Tuesday, August 26, 2014

4th of July!!

We had the BEST 4th of July weekend this year!  It was soooo much fun!

Before we headed to Texarkana, PV had its annual Fourth of July Picnic at Burns Park.  The kids had an absolute blast.

I think this is the cutest picture!  These kids were loving that slide.

That weekend we went to Texarkana.  We had a big Luau at my Aunt Rosemary's.  We took a lot of family pictures because almost everyone was there.

My cousins, Casey and Tyler.

My mom with her siblings.  Wonderful people.


My Uncle Dave and Aunt Betty Lynn with Mikayla.

My cousin Jolie and her husband Derek with their four kids, Tristen, Hayden, Jaxon, and Addison.

My Aunt Bet with Uncle Bobby and their kids Amy and Jay and grandkids, Anna-Blair, Whitt, and Hayes.

Aunt Suz with Uncle Mark, Ali, Casey, and Tyler.

Aunt Suz really got into the Luau.

My cousin Linzi with her husband Ben and their kids, Elison, Emory, and Eden.

Sweet Eden.

Emory was so fun to watch.  She has lots of personality!

My cousin Shawn with his wife, Brenda and their kids, Eric and Alex.

Alex.  We like fat babies. :-)

After all the picture taking, we ate burgers and watched the kids swim.

Mr. Fearless.

We are blessed to have a talented musician in the family.  Amy's husband Josh is an excellent piano player and singer and he entertained us with some great tunes!

My aunts and mom are rocking to the music of "Brown-Eyed Girl" here.  They are so fun!

I'm not sure whose idea it was to play these coconut games but they were hysterical!!!  We all just laughed and laughed at each other.  That is one thing I love about this family, we like to laugh.

In the first game, Kris and I went up against Jolie and Derek.  We had to take the coconut and put it between us and some how roll it up our bodies without using our hands.  It was hard.  I was laughing so hard I couldn't do much of anything and Kris was too busy being silly and making everyone else laugh that we didn't get very far.

The other coconut game was where we all got in a big line and had to pass the coconut between each other at our necks, again using no hands.

Oh we laughed and laughed!

Found this a bit later.  Worn out.

Such a fun, fun day with crazy family!!!

The next day Uncle Wes and Uncle Jeff went and got some fireworks for later that night.  The boys were eager to know what they got.

Mimi's little pea-sheller.  He loves to help. Sweet boy.

The project for this trip home (cause there usually has to be one) was to power wash the house.  It did need it very badly and the guys really did not mind doing it.  For real.  Just look at the fun they had.


That night it was fireworks time.

They love their uncles and they are so good to them!

Best 4th of July ever!!!