Tuesday, August 25, 2015

8th Week of Summer - July 26th-August 1st

On Sunday we woke up early and drove for hours to get to Bald Knob to meet our friends for lunch before heading to Camp Tahkodah.  We met up with the Stephens and Dyniewski's.  Hannah and Kenzie were so excited to see Emma.  We always really enjoy catching up with the Dyniewski's!

Hannah's third year of camp.

Lincoln's first year.

Lincoln, Jackson, and Jack.  They were so excited!  Love that they all went together!

Here come the counselors!

Lincoln picked out a top bunk.  It was unbelievably hot making his bed!!  I was drenched when I got done.

Hannah picked a top bunk too!

I bought trunks this year for them to take and I really liked how big they were and that when I got them home, I could just spray them with the water hose to clean them.  Worked great!

Gaga ball was a HUGE hit among the boys!

Patiently waiting their turn to do the swim test.  Lincoln and Jack's group went dead last.  They were so hot they could hardly wait to get in the water.

Love him.

And they were off!

They swim to the other side and back.  Pretty long swim.

Saying good-bye.  He was so interested in what was going on that he didn't even care we were leaving.  Sniff sniff.  I guess I am glad that he has no trouble with that, but it was a little hard to leave him "on his own" for a week.

We didn't stick around to watch Hannah's swim test mostly because it was SO hot and she didn't care if we stayed.  She was ready to be with her friends.

That night we had our second Book Club meeting.  Our book this month was "All the Light We Cannot See."  I loved it and we had a great discussion and about 8 girls that came.  It was a 500 pager, so I was so glad so many actually finished it!

I worked on my preschool room some this week and then on Wednesday Layton and I had a playdate with the Landrum's and Piker's at the Piker's house.  Anna and her kids had made a volcano and they invited us all to watch it erupt!  It was great!  Julia is in Lincoln and Jack's grade at school and Chandler is a year younger that Layton.  So glad to have these new friends!


On Friday, we picked up these two!  Was glad to see their sweet faces!  They had a great time and got to do lots of fun things!  Hannah did pretty well in the Bible Bowl this year.

Layton was too!!

Monday, August 10, 2015

7th Week of Summer - July 19th-July 25th (Lindsey's Wedding)

Week 7 started off with some crazy kids playing army in the neighborhood.  Love that my kiddos have so many friends to play with.

On Monday night Lincoln had his end of the year swim team party.  He just had the best year!

To top it off, he got the 110% award for his age group.  SO proud of him for that!!!

Tuesday night after my tennis game, Jack came home with Lincoln for a sleepover.  They are some crazy Lego-lovin boys!

Finally, on Friday morning we headed to St. Louis for Lindsey's wedding.  That morning we stopped in Searcy for breakfast.

We went straight to Les and Carol's house and hung out for a couple of hours until it was time to leave to go to the rehearsal dinner.  It was about an hour away and Layton decided he needed to rest up so he could party when he got there. ;-)

The rehearsal dinner was at this cozy little restaurant near where the wedding was to be held.  Love this handsome brown-eyed boy.

Hannah and Isabelle.  They were such little ladies at dinner.

After dinner we headed over to this winery where the wedding was to take place.  They had the neatest little chapel that overlooked the river.  It was really pretty.

We all got a kick out of Addison's "high heels."

The two ring bearers (actually sign holders).

The Keim men.

They have a neat tradition at this place where towards the end of the wedding, the bride and groom go over to this door that opens up over looking the river and they open a bottle of wine.  Then, they serve everyone in the whole chapel.  Everyone holds up their glass and then the minister makes a toast and you all drink at the same time.  Since we are not a drinking family, they served all of us grape juice.  It was interesting!  I wasn't sure how the boys would do standing up there holding a glass of grape juice!!!  They actually ended up doing just fine.  Whew!

The giggly flower girls.

Logan walked Grandma and Grandad in.

Kurt and Kris.

Logan and Carol, the beautiful mother of the bride.

Les and Lindsey.

Practicing the toast.  I didn't get a picture of the real thing.

The flower girls on the wedding day.

I love, love, loved the boys outfits.  They loved them too!  All the kids with Aunt Mona.


Now with me and Alexis.

My beauty.

Love them.

Show time!

Here comes the bride!!!

Oh my goodness.  The cuteness.

Lindsey looked beautiful!

Couldn't resist taking this picture.

Or this one.  Wish I could have heard what Lincoln was saying to him.  Probably telling him to wait to drink it and be careful!  Ha!  Such a good big brother.

This picture cracks me up.  I took it right after the photographer took one where Lyle is putting bunny ears on Roena.  Hysterical!!!!  We all had a good laugh!  I would love to see that picture!

I couldn't resist posting this picture because Lindsey was my flower girl when she was 7--14 years ago.  Unbelievable how fast time has flown by.

The reception was really pretty.

They had this great photo booth where they gave you a picture and then put one in a book that you signed for Lindsey and Lance.  Loved this idea!  I wish I could have seen the one that Lyle and Roena did.  LOL!

First dance.


Mona wanted me to do the kissy face???

Daddy/Daughter dance.

Doing the Cha Cha Slide.

Layton was so cute when he got up to dance.  I think I have a little video of the cuteness.

Congratulations to Lindsey and Lance!!!  We wish them many many years of wedded bliss!!!