Friday, February 14, 2014

To my Dad, my first Valentine


I remember as a little girl you getting me a box of candy for Valentines Day and one year I remember this glass box thing that had flowers in it with a little note on it.  It really did make me feel special and I appreciated it so much.  You were my first Valentine, someone that I have always looked up to and loved so very much.

There are so many things I love about you.

I love how emotional you are.  You cry easily and it has always shown me that you feel--deeply.  Sometimes that is hard for men to do, but I feel really blessed that my dad showed me that he can feel.  I couldn't believe when you got up to speak at Mammaw's funeral.  You got through it and the things you said meant so much to me.  I loved hearing you talk about Mammaw and Pappaw and how much they taught you.  I could easily see your love for them as well as your love for me and Wes and Jeff.

You are one of the best people that I know.  You love the Lord.  You love His Word. You love and respect others no matter what.  You give people the benefit of the doubt.  You are honest, hardworking, loyal, a good friend, dependable, and caring.  People respect you and admire you and that makes me so proud.

You have always been someone I can talk to.  You listen, try to help me, and give me advice and encouragement.  You open my eyes to certain things like being too judgmental of people, looking for the good in people, giving people chances, and doing the right thing.

You are a hard worker and taught me to be.  You work hard at everything you do.  You don't give up on things.  This has been such an example to me.

You are faithful.  I have to say that this has probably been the most impacting thing about you.  Dad, I want to say that I am sorry for not accepting you as my brother in Christ all these years.  I remember when I was younger praying and praying and begging God to change you and make you "see the truth."  I would say that I had prayed that for around 20 years or more.  I grew up with it hurting my heart greatly.  Even though the church didn't accept you, you continued to go year after year.  You were faithful even though you felt judged and rejected.

I believe that I am the person I am today largely because of the legacies passed down from my grandparents through you and mom.  That really hit me as you were talking at Mammaw's funeral.  I am 37 years old and have been away from home for over 15 years.  I have been faithful to attend church and have been very involved.  I have had time to develop my own faith.  It is a faith that is still growing.  I have been very convicted over the last several years that who am I to tell you (or anyone else) that you are not a Christian?  Why have I spent so many years begging God to change you?  What I have realized is that God has changed me.  He has allowed me to realize that He is the one and only judge of a man's heart.  I can see parts of someone's heart by the things that they say and do, but I can't truly know it like God can.  All I know is what I see.

In you, Dad, I see love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control.  You have those fruits of the Spirit so how in the world can I say you don't have the Spirit?

Through you, Dad, I have seen God's faithfulness.  I wish I could have been at home last week to get to hear one of the elders welcome you as a brother in Christ.  God has answered my prayers from all those years ago.  It came with HIS timing and in HIS way.  He was faithful.  I can't tell you what this has done for MY faith.

I know this is very personal, but I wanted to put it on my blog because this blog is very personal to me.  I hope that my kids can read it one day and know just a little piece of the legacy of you, Dad.

I love you!!


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Lincoln's Birthday Party

For Lincoln's party this year, we decided to let him take a few friends to the Lego Movie since it was due to come out a couple weeks after his actual birthday.  We were supposed to take the boys on Friday night but we got some snow and decided to push it to Sunday afternoon.  

Jack and Jackson rode home with us from church and then the other Jack's mom brought him over after their church.  We had pizza for lunch.

I love all these boys and am so glad that Lincoln has each one of them as a friend!

Jack L.


Jack V.

I tried my hand at cake balls--Lego style.  They turned out so cute!

I let all the kids draw faces on their own!

After presents, we headed to the movie.  They were beyond excited!  The movie was SO good with such a good message.

They had a blast!!!  Kris and I were worn out!  ha!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Blue & Gold Banquet

 Last week Lincoln had his Blue and Gold Banquet for Scouts.  We all went.  Outback catered it and we had some very interesting entertainment.  It was a circus themed night.

After the entertainment and meal, the boys got their awards.  Lincoln and his little den all got their next badge, the wolf badge.

After getting their awards, they had to walk across this bridge.

This was Hannah and Layton while all this was going on.

I really think scouts is good for Lincoln (and for Kris).  I hope they keep at it!