Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Layton is 10 months!

Layton, you are 10 months old! Here is what you have been up to:

**We have started using the sippy cup some and you love it. You get really excited when you see me bring it out. I try not to do it really until you are mostly done eating because once you get it, you don't want to give it up. You can drink out of it pretty well. So far we have just given you a little juice, but mostly water. These pictures are of you playing with your cup.

**You are still eating great. You pretty much eat what we eat unless it is something spicy. You love mozzerella cheese sticks, green beans, broccoli, strawberries, grapes, and mashed potatoes. I'd say those are your favorites right now.

This is what happens when I take the sippy cup away.


**You do this thing where you make fists and then squeeze them really tight and make yourself shake. You think this is so funny. It gets you lots of attention. You and Pappaw and you and Lincoln play this game alot.

**Mimi and Pappaw gave us this swing for you and you LOVE it! I can remember last summer when I was pregnant with you, sitting outside watching the kids play and thinking about how the next summer I would be pushing you in a swing. That time is here! I am looking forward to spending alot of time outside with you and your siblings this summer!

More eating pictures. You are so cute when you are eating! This was you eating chicken tetrazzini. You can sign "more" and are starting to make sounds when you want something.

**I think you really like anything that has wheels. You will sit and just push a toy back and forth and mess with the wheels for quite some time. I hope you like to play with cars.

**This month you have pulled up onto your knees a few times in the bathtub. You don't really do it anywhere else yet though.

You thought this was so fun!

You love bathtime and are starting to get a little upset when it is time to get out.

**Your sweet little chubby hands. I just love them! I just don't want to forget how adorable they are. I love how it looks like you have a rubber band around your wrist. Lots of people comment on your sweet chubby hands.

**You still love to stand up. You immediately start smiling and get so happy when I stand you up to something. You love to bounce up and down. If you fall down, temper temper. You get MAD! I have really noticed your little temper a lot this month. You flap your arms up and down, throw your head back, or lean forward and put your head to the floor. It is hilarious to me, but I've got to figure out how to deal with it!

**You are really starting to make some sounds. When the t.v. comes on, you start saying "Uh Uh!" and looking at it. You can say "Hi" occasionally and I think you have started saying "Eye" when I (or you) point to something that has eyes in a book. SO CUTE!

**You have played ball with me a few times. You drop it and get excited when I roll it back to you. You drop again and I roll it back. Lincoln has tried to play ball with you too.

**You play peek-a-boo with the visor on your carseat with me. You will pull it down over your face and I'll say "Where's Layton?" You pull it off and smile really big while I say "Peek-a-boo" or "There he is!" It is a fun game! You also have played this with the sheet on our bed.

**You are now in a size 4 diaper and are wearing mostly 12 month clothes. Your shoe size is a 2 or 3.

**Your hair has really grown this month. Your Daddy wants your comb over cut so bad.

**You are not very friendly with strangers. It takes a lot for you to smile sometimes. You will go to someone if I am right there and you really keep your eye on me and even then it doesn't work sometimes.

**I usually don't get to rock you for too long anymore. You want to look around and not miss anything. So, I will read to you for a minute, sing "Jesus Loves Me", and then put you down. Most of the time, you go right to sleep. You are sleeping really well.

**Nursing has been a challenge lately. Many times you only want to eat on one side. I am not used to this and so I have probably tried to force the other side too much. You just cry until I give up. I wonder how much milk you are getting but assume you are satisfied with one side most of the time. Oh well. Nursing and I have a love/hate relationship. Actually I shouldn't say hate. It is more like dislike. I will start weaning you soon (unless you decide to wean yourself) at 12 months. It will be bittersweet. You still nurse every four hours, 4-5 times a day.

**You still just have the 2 bottom teeth but I think you are really working on some top ones lately. You have had a cough, running nose, loose stool, and run some fever over the last couple of weeks. I took you to the doctor early last week because I was afraid you might have an ear infection or something. The doctor said your ears were fine and checked you for strep. It came back negative. We decided to check your platelets because it had been about 3 weeks. They came back 72,000 which was down from 183,000 at your 9 month appointment. We could see a few of the petechia spots on you like before. The doctor called Childrens and they said to come back on Thursday and recheck. On Thursday, they were back up slightly to 81,000. So, now we have to go back in 2 weeks. They would have given you another IVIG infusion if they had gotten below 20,000. We were thankful they didn't. The doctor said he has had a patient struggle with ITP for 2 years. He said that the antibodies are still in your body. I don't know if they just show up when you get a virus or what. I still think that some if not all of your symptoms are due to teething. Doctors won't admit this though!

