Monday, April 30, 2012

Layton is 22 months!

Another month has flown by, Layt.  Your little personality is so big.  I see more and more of it every day.  You are hard to keep up with so these posts are so important to me.  They make me pause and reflect on all you have been up to the past month so I will never forget.  Here is all about you right now.

You like to be read to for the most part.  You usually won't sit for very long with me when I try to read to you though.  We read mostly at bedtimes. I plan to work on this with you this summer and especially next school year when it is just you and me at home all day.  Hannah is just your second mother.  You love her and just let her help you with things and do things with you.  Lincoln, on the other hand, not so much.  You and Lincoln do have a few moments here and there where you play well together.  I hope this improves soon!
Hannah was doing your hair for you one morning while getting ready for school.  She had already helped you brush your teeth.
Hannah likes to play with you.  A big reason for this may be because she can boss you around.  Here she has got you all tucked in with blankets and stuffed animals.  She came and got my phone so she could take your picture.
You play alone pretty well.  You have your moments where you need to be near me, but then other times you are content to play by yourself.  Sometimes I will catch you in the play room at the Lego table.
I still have to keep my eye on you pretty good though.  I know if it gets quiet in the house, I had better go see what you are up to.  One day this month I found you in Hannah's room by yourself.  You had found her markers and decided to write all over your legs (and the carpet too).  I don't know if you didn't like it when you realized what you had done or if you didn't like it when I scolded you.  You were very unhappy though.

You have learned to hit and for no reason too.  You are getting bad about just whacking Hannah or Lincoln out of the blue. :(

You have the cutest little walk that I ever did see I think and your run is even more fun to watch.  You think you can run so fast and love to do it.  This day you discovered how to pull your pants down.  One day at the park, you filled your diaper and when I looked at you, you said "poo poo" and pulled at your bottom.  One night before your bath I decided to sit you on the potty because I could tell you needed to go.  You sat for a while and we talked about going potty.  I really thought you were going to do it, but gave up when you started to fuss.  I didn't want to push you or make you get upset at this point.  So, I took you off and almost immediately you pooped on the floor.  Oh well.  You know when you need your diaper changed.  Sometimes when I ask you if you need your diaper changed, you say no and other times you run to your room to be changed.  I look forward to the day when I don't have to buy diapers.  We might try potty training this summer.  This is a big might.  I definitely won't push it, but it would be so nice if you caught on quick.
This has been the month of the fit throwing.  Oh my.  You are so much like your sister it is not even funny.  I can't remember now what this fit was about, but you were so mad.  I had to put you in time out.  This was really the first time I had done this and had to put you back on the mat several times because you wanted to get up.  You knew you were in trouble and didn't like it one bit.  You kicked and screamed and cried and rolled around for quite a while.

Bless your heart.  You don't like to be told no.  Of course, your favorite word to say is "no".  You can also say some other random words that I have forgotten to write down.  I will try to do better next month.  You are not talking a lot, but you are definitely trying to talk.  You are doing more jibber jabber than you used to too.
You like to make us laugh.  One night you were making this cheese face because it tickled Hannah and Lincoln so much.  You kept doing it over and over again.

You still LOVE to be outside.  You like to do what your Daddy is doing.  I guess every little boy likes to do this.  It is just so cute.  We put sod down in the back yard a couple of weeks ago and you were trying to help.  You found a plastic knife and were using it just like your Daddy was using a real knife to cut the sod to fit. :)
As for clothes, you are now in 24 months mostly but can wear a few 2T.  Your shoe size is a 6 and you are still in size 4 diapers.  I think your eyes may be changing too from blue to green.  You were in such a good mood for your monthly photo shoot, I got lots of cute smiley pictures.

Layton - 22 months

I love you so much Buddy!!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

A New Trick

The other night as I was getting ready to put the boys to bed, I saw Layton do this.  (Go through all the pictures.)

It was just so funny to me and shocked me that he is big enough to figure this out and do it all by himself.  I called Kris back so he could see him do it and we both just laughed.  It made me realize how big he is getting.  He is almost TWO!!!  Of course, he wanted to do it over and over again.

He would get stuck at this point and start calling me to come help him if I'm not in the room.  He was a bit afraid of dropping all the way to the floor.  I know it won't be long before he can do it himself though.
This new trick of his just got me thinking.  I LOVE watching my kids figuring something out or doing something new--all by themselves.  I love to watch their wheels turning and then see the look of pride in their eyes when they have that sense of accomplishment--like when they write their own story/book, hit or catch a ball really well, build something using their imagination, write a note to someone just because they want to, etc.  I know there will be more and more of these experiences as they grow.  What a blessing to watch these moments.  Thank you God!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


This is how I found Hannah Saturday night when I went to see if she had finished reading her Bible. :-)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter Pictures

I love to take pictures of my family all dressed up in their Easter attire.  I love to have everyone coordinate.  Just something that makes me happy.  Kris has learned to just roll with the punches on Easter morning!   Ha!  Orange was the color of choice this year.  Lincoln was being a little turkey, Layton was not interested, and Hannah was her sweet self.

Gotta love the face.

Thought I'd take a little walk down memory lane.  

Easter 2005
Hannah was so precious.  She was about 6 months here.  Loved that smocked bubble with the hat.
Easter 2006
Hannah was about 18 months.  Put some short blonde hair on her and she could be Layton.
Easter 2007
For some reason I don't have a picture of us all this year.  I am pretty sure that it was because we had to miss Easter Sunday because Hannah had an arthritis flair.  Lincoln would have been about 3 months and Hannah was 2 1/2.  I think this was her Easter dress I had picked out though.  Picture was taken a few weeks later.
Easter 2008
No family pic this year.  This was Lincoln at about 15 months.  I still have this outfit and Layton will be wearing it this summer--I hope.  
Hannah was 3 1/2 here.  This must have been after we got home from church because she has on her tool belt she got from Bible class.
Easter 2009
Orange again.  Hannah was 4 1/2 and Lincoln was a bit over 2.  Cuties.

 Easter 2010
I was about 27 weeks pregnant with Layton.  Hannah was 5 1/2 and Linc was 3.
 Easter 2011
Loved the plaid. :-)  Layton was 9 1/2 months, Hannah was 6 1/2, and Linc was 4.

I love my family!