Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pumpkin Patch with Layton

A couple of weeks ago, Layton and I met up with a group from church at Bo Brook Farms for their pumpkin patch.  We'd been here before to pick blueberries, but this was our first time to their pumpkin patch.  Layton didn't know what to think about the corn pit at first.  He eventually got into it!

Not quite tall enough to reach by himself!  Ha!

Hayride with friends!

He would not look at the camera for me at all when I tried to get him by a pumpkin.

Their sunflower garden was so pretty.  This little guy didn't want to be still long for a picture.  He wanted to run!

Beautiful flower!!!

Funny face at the pig!  Ha!

He wasn't afraid of the goats and reached right in.

Loving these days with my little buddy!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

State Fair!

Grandma and Grandad came down the Sunday that we celebrated Hannah's birthday for a couple of days.  On Monday Kris took off work and we all took Layton to the State Fair.  I wish the big kids could have gone, but they had school.  I had originally planned for it to be something that I did with Layton, but I was so glad that Kris and Grandma and Grandad were able to go too.  That morning it was free entrance, free parking, and free kiddie rides from 9-11.  It was a great time to go.  Layton couldn't ride all the rides due to his height, but he got to ride plenty.  I think he really had fun!

Our first ride was the elephant airplane.  It went round and round and up and down.

He loved all the rides!

Waiting in line with his Daddy for the Super Slide.

So funny how he had his hands in his mouth.  I think he was a little unsure about it, but he did great!

He got to play one game where he picked out ducks.

This was the prize he picked out!

More rides!  By the end of them, I was ready for them to be over.  All the round and round was making me sick.  We really did ride plenty, though.

After the rides were over, we went to the petting zoo.  He was a little timid at first, but after his Daddy helped him pet a goat, he realized it wasn't scary.

LOVE how he puts his hands together at his knees and bends over when he sees something he thinks is cute!!!

Grandma and Grandad!

Layton helped me eat my mucho nachos.  They were yummy!!

Fried Oreos!  I'd never had them before.  Pretty good stuff!

After lunch, we checked out the Hall of Industry a bit where Layton got to pretend to milk a cow.  Ha!  By this time, we were all tired of walking around and it was time for Layton to nap, so we headed home.

I love seeing my little ones enjoy things for the first time, so it was a special treat for me to get to take Layt to the Fair and an even bigger treat that Grandma and Grandad got to share it with us!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pumpkin Patch with Lincoln

The weekend my parents were in town, they came in early enough to watch Layton that Friday morning so that I could go with Lincoln and his class to the Schaefers and Collins Pumpkin Patch out in Mayflower.  I was so happy to get the chance to be with just him.  Thanks again, Mom and Dad!  

Lincoln was excited about getting to ride the bus and being with his friends.

They had a big playground with all sorts of things to climb on.

Lincoln and his new buddy, Jack.

They went on a hay ride and got to go find their own pumpkins.

After searching and searching, he finally settled on this one!

His class with their teacher!

Silly picture!

Kids love silly pictures!

We took a sack lunch, ate, and played some more.  This trip was great for me not only because I got to be with Lincoln, but I got to meet some of the other moms from his class.  They were really nice and I enjoyed getting to know them a bit.

Lincoln in front of "Ma and Pa".

Playing on the hay bales!

By the way, I am SO proud of this guy.  We had his first parent/teacher conference on Tuesday and his teacher said he is doing "awesome" (her word)!!  After that first week or so of a couple of incidents (testing the waters his teacher thought), he has been doing just great!  He scored really well on his DIBELS testing and I am just so pleased with how he is doing.  He even read me a little book at the conference!  Yay Lincoln!!!