Saturday, November 26, 2016

Keim Family Pictures

I wanted a good family picture of the 6 of us SO bad.  We tried and tried, but I really wasn't happy with any of them.  I wanted one good one to blow up and put on the mantle.  It didn't happen.  It is super hard to get all 4 kids to cooperate.

This one of the kids is not bad, but the lighting isn't great.

Lance and Lindsey

 Kurt, Alexis, Addison, and Isabel.

All the grand kids with Grandma and Grandad.

The whole family!!

Logan, Carol, Les, Lindsey, and Lance

Aaron, Alex, Mona, and Austin

My cute and sweet in-laws.

With all the little grands--and a photo bomber.  LOL!

Grandma and Grandad with the big grands.

The original 6.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Thanksgiving/Christmas in KC

We left on Tuesday of Thanksgiving week to head to KC.  This is what the van looked like.  Dash was stashed in his crate in the very back under all the stuff.

We just hung out for a couple of days until all the rest of the family got there.

Dash found a dead squirrel that Logan had killed.  At first we thought he killed it himself, but later discovered he used his nose to find it out in the pasture somewhere.

This used to be a huge tree in the Keim's back yard.  Now it is a huge pile of firewood.  Logan used it as a place to pose.  I was trying to figure out a good place to take some family pictures later.

He is crazy!!!

Kris wanted me to go over to Les' land with him.  Les is having a barn built and Kris is drooling over it.  He longs for the day when he can have his own land!!

This was our year to have Christmas at Thanksgiving.  Grandma likes to do Christmas in waves.  So, it lasted several days!  This was the beginning.  She gave Lance and Lindsey a little baby present as they are expecting in April.  So exciting!!  Ledger will have a playmate!  :-)

Yay for first Christmas presents!

More opening of presents.  These were from Aunt Mona and Kurt and Alexis.

Lincoln saying thank you to Aunt Alexis.

Big cousin Addy helping out.

We gave Isabel some "dough".

We tried to think of a fun way to give Grandma and Grandad their gift cards.

They had to pop the balloons to get them.

Ledger hanging out with Grandma.

Another round of presents.

We had a great time.  Always so good to be with family!  Family pictures up next!