Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hanging Around the Farm

Two weekends ago, the kids and I went back home to see Mimi and Pappaw while Kris went to KC to help out there.  It had been a week since Dad's accident and this is what his poor leg looked like.

That contraption was somehow put through his bones I guess to hold his ankle together and help the bones to begin to grow back??  He is still waiting to have surgery to fix everything.  He gets around the house with a wheelchair borrowed from the church, but spends most of his time in his recliner.  I know he and Mom both will be glad when he is back at it!  It has been hard seeing Lyle and then my own dad down.  I don't like this one bit, but I am just so thankful they are both alright.

I was in a picture taking mood while I was there.  They have so much wild life around the farm.  I love to see it.  My parents love birds and have several bird feeders around.

Dash loves to be on the farm.  I know he loves the freedom.  He would probably love to be there all the time, but I, selfishly, just can't bear to part with him right now.

Jeff came home too to work on that barn roof that Dad didn't get to finish.  He was bound and determined to figure out how to do it safely.  He bought a tool belt and rigged up something where he was able to tie himself off to keep from falling.

He is such a hard worker.  He and Wes both amaze me at their abilities to do things like this.  They were lucky to have a Dad to watch and were blessed with that kind of mind, I guess.  Amazes me.  Wes came home too on Saturday afternoon and he got out and helped Jeff finish up one whole side of the roof.  Dad spent much of this time sitting in his wheelchair by the back doors with his binoculars watching them.  Cracked Mom and I up.  I am kicking myself for not taking his picture.  :)

The kids had a lot of fun playing in Pappaw's barn.  Layton fell in some mud (and probably a little cow manure mixed in there too) and got filthy, but he didn't care.

Hay fight!!!

These little monkeys climbed all over the place.

Total monkey!

Then, they decided they'd wash themselves off and got into the water hose.

Fun times hanging around the farm.  Lots to see and do.  I enjoyed Mom's cooking so much.  She made a yummy Strawberry Pie.  Always so good to be home.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Easter 2013

We dyed eggs twice for Easter this year.  The kids love boiled eggs (except Layton).

The Easter bunny brought lots of good stuff in their Easter baskets!

As I do every year, I tried to get some good pics of the kids in their Easter clothes.

Best one I could get of Layt.  He was being a bit silly.

Family pics.  This one is okay, but a little off center.  

Little bit better. :-)

That afternoon we finally were able to have an Easter egg hunt.  We didn't get to go to the church hunt/picnic this year because Layton had fever that day for some reason.  I know it was a lot of fun.  I hate we missed it, but we had our own fun at home.  The kids hunted for eggs in the front yard and loved it--especially Layton!

Checking out what was in their eggs.  I filled the eggs with either candy, change, or notes.

Some of the notes were for a Sonic drink of their choice or 30 minutes of LeapPad time or staying up 30 minutes past bedtime.

Kris was explaining to Layton what his note said.  He was listening very intently.

He got 10 kisses from Momma!  Ha!

Fun times!!  The kids all said they loved the way we did this hunt (the notes were a hit).  So, I think this one may be a new tradition!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring Break!

Our Spring Break this year was spent visiting both sets of Grandparents.  The first weekend we went to Texarkana.  We pretty much just relaxed and played.

Beautiful flower in one of mom's flowerbeds.  Couldn't resist taking its' picture.

This is the barn that my dad was working on--and the one that he ended up falling off the roof of a week ago today!  He shattered an ankle and will have to have surgery on it in a few more weeks.  I had the worst feeling about that roof.  I distinctly remember telling my dad to be careful that weekend we were there and he was talking about eventually having to do the roof.  Sure enough.  Bless.His.Heart. (and my moms!)

While he was working on the barn, he let Hannah and Lincoln have some nails and scrap wood to play with.  They spent I don't know how long in the barn hammering away.

About to go four-wheeler riding.  Layton LOVES the "fourwha".  He talks about it all the time.

The kids and I stayed in Texarkana till Wednesday.  We came home and left again Thursday afternoon to drive to KC to see Grandma and Grandad.  Grandad was doing SO much better.  He was walking around the house with a cane and has really improved since.  He has actually been able to get out into the field and walk around with his cane as well and is not even using the cane much in the house anymore.  We are so thankful!

Grandma set up a little indoor Easter egg hunt for the kids.  She was explaining what they were going to do.

It was really cold while we were there, but the kids wanted to get outside so we bundled them up and Kris took them all for a quick ride on the tractor.  Layton was begging to go!

Hannah and the kitty cat she loves so much!

Grandad's new dog, Clyde, was determined to get that cat!

This is a picture of Grandad's barn after the roof fell in due to heavy snow a few weeks prior.  Seriously, that was all they needed.  Ugh!

Happy boy!

Linc's turn to drive!

And finally Hannah's!

Saturday night it started snowing and snowed most of the night.  So, church was cancelled the next morning and so we decided to get out and play for a bit.

Lincoln and Hannah lasted about 5 minutes (for real) and they were done.  They don't like the cold.  Layton and I stayed out and made a snowman though!

We had great visits was both sets of grandparents.  Wish we got to see them all more often!