Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas in KC

Christmas Eve morning we got up and drove to KC.  They had recently had some snow so the kids enjoyed playing in it for a day or two.

Grandad pulled us around on some sleds with his tractor.  It was fun!  I think Grandad enjoyed hitting big bumps out in the pasture and knocking us off!  Ha!

The guys played a lot of Wahoo.

The kids decorated some ugly sweater cookies.

We opened presents.  Mona was sick and didn't get to come.  Lincoln was especially sad.  He loves Aunt Mona!

This was Kris in the middle of the kids opening presents.  Sigh....

Silly boys!!!

Hannah loved her Twister game because it played music!

Apparently Grandad is getting a lot of use out of his new boots!

Kris made his dad this to keep the cows away.  ;-)

We had a fun time at Grandma and Grandad's as always!

Monday, December 23, 2013


Santa came to our house on December 23rd this year.  We were leaving the next morning to go to KC so the kids sent their yearly email to Santa and he said he would come a little early.  So, we went to eat Larry's Pizza that night and when we came back home, Santa had come!!

I guess I didn't get a good picture of their first reactions.  Here is Lincoln finding his big Lego set.

That thing is a monster!!!

A big boy bicycle!!  Their bikes were actually from Mimi and Pappaw.

Rainbow Loom!  Lincoln wanted this so bad!

American Girl doll clothes and Coconut, the little dog.

She was so happy!

Cars!!!  He LOVES any kind of car or truck!

We did the Royal's Blue Crew again.  They each got a hat, a t-shirt, game ticket voucher, car magnet, and several other things they get to do at a game.  Pretty cool deal!

The boys' got their tools from their dad for their tool boxes.  I think there were some clamps and a couple other things that I don't know the names of!  Ha!  I am sure they will use them one day--just like their daddy!

Everyone got books!

I found this old American Girl book about Julie, Hannah's doll, at an antique store.  I couldn't pass it up.

Everyone got rain boots too this year!  I went with the "want, need, wear, read" theme this year.  I really liked that idea!

I got lots of kitchen stuff from Kris.

He also got me the Jesus Calling Devotional book and I absolutely love it!  He got the kids the kid version too.  It goes along with the adult version with the same thought for that day.  We try to read theirs at the breakfast table most mornings.

Probably my most favorite gift was this framed picture that Tim Sitler took of us and we used for our Christmas card.  I LOVE it so much!!!

Kris got some stuff to keep his new car cleaned.  Ha! He is kind of particular about it.

Even though it was dark and cold outside, the kids wanted to try out their new bikes.

They all love them.  We went with the 20 inch ones for the big kids and Layton got his first training wheel bike.  He still has a hard time with the pedals but I bet by this summer, he will be riding it well.  The big kids just love their bikes.  I can't wait for better weather so they can ride them more often!!!

We had a great Christmas this year.  It was a little sad for me because I am afraid that it might possibly be Hannah's last year to really believe in Santa.  She made one comment to me one night while I was reminding her that Santa (and O) was watching her behavior that she thought that "Santa was your parents anyway".  I tried to ask her why she thought that but because she was not a happy camper, she wouldn't answer me.  So, I dropped it and she never said another word.  But it really makes me wonder about next year!!  Oh well, it has to happen sometime I guess, but it just reminds me that my kiddos are growing up.  It makes me really want to cherish (and record) these times even more!