Monday, November 9, 2015

September Stuff

Lots of random happenings in the month of September.  It was a busy month!

Thanks to Kris' boss, we scored tickets to the Razorback game in Little Rock.  The weather was great and we had a fun time!  We only had 4 tickets so Hannah stayed home with a friend and enjoyed that immensely!  Win for everyone (except the Hogs)!

Me and my boys!

I took Lincoln to practice some tennis one Sunday afternoon, just he and I.  He had such a great attitude and played hard that I treated him to a little icee afterwards.

Our church had a packing party one Sunday evening.  It was the first time we had gotten to do this and it was so much fun!  We packed over 50,000 meals in a short period of time working together in teams packing rice dishes.  They played loud, fun music as we worked.  Everyone seemed to have an absolute blast!  And we all looked fabulous in our hats! ;)

Our Life Group plus a few other friends.

My team!

Lincoln playing a tennis game.  It has been different this year.  He plays doubles because they have so many kids involved this time and only so many courts.  His partner is different everytime.  His serve is really good even with moving back farther this year, having a bigger court size, and having to serve it to a certain area (like real tennis).  They also are playing using normal scoring vs just going to 7 points last year,

Lincoln and Jack playing together.

They won their match that night!

Lincoln has to read at least 20 minutes every night.  I found him like this one night.  He wears that Goofy hat ALL THE TIME!  He is enjoying all the "Who was..." books as well as "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" right now.

We had dinner one night at the Landrums.  After dinner they broke out the Jelly Belly BeanBoozled game and we all had some great laughs at their faces when they tasted some nasty jelly beans like Rotten Egg flavor, Canned Dog Food, and Booger.  Need to do this game with my family over Christmas!!!

I am especially enjoying the Bible Story part of my preschool day.  I love coming up with ways to tell the story.  C week was the story of Creation.  This is what I used to tell it.  The kids really seemed to be interested in it and listened well.

I am enjoying my Tuesday morning Women's Bible Study.  I am so glad that things worked out and I am still able to attend it!  It is a highlight of my week for sure.  We are studing Linda Smith's newest study called "Forever Faithful:  Who God is and Why it Matters."  She takes 4 lessons and goes through the entire bible.  I loved this because I am really into the Old Testament right now in my daily Bible reading and trying to piece things together especially about all the prophecies.  Something else Linda is doing each week is highlighting one of the older women in our church and honoring them by telling about their lives and how they have served the Lord.  She asked me to get to know one of these women, Hazel Cook.  So, I went and visited with she and her sweet husband, Dawson.  What a treat.  They were the cutest couple ever.  I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them.  I was super nervous about standing and talking in front of all the women there, but I did it and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. :-)

Lincoln is REALLY into drawing right now.  I found the picture on the left on the back of one of his work papers from school.  I asked him who it was and he told me that it was Dr. Seuss.  He was reading a book about him and looked at his picture and drew him.  I LOVE it!!!!

My Hannah.  That girl.  One night at Life Group Hannah prepared a little lesson that she was going to do with the littlest kids.  She chose Cain and Abel.  This is how I found them when I peeked in her room.  They were listening to her and answering her questions.  Can't even say how proud it made me.

Some nights the kids play in the back yard during the adult time at Life Group.  Karly loves Dash.

I took Lincoln to watch Bryant High School vs Benton High School play tennis one afternoon.  We cheered on the Benton team since we play through the Benton Parks and Rec.

Hannah decided to run for Student Council Reporter this year.  She made her own posters.  She came up with the idea for them completely by herself.  I loved them!

She also completely wrote her own speech this year.  Last year, I helped her some because she had never done anything like it before.  She did a great job of delivering it and won again this year!!  She is really growing up!!

Layton had to bring his favorite book to school and dress like a character in the book.  We did the same book that I used for Lincoln years ago Sloppy Joe.  What a cutie!

Had to include Lincoln's picture here too!

The kids had Nerd Day at school one day.


1st Days at First Southern

September 8th was Layton's first day of his last year of preschool.  We decided to not send him on to Kindergarten this year even though age wise he could have gone.  It wasn't an easy decision at all.  He was 5 on June 21st.  He did Pre-K 4 last year and his teacher said he was ready to go to Kindergarten.  I don't doubt that he would have been fine if he'd gone.  However, he is small for his age, a boy, and my baby--all reasons for the decision.  Just about everyone I talked to made the comment that we would never regret it.  I don't think we will.

Things really worked out when I got a job at First Southern as their Music Teacher.  So, I signed Layton up there.  They have the perfect class for him.  It is a 5 year old class full of other kids that have similar late birthdays.  He is getting to do Pre-K 4 again, but with a different teacher and different curriculum.

His class!

I forgot to take a picture of me on my first day.  Kris sent me flowers up to the school which was totally unexpected and made my day.  He can be so thoughtful.  

I am really enjoying school.  I think it was a great fit for Layton and I this year and I am thankful!