Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Layton is 21 months!

Layton, you are another month old!  It is getting so close to your 2nd birthday!!  I can't believe it!  You are at such a fun, cute age.  It is that age right before the terrible twos really hit, if they are going to.  You are such a boy, into everything, still climbing on everything, loving balls, cars, and being outside, curious, full of energy, and quite the sweetie.  I just love you!!

I love how you will say "Don't know?" when you want your pacy.  If I hear you walking around saying this and kind of whining, I know you want it.  Usually you are tired or unhappy about something if this happens.  It is cute though.

You say "No" to me or shake your head no sometimes, but you usually mind pretty well.  I am really trying to stay on you about minding.

You love shoes.  You have started saying "shoes on?" every time I am dressing you and you will head for the closet if you can wiggle away from me because you want to get to your shoes!  Ha!

You are really into putting Lincoln's Lego man heads and other small Lego pieces into your mouth.  You know exactly what you are doing too because many times I just have to give you a look and you will spit them out!  Ha!  I have started spanking you when I catch them in your mouth, though.  I don't want you to choke!!

You love to read your bible.

You love pretty much any of your brother's and sister's toys you can get your hands on.

You and Hannah seem to have a special little relationship and I just love it!  She is amazing with you.  I found you both like this one night (and have several times since) on Hannah's bed.  She was reading her bible and so were you!
You are still keeping me on my toes!  Your newest climbing place is the coffee table in the living room.  Mess I tell ya!

You also love to go up and down any steps you can find or just any place where you can step up like a curb or a big rock.  You just love to climb!  It cracks me up how you will head straight over to any place that you can step up on something.
You are still eating great.  I really wonder if we have another lefty on our hands.  You really love any kind of fruit especially strawberries and blueberries.  You love goldfish crackers, popcorn, chips. chicken, potatoes, green beans, broccoli, okra, eggs, and your milk.  You have had a little juice this month and really like it.  I don't give it to you often.  You call any drink "Maa" for milk.
You went to your first 3D movie last week, The Lorax, and did amazing!  You were pretty into it for about an hour.  I thought this was awesome considering you aren't into tv yet.  You were so cute in your 3D glasses and booster seat at the movies!
You are getting attached to your stuffed puppy dog that sings.  It was the one thing that I have always laid beside you in your bed since you were a baby.  Now you ask for it and want it when it gets time for bed.  You are still a great sleeper.  Your bedtime is 8 p.m. and you sleep till 6:30 a.m.  You still wake up on occasion and want a drink of milk, so I take you to the frig and you get a drink and then go right back to sleep.  Guess you just get thirsty!  You mostly take one nap a day around 1:30 to about 3:00 or so.

You love to take baths and still get very excited when it is time for one!  I love how you show your excitement!  The other day I was telling you that we were going to go to Grandma and Grandad's and you would immediately fly both arms straight up above your head and say "Yeah!"  Sometimes you will swing your arms and clap your hands when you are excited about something.  It is so stinkin cute!

You still love balls and cars the most.  You call cars "beep beeps".  

I love watching you grow every day, Buddy.  That precious little blonde head of yours is a ray of sunshine to my days!  I am so thankful to God that you are in my life!

Layton - 21 months

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wye Mountain 2012

This may be picture overload here, but I really did narrow them down.  This is mainly for the grandparents and for me to have hopefully one day when I get this blog printed out!!!

We went to Wye Mountain 2 weekends ago.  We go every year and the last 2 Kris has gotten to go with us. It is quite challenging to try to get a family picture of all 5 of us.  We use our tripod and it is hit or miss.  This year was a lot harder than last because Layton is older and much more active!  Anyway, I think we got some pretty good ones.  Enjoy!!

Smelling the flowers!

Hannah took this one of Kris and I!
After we got all the shots I wanted, they were able to be silly!

One of my favorites!

 Another one of my favorites!