**You still aren't crawling! You get on all fours but just won't move those hands forward. You get on your hands and your toes and stick your booty in the air and rock back and forth. Now you are getting to where you will reach for things more when sitting down and end up on your tummy more. You have also started walking your hands towards something when in a sitting position. You move around the room by spinning around--not by rolling over!

Layton - 10 months

Pouty face.

Layton, you make my days so fun! I love to watch you and see what you are going to do next.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Jazzy Joints

One night a couple of weeks ago we went to an Arthritis Foundation fundraiser called Jazzy Joints. It was a night of jazz music, dancing, and a silent auction. Kris and I weren't going to go at first because we would have to find someone to watch the kids, but the Foundation called and wanted us to come and bring the kids with us. So we did. It was at the Governor's Mansion. We had to get all dressed up.

Sweet little matching boys.

The reason we are involved with the Arthritis Foundation. At one point during the night, Layton was hungry so I had gone to the bathroom to feed him. While I was gone, the guy doing the speaking at the front had Kris and Hannah come up to the front and he talked about how arthritis affects children as well as adults. He asked Hannah a couple of questions. She was a little shy and not very talkative. But I missed the whole thing so I didn't get to take a picture of it. Then, later while I was away trying to get Layton to go to sleep (He was a bit fussy this night I think cause he didn't care for all the noise.), Governor Beebe came by and talked to Hannah and Kris and asked them some questions about Hannah. Again, I wasn't there to take pictures. So, I missed 2 of the highlights of the night!

We took the video games because we didn't know what to expect and knew we might need something to keep Mr. Lincoln busy. It worked.

It was an interesting night. It was fun to get dressed up and support a very worthwhile cause!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spaghetti Night!

A few weeks ago we had spaghetti for dinner and Layton got to experience it for the first time.

No one had to explain to him how to slurp it up. He just knew to do it. So funny!

One of my favorite things is to watch him try new things. He was very intent and seemed to be concentrating hard on getting it in his mouth. I just love the expressions and the excitement! Don't care for the mess, mind you. But it is worth it!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Layton's Other Mother

Last weekend, I was in the kitchen doing something and Hannah asked if she could change Layton's diaper. I told her sure. Then, I decided to get my camera and record it. It took her a few minutes to realize I was watching and recording her. It was the most precious thing! Layton was too funny. He just went with the flow. She was so proud of herself at the end--and rightly so! I'm telling you, she is going to make one good mommy someday and I look forward to watching her!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011


I am finally getting around to blogging about our Springbreak! When school let out on Friday, we headed to Kansas City to visit Grandma and Grandad. We didn't get there until midnight or so and stayed up a while talking. It was good to see them! The next morning Aunt Mona came bearing gifts! She brought Layton some puzzles, Lincoln some cool pajamas, and Hannah a pretty dress. She painted Hannah's nails too and put stickers on her toes. Of course, Hannah just loved this.
Grandma with Layton.
Aunt Mona also brought Easter eggs filled with candy and money. So, the kids hunted Easter eggs in the house.

She read them stories. Thanks Aunt Mona for loving on our kiddos!

Grandma always comes up with the neatest crafts for the kids to do. She helped them make paper mache nests...

and let them dye some eggs!

Lincoln with his boiled egg!

We had a great time! We always love going to Grandma and Grandad's! We are looking forward to the end of May when they will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary!!!

We got home late Sunday night and the kids and I left Monday morning to head to Texarkana till Thursday. Kris was super busy at work and used our time away to work a bunch of late nights trying to catch up on things.

We were fortunate to have great weather most of the time we were there and the kids were able to play outside alot. I brought their bikes and Layton's walker. He loved being out with the big kids.

My parents have the perfect driveway to ride bikes on! I hope maybe while we visit this summer, Hannah can learn to ride without her training wheels. We will see!

Layton had his first taste of a sucker and boy did he like it.

He got so upset when we took it away.

The kids love to ride the four wheeler with Pappaw.

He took them and showed them a neighbor's horse. They both walked right up to it and pet it.

More four wheeler riding.

We enjoyed sitting on the front porch swing. Layton was fascinated by Pappaw on the mower.

One day we all met Pappaw for lunch at McDonald's and then Mom and I took the kids to Spring Lake Park, a park that I grew up going to. Another day Mom kept the kids for me while I went shopping and had lunch with a good friend from high school. Love my Momma!

Lincoln with the flowers he picked for me, Mom, and Hannah. He can be so sweet sometimes!

We came home Thurday morning and enjoyed the rest of the week at home. It was a great Springbreak!!