Monday, October 28, 2013

Hannah's 9th Birthday!!

Hannah turned NINE on October 8th.  How can she be that old?  I wanted her to have a special day.  So, I did a few special things for her.  I wrote her a message on the bathroom mirror.

We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast, sang to her, and let her blow out one candle.

I took her picture to remember the day she turned nine.  She just looks so grown up and so beautiful.

In her lunch that day, I wrote her a special note and wrapped some zebra cakes with wrapping paper.  She didn't know I had done that, so it was a surprise to her to have a present to open at lunch among her friends.

After school we went to get ice cream at Baskin Robbins.

For supper, we went to Sakura, a Japanese restaurant.  All the kids love to go there!

I wanted to do those special things for my special girl!  I love her so so much!!

We officially celebrated with cake and presents the following weekend in Texarkana.  Wes was able to come home that weekend, so we just had her party at Mom and Dad's.  I made her a Lego Friends cake.  She is obsessed with Lego Friends.  She and her friend, Madison, down the street, spend hours playing Legos together!

Time to blow out the candles!  Picture overload coming up.  I just love capturing facial expressions on people and it is so hard for me to leave any picture out!  Facial expressions say so much about what a person is feeling and I just love that!!!

She had so much fun opening her presents!  Mimi got her a cute purse.  She takes it absolutely everywhere with her.

I love Layton's sweet face as he watches her open her gifts.

Mimi and Pappaw got her the big Lego Friends Vet set that she really wanted.  She was so excited and wanted to wait to put it together with Madison.  :-)

See what I mean about facial expressions?? Ha!  This was when she opened Uncle Wes' card.  There was $20 in it.

Oh my does she love her uncles!  Here she is saying thank you!!

Then she opened Uncle Jeff's card...


More money!!  Add this to all that she got from Grandma and Grandad, Uncle Les and Aunt Carol, and Aunt Mona and she has quite the stash.  She used some of it this last week to buy a couple of books at the school Book Fair.

Back to Uncle Jeff's card.  It mooed a couple of songs, I believe and she thought it was so funny!

Love the laughs!  Thank you Uncle Jeff!!

Her big present from us is coming soon.  We are redoing her room.  She is getting new furniture, bedding, paint, and everything.  But I had to get her a little something to open too. :)

I went to Justice and picked up several things.  She loved them all.  She likes Justice and has been begging me to go there.

She is a Rubber Band bracelet/necklace making girl now!  These things are all the rage, btw!!  They are the new silly bands.  Ha!

She has been begging me for some hand sanitizer from Justice for a while now.  Crazy how something so little can make a girl so happy?!

Big hugs for Pappaw and Mimi!


Oh Hannah, I do so wish you would slow down with your growing.  You are all too quickly turning into a preteen!  You are so special to your dad and I and we love you SO very much!!!