kids and I wrote notes to their teachers and I attached a picture.

On Friday, it was suggested to bring them their favorite drink.  Hannah had this mug decorating kit so she made her teacher a mug and we just stuck a Sonic gift card in with it.

For Lincoln's teacher, we sent her a cupcake from my friend, Stacey (she had brought us a bunch of extras she had for Kris to take to work) with a Sonic card attached.

My plan is to make each teacher a burlap door hanger as an end-of-the-year gift.  The kids have both had great teachers this year.  They are both super sweet and caring ladies.  Both kids have done really well and we are so thankful for all that their teachers have done for them!

On a side note, I got to get a taste of being a teacher this past Friday.  The kids had Field Day at school and around lunch time, Lincoln's teacher got really sick and had to leave.  So, my friend Jill (another mom from Lincoln's class) and I stayed with his class for the 2nd half of the day.  Wow!  Let's just say, the experience made me totally appreciate all that teachers do!!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Baseball Tournament!

Last weekend Lincoln had a baseball tournament.  It ended up being a really long day, but honestly, it was a blast!  We all had a really good time.  The weather was beautiful too!

Lincoln hit pretty well.  That is him on first base after getting a hit.  Kris helped coach some.

Layton played with his cars in the dirt at my feet quite a bit.  Hannah ran around playing with some of the other sisters from the team.  She loved it!  I wish I would have taken her picture.  At one point a big group of them were playing Hot Potato with a ball in a big circle on the ground.  It was really cute.

Lincoln played catcher some this weekend, but he still doesn't really like it.

Fortunately, he got to play other positions as well.  He is a pretty good little fielder.

Heading to bat.

We lost our first game to a really good team.  We had a couple hours break in between games.  We went and grabbed some McDonald's and then headed back to the field to hang out with the team.  I really enjoyed this part as well.  I really like his team and have enjoyed getting to know most of the parents.  Some of the other parents and I have done a lot of laughing at Kris because there was this one lady who was helping coach a team.  She made an inappropriate comment to Kris about using the zip tie that he was playing with to handcuff her!?!  She was not too attractive either (so I wasn't worried!  ha!).  All the other dads have given him the hardest time about it.  It was quite hilarious and is a running joke!  Ha!

Lincoln is at the far right.

Hannah was eating something and decided to save her gum by sticking it on her forehead.  Lol!

Love this boy!  He was so good!!!

Lincoln's team ended up winning the 2nd game.  During the 3rd game, the pitching machine was really acting up and the coaches just couldn't get it to throw the ball well at all.  It ended up hitting several of our kids--sending one to the ER with a possible broken finger.  It was after that that our coach decided it wasn't worth continuing to play so we forfeited the game.  We were behind 1-0 with a couple of kids on base too.  But I totally agree with the coaches decision.  It was already 7:30 p.m. at that point, so we would have been there till who knows when if we had won!  All in all, it was a blast of a day!!

Here's one video of Lincoln hitting that I took during the tournament.  Layton cracks me up repeating everything I say.  Yes, I get into these games.  Can't help it.  I am a bit competitive.  :-)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Strawberry Picking With Friends!

Last week Layton and I went strawberry picking with some friends.  Sarah was in town and drove out to Cabot with us.  I enjoyed catching up with her so much!

Layton had a lot of fun picking strawberries!  The funniest thing to me was that I realized when we were almost through that he actually hadn't eaten any!  The rest of the kiddos were going to town too!

I finally told the poor kid he could eat one.  Then, he pretty much didn't stop!  Ha!  He loves some strawberries--just like the rest of us!

I tried to get a picture of everyone that came.  This is Brittany with her sweet kiddos, Autumn and Logan.

Layne and Ivey!

Amy with Lily and Nora!

Me and my buddy!

Me and Amy!

This was my sweet boy on the drive home.  Look at his mouth!  :)

And this is what I spent my afternoon doing that day.  I froze these and kept some for salad and dessert for bunko later that week.  Now, I can't wait for blueberry pickin' time!!!