Monday, February 29, 2016

February Fun

In February, Lincoln took an art class for several weeks.  He seemed to enjoy it and did really well.  He got to work with several different mediums.

Hannah and Kris had their yearly Valentine Date.  They went to McAlister's (Hannah's choice) and a movie.

At school it never fails Hannah gets something from a boy.  This year a little boy named Nathan got her this stuffed bear and these chocolates.  Crazy!!!

The boys and I went to the movies that night as well.  We saw Kung Fu Panda 3.  Before the movie I gave them each several quarters to play video games.  Layton actually was able to get a Po stuffed animal out of this machine.  It was too cute because this never happens!!  It made his night!

The Tweens at church had a Super Bowl party.  We helped with it that night.  We all had yummy food and the kids enjoyed being with all their friends.

This guy can sleep anywhere.

We met Daddy for lunch one day at the new Blaze Pizza restaurant.

Kris saved up and got himself a nice grill.  It is a knock off Big Green Egg Grill and he LOVES it!!  We have grilled some yummy things on it lately.

I snapped these pictures of Kris one Sunday morning while he was leading our children's PEAK worship.  He was telling the story of David and Goliath while acting out both parts himself.  It was pretty funny.  The kids all got a kick out of it.

Goliath vs David

I have enjoyed my little shopping buddy.  He tags along with me on Tuesday and Thursday's (his days off preschool).  Some days he just can't quite make it home without falling asleep.  Sweet thing.

This day we packed our lunch and had a picnic in the car.  He thought that was fun.

Lincoln finished up basketball.  His team never one a game the whole season and then the very last game they played a nail biter and almost won.  Their coach was super proud of them and so were we.

These are just some more shots of Lincoln playing basketball.

My Book Club is still going strong.  I just love it.  One night someone had the idea to bless Shelley Ancel who had been going through a tough time.  We got her a "bag of sunshine".  I made her this canvas sign.

Shelley opening all her gifts.

 Layton is playing baseball for the first time.  He is playing coach pitch out at Salem.  Here he is at his first practice running the bases.

He is a lefty batter.  He is also one of the best players on his team.  He can really throw the ball and hits well too.  It has been so much fun to watch him finally have a turn at playing something!

Hannah and TOT

Hannah was chosen to get to participate in the TOT (Teams of Tomorrow) Program at school this year.  It is basically a creative basketball handling program.  They do half-time performances at basketball games and have performed in front of the school a time or two.  I know she has worked hard at this and we are super proud of her.  She has done a fantastic job!

She is in the middle of the court on the right hand side.

This was a performance at a junior high basketball game.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Pregnancy Pics: Weeks 24-28

I had 2 doctor appointments in February.  I passed my glucose test which I was kind of worried about.  I have really had a sweets craving this pregnancy!  I also looked into getting a breast pump.  I had heard that with some insurances, you can get one for free.  Since I got rid of my last one, I was excited to hear about this.  I ended up getting a good $200 Medela Pump for $40 out of my pocket.  I was super glad about that!!

I did a little shopping this month too.  I found this cute little outfit at Pickles & Ice Cream on clearance.  I can't wait to see the baby in it.

I also picked out bedding from Target.  It is simple and wasn't expensive.  My plans are to accent with orange and turquoise.

I am using a different kind of crib bumper this time.  It is actually a liner not a bumper.  They are supposed to be safer and it was way less expensive.  At this point I have been very excited to get to work on the nursery!