Monday, February 27, 2012

Layton is 20 months!

Layt, you are one busy bee.  You are such a momma's boy, and I love it!  You follow me around quite a bit.  However, when you aren't doing that, you can really play.  I love to catch you playing and just watch you (and take your picture).

You are such a good eater. It is nice to know that you will pretty much eat whatever we put in front of you--especially when your brother and sister are slightly more picky!  I know that this may not always be the case, but I am enjoying watching you enjoy your food!  Ha!  Here you are with Hannah and Linc one afternoon eating a popcorn snack together.
You haven't gotten into tv yet and I am okay with that!  You usually won't sit in front of the tv for long at all.
We got a little bit of snow one day this month and I had to let you check it out.  
You thought it was so neat!

You are saying a few more words, but still don't talk a lot.  You say "sticky" when your hands are sticky and you want me to clean you up.  You say "dog" when you see a dog.  You say "ball".  You say "Don't know?" and hold your hands out when you don't know where something is.  It is the cutest thing.  You say this a lot.  You say "bible" sometimes.

You are still super friendly to people.  You wave and give them the sweetest smile.  Lots of people comment on how cute you are.  You have the cutest walk with your little short legs.  I just love to watch you strut around.

When we are in the car and you see a white Suburban drive by that looks like your Daddy's, you start saying "Daddy Daddy!"  You think it is him and get so excited.  This is because one time it was him and you thought that was the coolest thing.

One of my favorite things about you right now is how you pat me on the back when I pick you up.  Sometimes you will rub me on the back.  Oh, this just melts my heart.  You are so loving and so sweet.  You still love to give me hugs.  You wrap your arms around me and lay your head on my shoulder. 

I ask you often if you are my buddy and you shake your head yes.  I am looking forward to being with just you all day next year.  We are really going to be best buddies, but we do need to find you a little buddy your own age to play with too!

When you want to go somewhere, you go find your shoes and hand them to me.  You love love to be outside.  You have gotten so brave at Rock Creek.  You can climb up the stairs and go to the next level up.  You are not scared.

At night, you love to get in Lincoln's bed and read a story.  When we are done and I tell Lincoln to pray, you have started folding your hands and bowing your head.  So cute.  At the dinner table, you always hold your hands out to your Daddy and I when we say it is time to say the prayer.  Most of the time you will hold them for a minute and then let go for a second and then grab them again.  One night, while you were holding our hands and Hannah was praying, I heard you say, "Yum!"  I peaked and saw you with your head down and mouth trying to eat your food all the while still holding our hands.  I looked at Kris and we both about burst out laughing!  

What else about you right now that I want to remember?  You still are in size 4 diapers.  You are wearing size 18 months clothes mostly, but are about to go up to 24 months.  I think your shoe size is about a 5.

You love your paci.  We made Lincoln throw his away at 18 months (mainly because the doctor advised it), but I just can't bear to do that to you yet.  I guess it is because you are my baby.  I try not to give it to you except at bedtimes or sometimes in the evenings before supper when you fall apart and I really need to cook supper.

You are a good little cleaner upper!  You will usually help put things up if I ask you to.  I picked you up from the nursery when we were in Texarkana recently and the teacher commented on how you helped her pick up the toys really without her even asking.  You are such a good boy!

Layton, you are so much fun and really are such a sweetheart!  We love you so so much!

Layton - 20 months

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sleepover at Emma's

A couple of weekends ago, Hannah went to her first sleepover.  It was for her friend Emma's 7th birthday.  She was so excited.  I took a couple of pictures of she and Emma when I dropped her off.
Her momma had decorated so cute!
I let Hannah take one of our smaller cameras so she could take pictures.  I knew she would be thrilled to do this.  I also thought it would be cute to see what she took pictures of.  Here are many of the pictures from the sleepover.  

Lucas and Will, Emma's little brothers
She is definitely her mother's daughter, taking pictures of the decor!  Ha!

There were just 4 little girls there.  This is Ella.
Emma, the birthday girl.
I think they had a blast playing Just Dance on the Wii!  Wish I could have seen them!

Cutest picture!

She came home telling me that she had Hannah Montana cupcakes!
They decorated pillowcases!  This was an awesome idea!  

Hannah loves her pillowcase.  She said it would help her remember her friend, Emma, after she moves this summer.  Sniff sniff.

We are so sad that Emma and her family may be moving soon.  They have been the sweetest little friends ever since they were born!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Our Valentine's officially started on Saturday afternoon when Kris and Hannah went on their special date.  He took her to see the new Chipmunk movie, to eat at Sakura (a Japanese Steakhouse that she loves), to the Dollar Jewelry store where she got a necklace and bracelet (she wanted to do this), and to Target to buy a movie (Peter Pan).  Think she has her Daddy wrapped around her little finger?  I'd say, yep. :-)

The boys and I met Uncle Jeff at Larry's Pizza for our own night of food and fun!
Layton loved the Ski Ball.  He didn't want to put the ball down.
Monday I made Cupid Crunch.  It is popcorn, Valentine M&Ms, peanuts, and Valentine candy corn covered in vanilla almond bark.  It was yummy!
This morning I made heart-shaped cinnamon rolls out of crescent rolls.  It was easy and the kids loved them!

We actually all got ready in time this morning to take a few pictures.  I had a hard time getting everybody to cooperate, but I got a few cute ones.

This one is so cute with Layton pinching Lincoln's nose.

This was the best picture that Lincoln took of Hannah and I.

I went to Lincoln's school party this morning.  They had a great time.  They started off by eating cupcakes.
They passed out their Valentines to their friends.
They played some super cute games.  This one was adorable and everyone loved it--especially all the parents and Ms. Stacey.  There were donuts spaced out along a string.  The kids had to put their hands behind their backs or in their pockets and try to be the first one to eat their donut.  They had a blast with this game!

Next, they had to carry a conversation heart on a popsicle stick over to a bucket without dropping it.
Then, one Mom threw a bunch of different colored paper hearts all around the room while the kids had their eyes closed.  Then, she told each child to go get two of a certain color heart.  They all had a letter of the alphabet written on them.  So, the kids had to work together to spell out the whole alphabet on the floor.  They all really got into this game too.

Finally, they were each given a conversation heart and told to lick off the writing as fast as they could so they could get a goody bag.  It was cute!
Lincoln licking his heart!
After school we came home and had heart shaped sandwiches for lunch.
This afternoon I worked on decorating heart-shaped sugar cookies for the kids to have as a snack when Hannah got home.  I had fun doing this and they were yummy.

Layton took about 2 bites of his and Lincoln maybe took three.  Hannah didn't want any because she wanted to eat some candy out of all the goodies she got at school.  Oh well.  Don't think I will go to so much trouble next year.
Hannah had a fun day at school.  I didn't go to her class party.  They made Sundaes.  She got lots of Valentines from her classmates.  She even got a special Valentine of a stuffed puppy and some Russel Stover Chocolates from one little boy in her class!  Yikes!!  I don't think she really knew what to think about it.  She said it was weird and giggled.  :)
I put together this table full of goodies for Kris.  Kind of cheesy, but hopefully he got the point.
Kris opened up the gummy bears as soon as he got home and then left the kitchen.  A few minutes later, I looked over at the table and found this little munchkin chowing down on some gummy bears.  He is such a cute little mess!!!
We had breakfast for dinner tonight.  I wanted to make heart-shaped pancakes to carry on the heart-shaped theme for today, so Kris actually made them for me.
 We had pancakes, scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, and bacon.  Delicious!
 I got some beautiful flowers and some chocolates from my Valentine!
 What a great day!!!  Happy Valentine's Day!!!!