Tuesday, September 17, 2013

This & That

I have some random pictures of this and that to share.  They are just of our everyday happenings.  Life is so busy.  The days fly by and I wonder what I have done all day.  Well, here are a few things.

I have smiled at my boys in their new matching hats.  Mimi took the kids shopping when they were there last and Lincoln picked out this hat.  He fell in love with it and wore it constantly.  It was actually a little bit small for him, so we went and got one more his size.  That left Layton with the other one.  They wore them to church a few Sundays ago and got lots of compliments.

I have melted when Layton comes and kisses on me while I am on the computer in the office.  Lately he has taken to going and getting a brush and brushing my hair too.  I LOVE to have my hair played with.  I love that he loves me and wants to show me his love.

I have laughed at my silly husband as he has created a new character to use at church to teach the kids in Faith in Action.  He is Phil the Barber (a Philistine).  He taught a lesson called "Samson Chooses the Wrong Friends" about Samson and Delilah.  He cut Samson's hair as he was telling the story.


I have enjoyed a wonderful weekend of shopping, eating, and talking with my mom, all her sisters, and all their daughters (my cousins).  I love all these ladies so much.  I caught Aunt Bet making a hilarious face.  We had the best laugh from it though!  They are all so fun!

I have seen the kids grow so much through swimming this summer.  This was taken on our last trip to the pool.  I have loved every minute of watching them and making these memories with them.

Lately I have been praying a lot for this sweet girl.  We have had a rough few weeks.  I have just about decided she is already hitting that pre-teen stage.  One minute she can be so calm, kind, and happy (like in the picture below) and the next she is yelling and angry.  It has been hard.  

I have been so thankful for some of the friendships we have.  We had the Harris family over for dinner one night.  The kids had so much fun together.  Kris and Tremayne are such buddies and I was able to chat with Keisha and get to know her better.  She quit her job as a nurse a while back to be able to be home and available for the kids.  But she has been struggling a bit knowing how to use all her free time and not be bored.  We talked about some things that I hope will be helpful to her.  She really doesn't have all the mommy friends that I do that all stay home.  That is not really a common thing in the African American culture.  Hearing her talk made me appreciate all the friendships that I have had over the years as I have stayed home.

I have watched the kids experience new things.  Lincoln joined the Cub Scouts.  I am so excited for him and all that he will learn and do!  I really believe that it will be right up his alley.  We went to the Boy Scout Store to get his uniform the other day and they had several booths set up from area troops showing some of the things that the Scouts get to do.  He loved all of them!

I have gotten sentimental watching Hannah practice piano on the piano that I learned on.  She started lessons last week.  I have always thought she was musically inclined and I really hope she runs with this.

I have been blessed. Sometimes in the busyness of life I forget this too easily.  I love my little family.  Yes, we have our share of problems and struggles and some days I just don't know how to handle them or what I am going to do.  But then I am reminded that I have God.  He is the giver of all these blessings and he is present.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Layton's First Day of MDO

Layton started Mother's Day Out last Thursday.  He only goes on Thursdays from 9:30 to 2:30.  I never did MDO with the other kids, but I am really glad to have it this go around.  I love every moment with my boy, but a little break once a week is heavenly.  

I think he had mixed feelings about going to "school."  One minute he'd say he wanted to go and the next he'd say he didn't.  We went the week before to meet the teachers and see his room.  He was definitely nervous, but when we got there, he immediately went in and started playing.  When it was time to go, he didn't want to leave.  So, I knew he would be fine.

The morning of his first day, he was a little wishy-washy about it.  He was happy to get to hold a sign like Hannah and Lincoln did for their first days of school.  He had a huge boo boo on his nose from a bad fall at baseball practice a couple of nights before.  :(  

He walked right in again like a big boy.  I had to remind him to give me a kiss.  He planted the biggest, longest kiss on my lips before running back in the room and starting to play.  I was so proud of him.  He had a great day, was happy, and did great at rest time.  I had a good day myself.  I had a meeting with Kelly and Kristi about our new PV MOMs Bible Study that started this week, had lunch with Carrie and Leanne, and got groceries.  I can't remember the last time I had lunch with friends in the middle of the day with no kids around.  It was so nice!!

