Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Trip to KC

Back in mid October, we made a weekend trip to Kansas City.  We celebrated Grandma's birthday and Kris was asked to preach at his home church that Sunday as well.  So, it was a double special occasion.  :)

On Saturday we just hung out around the house.  Kris and Les broke out these old stilts to try to get Lincoln to walk on them.  Of course, Kris had to show him how to do it first.

It was really hard to do!  Lincoln had fun trying though!  I left off the picture of me trying to do it.  I couldn't even stand up.  Ha!

Les giving it a go.

It is always good to be with family.  Almost everyone was there for Grandma's birthday lunch after church that morning.  We hadn't seen Addison in a while.  She had grown so much!!  She is so cute and Hannah loved her!

I just took a few random pictures around the house, but somehow did not end up with one of Grandma!!!  Ugh!  I hate that!

Here is one of Aaron and Grandad chatting.

Here's one of me, Mona, and Carol.

Finally, me with all my sister-in-laws--Mona, Carol, and Alexis.  Keim women.  :)

I look awful in that picture.  All my makeup had rubbed off because I basically bawled my eyes out during Kris' sermon that morning.  Oh my, was it good.  He spoke about legacies.  He referenced several wonderful men in his life that have left a legacy with him.

There was Warren Holyoak who was his boss at the Christian school he worked for in Australia years ago. Kris was so appreciative of how Warren treated him.  He was always there to listen and give him Godly advice. He was a real support to Kris over there since he was away from all his family.

The second man was Stephen Bishop.  Stephen was a young guy he met over in Australia who was a part of the youth group Kris worked with over there.  He had a degenerative nerve disease that put him in a wheel chair his senior year of high school.  That didn't keep him from being involved in the youth group or doing most of the things that they did.  Kris told about how a bunch of them went sky diving, but Stephen's doctor wouldn't sign off for him to go.  So, what did Stephen do?  He went and found a doctor that would sign off for him to sky dive.  I got to be around Stephen several times and he was so much fun.  He came to the states once all by himself.  He actually had Christmas with my family.  By this time, Stephen could barely go to the bathroom without assistance.  Kris would have to lift him onto the toilet and sometimes help him go to the bathroom.  They had a very special friendship.  Several years ago Stephen decided to quit taking his medications.  He was ready to go home he said.  He eventually died and Kris went over to Australia to be at his funeral.  Kris was just amazed at his bravery,his trust in God, and how he longed to just go home to heaven.

The third man was Kris' boss, Jimmy Cone.  Kris admires the way he does business and how he treats people so much and has learned a lot from Jimmy.  He was so appreciative to Jimmy for coming to the hospital when Layton was at Children's due to his low platelet count several years ago.  We were so worried and scared and Jimmy came and prayed with us.

Last but not least, he spoke about Tremayne Harris.  Tremayne is a friend that Kris has made through work.  He owns a concrete company that they do a lot of business with.  Tremayne is one of the most generous and thoughtful people that you will meet.  He and Kris are big time buddies and would do just about anything for each other.

Kris also talked about the legacy that Jesus has left us and then asked the church there in Odessa what kind of legacy they were going to have.  He had all the kids that were there come up front.  He put half on one side of him and half on the other.  He told about how statistics say that about 50% of our youth will fall away from the church.  So, he asked them which half they wanted to lose?  It was such a good point.

The whole time I was thinking about the legacy that Kris is building for our kids.  I pray with all my heart that they will continue it!!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Motley's Farm 2013

Layton and I went to Motley's Farm back in the middle of October.  We went with several friends from church and had a great time!

I LOVE this picture with James, Grace, Carson, Cooper, and Layton.  So cute!

Layton is such a little cheeser.

Probably my favorite part of this particular place is the pig races. They get a snack of "pumpkin juice" (orange drink) and pretzels while they're watching.

We did a hay ride next.

Then, the kids got to feed the animals.

They played on the playground after that.

Here are all the kiddos in our group.

Me and my little buddy.  I love him so much.

Finally, he got to pick out his own pumpkin to take home and then he rode the little tractor train ride.

Oh how I love spending these sweet moments with my baby!!

Friday, November 8, 2013

State Fair!!

Back in October, Layton and I went to the State Fair one morning with Carrie and Lucy and Leanne and Harper.  We had a great time riding free rides!!

Love this picture!

Love my cheesy little boy!!

Harper looks unsure.  She was a trooper though!

"Fourleelers!!!"  Made this boy's day.

Harper was the cutest thing at the petting zoo.  She LOVED it.  Her face just lit up!

We tried to get all three kids together, but it was a little hard.

That day at the fair was dollar day, so I convinced Kris that we should go back that night with our whole family.  He must really love me because he did it (and I know he probably didn't want to).  However, I thought it was SO much fun.  I loved watching the kids enjoy themselves.  Of course being dollar day, the line to get in the fair was pretty long.  We probably waited 30 minutes at least to just get in.  We actually lucked out though because we ran into the Dukes from church as they were leaving and they gave us their leftover ride tickets.  There were 17 of them.  Since each ride was 1 ticket, we didn't have to buy anymore.

The first ride the kids wanted to ride was called the Super Shot.  It goes straight up and then falls straight down.  Hannah changed her mind about it while standing in line, but Lincoln didn't.  I was so surprised.  He was just about the cutest thing while waiting for the ride to go.

Heading up...

About to fall down...

We were laughing so hard at him!  His face was priceless!!

Next the kids and Kris rode the big slide.  Here are Hannah and Lincoln coming down it.

And here is Kris and Layton.

Stopping for a cute picture--or two.

We rode a few more rides.

You can kind of see Hannah and Lincoln on this roller coaster.

We played a few games too.  They each got to pick a big prize.  The boys picked a big blow up bat and hammer.  Hannah wanted goldfish--real ones.  So, we came home with 4.  (They all died in about 2 weeks.  Oh well.)

Then, we had some yummy fair food.

Fun family memories at the Fair!!!