Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tween Retreat 2017

Hannah and Lincoln went on PV's Tween Retreat (4th-7th graders) a couple of weekends ago.  It was at Corin Read Christian Camp just down from us near Sardis.  

Hannah and Katelynn showed everyone their Bible Journals as part of the Talent Show.

They played Pictionary.

Apparently, Lincoln was really good at this game.

Sweet friends.  So thankful Hannah has them.

The theme was "INKED."  They discussed what it looked like to be a scribe; the education that went into it; the knowledge and relationship a scribe had with the scriptures; the respect he was given; and how we as New Testament Christians have been charged to write or ink the scriptures on our hearts--to know them and live them.  Audrey Crow came and taught them some handwriting tips.  I know Hannah enjoyed this a lot!

This was Lincoln's first retreat and he had a blast!

I sure am thankful for Ms. Tina, Mr. Todd, and all the others that volunteered to make this retreat so great.  They work hard to give our kids opportunities to grow and serve!

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