Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Parties!

I got to be a part of both Hannah and Lincoln's Christmas parties this year.  Before the parties, we made a few treats.  I found this idea on Pinterest and was going to just make the bag topper myself.  Then, I stumbled on this one at Hobby Lobby and couldn't pass it up.  Saved me a lot of time and it was perfect!

I had this yummy popcorn at Bunko in December and thought it would be a great treat to make for teachers and our neighbors.  So, I made a bunch!

The kids always enjoy taking treats over to our widow lady neighbors.

Back in November I was in Hannah's class one day watching it for her teacher while she went to a luncheon.  It was around the time when Carrie Underwood had starred in "The Sound of Music" live on tv.  We recorded it.  The kids LOVED it and watched it over and over for days afterward.  Even Lincoln absolutely loved it!  So, some of the songs were stuck in my head.  I had this idea of a neat little Christmas gift that Hannah's class could give Mrs. Denker.  Since I was there in the classroom, I took my camera and took a picture of each kid in her class.  I had them write what their favorite thing about Mrs. Denker's class was.  I told them this was a surprise for her and they were all excited!  We presented it to her at their Christmas party.  I love how it turned out!

Those were just a few of the kids' answers.  So cute!  Then, Hannah helped me wrap it with brown paper and string.  (Back to "The Sound of Music" theme.)

I love all the kids watching her read it!

Sweet Hannah at her desk eating her pizza.  One of the dads bought Larry's Pizza for all the kids for lunch.

These two.  They look so much alike!!

Game time.  They played the make a snowman with toilet paper game.

Totally brings a smile to my face seeing Hannah having so much fun!!

She got so tickled!

Layton, chillin with a new friend.  Ha!

Lincoln's party was fun too.  They had a pancake breakfast first.

Then, they had different fun centers to do.  For some reason I didn't get many pictures of them.

Linc's treat bag he made.  So cute!

Lincoln's class also started the morning off right with a little song played with bells.  Enjoy!

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