Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lincoln's 1st Trip to the ER

Well, about 2 weeks ago Lincoln took his first trip to the ER.  Kind of hard to believe that it was only his first seeing how much of a mess he has always been!  

Here's what happened.  I was in the kitchen working on supper.  I knew he was going into the office to get some paper to draw or craft with.  The next thing I hear is this awful crash!  I run down the hall and he comes running out of the office holding the side of his head!  Next, I see lots of blood come pouring out.  It was gushing.  He was screaming.  Surprisingly, I was quite calm--for me.  I usually don't handle this type of thing well, but I actually did for once.  I looked at his head and this is what I saw.

Warning:  This next picture is kind of gross!!  Here is a close-up.  I was pretty sure he was going to need stitches or something.  So, I called Kris.  He was actually on his way to a dinner meeting and had to come home.  When he finally got home, it had mostly quit bleeding and Lincoln had calmed down.  Of course, Kris being the cheapo that we all know him to be, had to run to Walgreens to see if he could get some Liquid Bandage to try to fix it himself.  The whole time I was begging him to just take him to the ER.  I had sent the picture to a couple of my nurse friends and they both kind of thought it would need something like stitches done to it.  Kris, after applying the glue, holding it together, and blowing for a minute or so, realized and admitted he needed to see a doctor when the cut completely opened back up when he let go.  So, off they went.  I believe this was around 8:00 p.m. or so.

Here is a picture of the bookcase/file cabinet that he pulled down on top of himself.  It was sitting on top of the bookshelf and I think he tried to climb it somehow to get to the paper at the top.  The corner of it must have landed on his head.

 They went to the ER out here in Saline County, so it actually didn't take as long as it might have in LR.  I think they were home around 10:30 or so.  He got 3 staples in his head.  Kris said he did pretty well.

He came home looking like this.  He slept in the bandage so he wouldn't bleed on his pillow.  He insisted on wearing it the next couple of nights as well even though he didn't need it.  He wanted to wear it to school the next day, but I put my foot down.  :-)  Think he liked the bandage.  He is such a mess.  I love this big brown eyed boy of mine!!!!

P.S.  We are getting the staples out tomorrow afternoon.  The cut has healed nicely I think.  However, I would imagine he will have a nice little scar.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Color Run!!!

Last Saturday morning some friends and I did our first Color Run!  We were all so excited about it.  It is a 5K where you get peppered with different colors along the way.  It benefits different organizations.  Little Rock's was the Little Rock Parks and Recreation.  It was a great morning for some outdoor fun.

Leanne and I got there a little before the other girls.  We had to get before the color pictures!

Check our our face tattoos!  I felt like a kid!  Ha!

Carrie, her sister-in-law Caroline, and Caroline's roommate joined us.  Here are Carrie, Leanne, and I waiting in line to get started.

At every kilometer there was a different color zone.  The first color was pink!  Here we are about to hit it!  The color is actually a powdery substance hence the big pink cloud!

Everybody after being blasted by pink color!!

Next, came blue!!

I had my phone and was snapping pictures kind of with my eyes closed going through the fog!

This one hit the face!!

After the blue zone!


 Yellow zone!  You went through with your hands raised and your eyes closed!  You even turned around and around if you wanted to!

After the yellow!

We stopped and posed for this picture along the way.

The last zone was orange.  By the time we got to this one, they were running out of color so they weren't able to squirt us too much.

So...  I had to have a little orange!  Hehe!!

Carrie picked up some color and threw it at Caroline.  It got in her eyes and kind of stung for a minute.

But she was still all smiles!

When you crossed the finish line, you were supposed to throw up the packet of color that they gave you in your race packet.  A couple of us had a green color and others had pink.  There were also purple and lime green too.  So, we added a little more color at the end.

Leanne and I stayed for a bit longer after the other girls left.  They did several more color throws that we got in on!

We laughed and laughed!  It was so much fun!

They were throwing out prizes and more color packets.  We were trying to grab all we could.  At one point, a girl near us through purple in my eye.  I did have time to close them though.  Ha!

Oh my!!  What a fun morning!  Glad I could do it with my friends!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Las Vegas Trip - Sunday

Sunday morning we woke up and went to Denny's for breakfast.  It was right next to our time share.  Then, we headed to church at Oakey Boulevard Church of Christ.  I like going to church while on vacation.  I think it is neat to see what other churches are like.  This was a very friendly congregation and we enjoyed our worship that morning.  I have to say, I was beginning to sort of be a little discouraged with "the world" in Vegas after all we'd seen on the Strip.  But seeing these Christians and how they have a passion for the lost in their city was very encouraging.

After church we decided to do a little more outlet shopping at another outlet mall and some more site seeing. We had to stop and have our picture taken at the Las Vegas sign.  I wish I would have gotten a picture of the couple being married by an Elvis impersonator as we were driving up.  Hilarious.

A few pictures of the Strip during the day.

We souvenir shopped and went to this four story M&M store.  Bought way too many M&Ms there.  We snacked around for lunch and then ate an early dinner at the Brand Steakhouse in the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino.  Kris had a steak and I had a yummy pasta dish.  Our next show, The Blue Man Group, was in this hotel.  They had a little preshow beforehand that we stood around and watched.  It involved a lot of lights and percussion.

Kris loved the show.  It was more up his alley than mine.  They were funny.  There was a lot of lights and music and silliness.

At the end, they let us take pictures.  They had toilet paper going everywhere.

Then they had these big balls that changed colors flying around the theater.  People were hitting them around.  Everyone went crazy.

After the show, we went back down to the strip and looked around a bit more.

We went into the Venetian Hotel and Casino.  It is known for its Grand Canal where you can take a gondola ride.  What was so cool about it was that the ceiling looked exactly like the sky--like you were outside.  It was neat.  It was supposed to make you feel like you were in Venice.

A picture of a fancy ceiling in the Venetian.

At this point, we were tired and had seen pretty much all we wanted to see.  The next morning we headed to the airport and got home around 6:00 p.m. on Monday night.  We had a great trip and I am very thankful we got to take it!!!