My little guy is really growing up.  He talks so big and is a big talker!!!  Right now he is into asking me if God made certain things.  Most of the time this is in the car.  He'll say, "Mom, God made trees?  God made roads?  God made treats?  God made the sun?"  I have to explain to him if it is something that man has made.  His little mind is working and I love that.  He just has the sweetest personality.  He is so loving and kind-hearted.  He is quick to say he's sorry if he realizes he's done something he shouldn't have.  He'll say "I sorry I do dat Mom."  He is good at saying thank you too.

One morning the big kids were waiting for their ride to school out at the driveway (A neighbor friend is taking them to school and I pick up her 3 kids.), while they were getting in the car, Layton yells, "Bye Hannah and Lincoln. I love you!"  Melted my heart.  He is always ready to go pick them up as soon as he wakes up from his nap even if it is not quite time.

He loves on me when I tuck him into bed.  I get really close to his face and will sing him a couple of songs.  He will stroke my face or my hair and just look at me and sing.  He has no problem holding my hand as we walk into places.  This was always a battle with my other two--so I notice it with him.  He is such a precious, precious gift.  I got choked up yesterday while talking to Kris about him.  God knew what I needed when he blessed me with this little guy!!!!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

First Day of School 2013!

My poor blog.  It is so neglected.  The last 2 1/2 weeks since school started have flown by!!  Hannah and Lincoln started school on Monday, August 19th.  I can't believe we have a 3rd grader and a 1st grader!!!  Here are the usual "first day of school" pictures with a little help this year from Pinterest.  :-)  Of course, Layton has to get in on the action too.

A few days before we went to Open House to meet their teachers.  Lincoln has Mrs. Smith this year.  I love this picture of him.  Such a handsome dude.  He has had a couple of not-so-good days where he has had his card written on.  He has gotten in trouble for playing and talking when he is supposed to be in a center writing.  Well, he does not like to write--at all, so he is easily distracted and gets himself into a bit of trouble.  We are working on it, though, and I know he will be fine.  Lincoln doesn't care too much for school he tells me, except for recess.  I have been working with him at home on his letter and number writing.  He still gets a few backwards.  He absolutely HATES to do this, so we have had some hard afternoons.  BUT I know it is helping, so I have started rewarding him with candy (his favorite thing) and it is making it more bearable for both of us!

Hannah has Mrs. Denker this year.  She really likes her.  She seems to be doing well and is learning all kinds of things.  Her spelling words are noticeably harder this year and she is learning how to add double and triple digit numbers as well as getting into multiplication and division.  She loves to check out Mrs. Denker's book collection and is always reading a book that she has borrowed from her.  I am glad she likes to read so much!  She is just growing up!!  She is fixing her own hair most days unless she needs help with a high pony tail.  :-)  She has started picking out her own clothes the night before.  This has helped in the last week to avoid fights about clothes.  (Yes, we have had them.)  I am working on letting go, but it is hard.  Ha!

The first day of school this year was a little different.  They actually had us drop the kids off at the gym instead of walking them to their classrooms.  So, I didn't get to take a picture of them sitting at their desk.  Here they are in the gym!

I can tell this year is going to be fun, interesting and probably challenging!  I just pray that God will give Hannah and Lincoln the things that they need to be able to learn, grow, and have fun too!  And I pray that God will help me to know how to teach them to be the kind of people that He wants them to be!!!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Science Experiment

The kids and I did a little science experiment during our summer.  It was on our to do list.  We did the Mentos/Diet Coke experiment.  The kids were excited to do it.  They put on their goggles (thank you Lowe's Build and Grow Workshops) and were all set.  Lincoln started us off by dropping the mentos in the bottle first.

Then, he ran!!!  The other kids were watching from across the street.  It immediately started to erupt.

Kris had the kit for the car that goes with this experiment.  So, next we used it.  Lincoln helped put it together.

By this time some of the neighborhood kids started to come outside to watch.

Off it went!

Hannah's turn.

Layton had to taste the minty coke when we were done.

He was so funny.  He decided he was going to do it too.

I was sitting right next to him to help him and before I knew it he had dropped the mentos in and the coke began shooting out!  It got all over his face!  He didn't care.  He loved it!  Ha!

I tried to talk to them about the reaction and why it happens.  Don't know if they got it or not, but they enjoyed the experiment!