Saturday, January 31, 2015

Lincoln's 8th Birthday!

I can't believe Lincoln is eight.  He is getting so big.  He is still a mess like he has always been.  However, his little mind just fascinates me.  Here are somethings I want to remember about him right now and then a bit about his birthday sleepover.

Lincoln is into shirts and ties for church.  He loves to wear them and is constantly trying to match weird things together like a plaid tie with a totally different plaid shirt.  He just REALLY wants to wear ties.

He definitely has his own fashion sense.  He has taken a liking to one of Kris' old jackets when he was a kid and wears it constantly--even in the house!  He was in a stick-on mustache wearing phase right after Christmas and wanted to have his hair slicked back after watching Hannah's 50's Christmas musical at school.  

He is doing really well in school.  He has not had any behavior issues and we are so proud of him for that!  He is great at math and just seems to have a knack for it.  His handwriting is not the best but getting better.  He reads well and his comprehension blows my mind.  It is better than mine!!!  He can recall details that I have to look back and find.

He is loving basketball right now and is doing great at it!  He usually scores several baskets a game, is an offensive rebounding machine, is getting better at dribbling and defense, and hustles like a maniac.  That is the part that I love the most.  He gets after it and gives it his all!!!  He has even written at school about how he wants to get better so I know he is working at it!  He plans on playing tennis and swim team again as well.

He is a pretty sensitive little guy.  He is quick to get upset and sometimes has a hard time controlling his emotions.  We are working on that!

He can be super thoughtful and lets his siblings go first at things sometimes even when he really wants to.

He loves the "big" boys at Life Group, Braden, Joseph, and Caleb.

He is obsessed with all things technology.  He loves his Kindle, the wii, reflex math on the computer, and now Kris' old xbox that he just got out.  I am constantly having to monitor him on those things because he would play them all day if I let him.

He is getting to be a pretty picky eater which is HARD!!  He loves fried eggs and will eat 3 or 4 of them some mornings.  Other favorites are pizza, candy, apples, most fruits, chicken, toaster struddle, and pretty much anything sweet.

He loves to build and make things.  He makes things out of the weirdest stuff like empty cereal boxes, other empty boxes (he is constantly asking me if he can use something when it becomes empty), toilet paper and paper towel rolls, tape, paper, napkins, egg cartons, straws, feathers, etc.  He is really into Legos and Knex, anything he can build with.  He has such a crazy imagination.

He has a love for Abraham Lincoln.

Lincoln asks all kinds of questions all the time.  He is very inquisitive.

Love this guy so much and so blessed to have him in our family!!  Happy Birthday Buddy!!!

We let him open one present a little early so he could wear it to church.  I got him a new shirt and tie for church. :-)

On his actual birthday!  Eight years old!

That night he chose to eat at Sakura, of course.  So, we had yummy food, entertainment, and he opened the rest of his presents from us.

He had a sleepover with three of his best friends, Jack Vick, Jack Landrum, and Dean Cunningham.

That night we made our own pizzas.

Silly, silly boys!!!

Then, the boy in them came out.  Ha!

I love these two.  What good little friends that are.  They just always click.  Their faces crack me up.

That night when it was time for bed, Lincoln and Dean were having a hard time settling down--especially Lincoln.  Finally, at 11:30 I had to move Lincoln into the playroom by himself.  He was out in no time after that.

I think he had a lot of fun at his sleepover and enjoyed his birthday!!

January Stuff

January seemed like it was gone in the blink of an eye.  One month down in the new year.  It was full of crazy weather, crazy kids, basketball, birthdays, bunko, and a parenting conference.


Lincoln really enjoyed the Smithsonian Rock and Gem Dig he got from Mimi and Pappaw for Christmas.  He was the cutest thing with his googles on hammering away.

This little guy is having a lot of trouble in the afternoons.  He doesn't want to play by himself and gets upset when I can't always play with him.  I think I had sent him to his room for throwing a fit and later found him like this asleep in his bed.   Poor guy.

Layton can hardly wait for Lincoln and Hannah to get home in the afternoons.

This was another toy that Lincoln got for Christmas.  It is called Remote-Control Machines and allows him to build his own electric vehicles and machines and control them with a wireless remote unit.  I can't wait to see what all he will build!

I hosted bunko at our house this month.  We had potato soup and tortilla soup and made smores by the fire.

Someone had the idea to use the chocolate chip cookies instead of the graham crackers.  Boy, were they good, but super rich!

Lincoln brought this home from school one day and I just love it!!!  The exclamation points kill me!!  He loves Abraham Lincoln!  This is what it says.  It is kind of hard to read.  Bless his heart with the spelling.  :-)

"Topic:  I think that slavery is wrong!  First of all, we are all humans.  I think this because color doesn't matter.  Also, people should not get whipped.  Most importantly, Abe Lincoln stopped slavery. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Working on homework.  He amazes me with his reading retention and how good he is at math.

This was the kids creating some kind of band and doing a performance one day.  Love the guitars and Lincoln's Minecraft head.

More geology.

Hannah went to her friend, Katelynn's birthday party this month.  It was at her house and was super cute!  It had a Paris theme!  The girls decorated aprons first.

Cutest photo booth too!

Abigail, Katelynn, Hannah, Lorelei, and Hannah.

Awesome cake made by our friend, Stacey!

They also got to decorate cookies.  I know Hannah loves Katelynn, but I am especially grateful for her family.  They moved here last year and Sara and Jason are the sweetest people and have the sweetest kids.  We have loved getting to know them in life group and I love that Hannah has made a good new friend!!