Monday, January 30, 2012

Lincoln's Lego Bowling Party!

Saturday was Lincoln's birthday party!  This was his first big birthday party outside of our house, so we decided to have a bowling party.  Because of his love of Legos right now, we decided to have a Lego party!  Here is the birthday boy with some of his Lego creations.

I thoroughly enjoyed planning this party.  I made a Lego cake.  It was just 1 9x13 cake cut into 4 pieces.  Those are marshmallows on top.
I also found this cute cookie idea.  I made and froze the cookies a week ahead and then decorated them the night before the party!  Big thanks to Mimi for helping get the right royal icing consistency to ice these babies.
The party room at the bowling alley was wonderful.  It was nice and big with the perfect layout.  I was pleasantly surprised when we got there because I had not thought to check it out ahead of time.  

I made the Happy Birthday banner from Lego font that I downloaded and then cut out yellow and red poster board to glue the letters to.  It was fun.  I made hot ham sandwiches for the adults.  We had cheeseballs, water, and Dr. Pepper to go with the lunch.  The kids each got their own cheese pizza and drink. 
I found a Lego Iphone app and printed off this picture of Lincoln made out of Legos.
We decorated with/used our own Legos as well.  We spelled Linc with some big Legos we had.

I covered juice boxes with construction paper and dots to look like Legos.  Mimi helped make a little bowl to put the straws in out of Legos.

The favor bags I made to look like a Lego man head out of yellow paper sacks.
Inside there were stickers, a coloring book I made from Lego pictures I found online, a Lego minifigure, and some Lego block candy I found at a candy store in the mall.  You could even stack the candy like real Legos.  Loved that.
Here's Lincoln before the party.  He was so excited and really got into counting the days until his party!  He was ready to go!
We put Legos on the table as centerpieces too.  This was a good idea because as the kids started arriving, they all played with the Legos on the table and that was great to keep them preoccupied until they all got there.  We invited 6 friends from church and all 11 of his classmates at preschool.  All the church friends came and about 5 of his preschool friends came along with 2 of their siblings.  So we had 15 kids total.
Pappaw and Mimi were big helps!
This was a sweet moment I just loved.  When Harrison, one of Lincoln's school buddies showed up, he was so excited and quickly took Harrison over to introduce him to Jack and Jackson.  I was proud of him!

Boys will be boys!  Ha!  They were climbing the walls. (Not really, they were super good!)
Here they all are playing with the Legos on the table.
When everyone got there, it was time to get bowling!  Lincoln went first.  He's a good little bowler.
Love Hayden's expression.
Mike with Eden.

Giving each other high 5s.  The kids were all so good to cheer each other on!
Jackson taking a turn.
Jack--love his stance!
Such buddies--Jack and Lincoln.  They love each other so much!
Hayden and Linc.  Lincoln talks about Hayden a lot at home.
Love this picture of Harrison.  He was trying to get the ball to curve the other way.  Ha!
Paul was so funny!
The kids seemed to really have a good time bowling.  It was great!  Next it was time for pizza and then cake!

We sang "Happy Birthday" to Linc and he blew out the candles.  He had to blow...
and blow...
and blow...
and blow!!!  He liked his cake and asked for a second piece.  That made me happy!

He got lots of Legos...
and Transformers.

Mimi and Pappaw got him some much needed clothes.  Hannah made him a book.  It was super sweet and thoughtful.  She had Kris and I sign pages to go in it and then put it all together.  Love her!
Kris and I with our birthday boy!
Linc with Mimi and Pappaw!
When we got home, he wanted to open one of his Lego sets.  So he and Kris worked on one of them together.  He just loves them!  This afternoon as I have been trying to type this blog post, he has been working on another 130 piece set and has actually done most of it by himself (I had to help a couple of times).  He is getting good at following the picture directions!  So good for him!
He had a great party.  I am so glad he seemed to enjoy it and so did his friends.  I still can't believe he is 5 years old.  He is getting so big, learning so much, and growing out of his clothes!!!  Love you so much, Buddy!!!  Happy Birthday!!