Thursday, July 28, 2016

Week 11

This little guy wants to suck his thumb.  His hands are in his mouth quite a bit.

We met Mimi and Pappaw in Arkadelphia to pick up the big kids.

We stopped and got shaved ice on the way home.  It was hot!

Sweet smiley boy!

He found his hands this week.  I love to watch them when they discover their hands and feet.  I wish I could read his mind.

One of Lincoln's "creations".  He is constantly making something out of nothing.  This was out of the leftover PV Kids stickers.  He makes me laugh.

Sunday after church we all headed to Camp Tahkodah.  We stopped at the Bulldog for lunch, of course.  I love these three buddies--Lincoln, Jackson, and Jack.  2nd year of camp.

This was Hannah's 4th year of camp.  Both kids were so excited to go again.  That makes me so happy!

Eden, Kenzie, Hannah, and Karly.  This was Eden and Karly's first year.

Getting ready for the swim test.  The boys go first.  It was too hot and Ledger was needing to eat, so we didn't get to stay for Hannah's.

Saying goodbye.

Layton and Ledger early in the morning.

The sweetest cheeks.

Oh my goodness.  His smile melts me.  I know I take a lot of pictures of it, but I can't help myself.

Serious face.

We tried out his bumbo.  He is so big that his legs almost get stuck.  :-)  He still has a little bit of trouble holding his head up for too long.  Little butterball sitting there.


Friday morning we drove back to Tahkodah to pick up Hannah and Lincoln.  These girls had to say good-bye.  Love that Emma comes and these girls get to reunite every year.

Their cabin.

Sweet friends.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Week 10

We went to Texarkana for Ledger's first visit over the weekend.  Uncle Wes and Uncle Jeff were there too.

The kids ate up the attention they got from their uncles.  They took them to the movies.

They rode with them on the side-by-side.  Silly Uncle Wes.

Kris, Ledger, and I came home that Sunday, but Hannah, Lincoln, and Layton stayed with Mimi and Pappaw till the following Friday.  Ledger and I had a little glimpse of what our life would be like after school starts.

We worked on getting him to nap good in his crib.

A little tummy time.

Mimi took the kids shopping.  Hannah sent me these pictures of the outfits she got.

The rest of the week the kids went to VBS, to a splash pad, and played at the farm.  Ledger and I just hung out.

We like our thumb.

We finally got to see Lincoln's swim pictures.  I love this boy so much.