Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hannah's Room Redo

For Hannah's birthday back in October, we told her we would redo/update her room.  It has taken us a while to finally get it completely done, but I love how it turned out!  I think she does too!

We started with the walls.  I loved the turquoise and her bedding but it was time for a change.  We sold her furniture on Craigslist.  I was a little sad to part with it since it was her baby furniture, but she really needs more space in her room so we decided to down size on the bed.

Kris decided he wanted to retexture the walls.  So, he borrowed a nice texture machine thing from a lady that they use at work to do paint.  

I guess it is the lighting in this picture that is making the walls look green.  Here is Kris starting to put the texture on.  This was back in November.

I forgot to take pictures of the walls after they were painted.  We chose a light purple color and this bedding from Target.  I had been admiring it for awhile, but then couldn't find it in the stores.  I ended up finding it on-line for super cheap!  

We knew we wanted a twin bed, a desk, a night stand, a chest of drawers, and a bookcase for her new room.  So, I set out to find these things.  Along the way, I discovered that I LOVE to go to antique stores.  I love looking at all the old treasures that are there.  I really enjoyed hunting for just the right things to put in her room.  We had already decided to use this head board that was in Jimmy's (Kris' boss) storage unit.  We sold several things for him in a garage sale we did a while back.  We bought the headboard, a twin mattress set, and a chest from him.  Worked out perfectly!!

I found this desk at an antique store in Benton.

 Here are some pictures of the room after we finally got done.

Kris painted the chest and I made the paint chip canvas on the wall.

I found this black leather looking decor fabric at Hobby Lobby to recover the headboard.  Kris did it and it was really quite easy!

I found the little night stand at Hancock Fabrics of all places.  The lamp was from Home Goods.

Kris and I painted the desk.  We reused the bulletin board that we had covered in fabric for her other room by taking off the fabric and painting the cork black and the frame pink.

I found this chair for $20 at an antique store in Little Rock.

Kris painted it.  I got the fabric at Hobby Lobby and he re-upholstered it.  I love how it turned out!

The black bookcase was from Target.  I searched and searched for one at an antique store but never found the right thing.  This one from Target was perfect!

The curtains took me a while.  At first I bought some two tone purple ones.  I liked them but I knew they were not quite right.  So, I took them back and kept looking.  I knew I wanted something with a little texture.  I found some ruffled knit fabric at Hobby Lobby (I love that store!) and bought some black curtain rod clip rings to hang it.  There was no sewing involved in these curtains.  All I did was cut them to fit.

I love these kinds of projects.  It took a while but it was so fun! Hannah has more room to play, a desk to write on, and a place for her books--all things we wanted to accomplish.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Fast February

February went by fast and not just because it was a shorter month.  Here are a few things we had going on: 

We had Upward basketball and cheerleading every Saturday and practice every Monday, Blue & Gold Banquet for Scouts, Lincoln's birthday party, snow days, Valentine's Day stuff, Tuesday morning Bible Studies, trip to our local fire department with Scouts, weekly den meetings, Upward Award Cermony, piano lessons, exersise class 3 mornings a week, doctor/dentist appointments, Life Group Super Bowl party, bunko, home improvement projects, and more.


Taking random naps on the floor due to exhaustion....

Hand-sewing American girl doll clothes...

Dinner at Mike's Place in Conway with some really good friends...

Lunch at Sam's with my little buddy...

Chick-fil-a kids eat free night where Lincoln had a blast dancing to the music played by the DJ who was there...

Taking crazy photo booth pictures at Chick-fil-a kids eat free night...

Attending a 40th birthday party for a good friend...

Dressing up as Toto for Wizard of Oz day at school...

Life is flying by.  It is good to stop every now and then to reflect on what all we have done.  I don't want to look back and be grouchy because the time is gone and I do not know where it went.  ;-)

Valentines Day!

For Valentine's Day this year, I got the kids each a set of paint pens and a pad of paper.  I forgot to get a picture of them opening their valentines that morning.  

Here are the Valentines that the kids took to their teachers.  Our printer was out of colored ink, so I had to improvise and hand-write all the notes.

These were the valentines Layton took to his MDO class.

The big kids had to make Valentines boxes for school.  They thought and thought about what they wanted to do.  Lincoln finally decided he wanted his to look like Olaf from the Frozen movie.  He was the really funny snowman.  Well, he didn't really want to help too much on it, so I will admit, I did most of it.

Hannah got the idea for hers off Pinterest but she completely did it by herself.  It turned out cute and is so HER!  I love it!

Layton didn't have to have one for his class, but because the other two were making theirs he decided he HAD to have one too!  He chose this Superman one.  I love the felt cape on the back!  I think I will be saving it for next year.  Maybe I can get out of having to make him another one.  ha!

The kids chose Fun Dip for their valentines for their class.  Here's how we made them a little more personal.

Lincoln's class had a chocolate fountain for their party!  I think it was a huge hit with the kids!

Hannah's class didn't really have a big party.  They had goodies and then someone brought mustaches for all the kids.  This is her class showing off their mustaches!

Kris took Hannah on their yearly daddy/daughter date that night.  We actually all met up at the movies that afternoon and watched The Nut Job first.   

The boys and I went to eat afterwards at Firehouse Subs--Lincoln's choice.

When I got to my car after the movie, I found this big canvas and a card waiting on me.  I love it! Kris loves biscuits and gravy and he said when he saw this he knew he had to get it.

Kris took Hannah to Sakura, a Japanese steakhouse for dinner and then to get her nails done.  He got her the sweetest card and a precious necklace that was a heart with a cross in it.  He told her it was a reminder for her.  "The heart in the necklace is to remind you how much your mom and I love you.  The cross in the middle is to remind you about how much Jesus loves you.  If you do nothing else in life but to love God, you will make your mom and I as proud as we could be."  What an awesome daddy and what a very lucky little girl.