Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas at Aunt Suz's

We had our Christmas get-together with Mom's side of the family on Friday after Christmas.  They are a fun family.  I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it might be something they would enjoy.  I think they had fun with it!

Mom and Aunt Suz.


Ali, Ellie, and Emory.

Emory and Hannah.

Addi and Hannah.

Weirdo and me.

Hannah and Jaxon.

Hannah, Hadyn, and Addi.

Addi, Hannah, Layton, and Jaxon.

Addi, Alex, Hayden, Eric, and Lincoln.

Aunt Suz, me, Jolie, and Ali.

Ali and Hayden.

My three.

Casey, Aunt Suz, Tyler, Ali, and Uncle Mark.

The Sisters--as they are known.  Aunt, Rosie, Mom, Aunt Bet, and Aunt Suz.

Uncle Bobby and Aunt Bet.  I couldn't resist this one.  ha!

Kinda couldn't believe my Dad actually took a picture!

Me and my crazy family.  :-)

I love it when all the cousins get to be together.

Crazy photo bomber.

My cousins Linzi, Ali, Amy, and Jolie.  Fun fun girls.  Love them!

Always enjoy spending time with family!!!

Chrismas at Mimi and Pappaw's

 After opening our presents Christmas morning, we got loaded up and drove to Texarkana.  We had Christmas with my family that night.

The kids got everybody a little something that they picked out.  This was Wes' reaction to his keychain flashlight.  ha!

We made both Kris' mom and my mom one of these plates.  They said "There's No Place Like Home...Except Mimi & Pappaw's/Grandma & Grandad's.  We all had a hand in painting them.

From one of my boys.  :-)

Layton watching Pappaw open his gift.

LOVE this picture.

Linc really enjoyed this Rock and Gem Dig.

The Knex were a hit too.

I guess he needed some more light.

He made all kinds of things while we were there.  The kids and I stayed until Thursday of the next week.

We celebrated my birthday with my request, Honeybun cake.  Delicious.

Hannah got on a newspaper writing kick.  I lost track of how many she wrote.

The weather was not very cooperative.  It was cold and rainy most days.  We did get out on the four wheeler a couple of times.

I got to go shopping by myself and then also once with Hannah and I read these four books in the week that I was there.

I loved every single one of them.  I am fascinated by Louis Zamperini.  I read "Unbroken" a while back and got to see the movie while we were home as well.  His story is amazing!!  I can't wait until Hannah is a little bit older and she gets to read Sadie's book.  Her advice is so so good.  She is an unbelievable girl.  "The Giver" was interesting and thought-provoking.  "The Aviator's Wife" was intriguing to me.  Since reading "Unbroken" I have become pretty fascinated with anything in the WW2 era.  Charles Lindbergh was a very interesting person.  Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed my book reading while there.  Thanks Mom and Dad for a wonderful Christmas and for just allowing me the time to read!!