Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend in Missouri

For Memorial Day this year, we went to visit Grandma and Grandad.  When we got there, Grandma gave Ledger some old toys to play with.  She has quite the treasure of old toys stored up that she will break out during our visits.  Then, she usually sends them home with us. 

We had a cookout on Saturday for lunch.  Kurt and Alexis came out.  Mona and Les and Carol weren't able to be there.  Grandma made Ledger a little birthday cake and we sang to him before we ate.

They gave him a fun Thomas popper walking toy.

The kids tried to make slime.  I'm not sure that it worked though.

Testing out his new toy.

Later that afternoon we went to Lexington, Missouri, to visit the Battle of Lexington State Historic Site.

We also toured the Oliver Anderson House which was a house where some Civil War fighting took place in 1861.

You can still see some of the bullet holes.  Pretty neat.

It still looks the same as it did back then.  That chandelier is the original one.

A similar piano to the one that would have been there.

They had the house decorated similarly to how it would have been decorated.

This house was used as a hospital at one point and these holes in the floor are how they would drain the blood of the wounded.

The kitchen.

It was cool to get to do something that we don't normally get to do and that this little bit of history was so close to the Keims' house.

I have this picture of Lincoln at about this age sitting here on these steps with nothing but a diaper on.  So, I had to get one of Ledger too.

Here is the comparison.  Our big brown eyed boys!!!
Lincoln "helped" Kris mow part of the yard.  Kris used to mow this yard with a push mower.  He can hardly wait for his own boys to mow our big front yard!!  Don't worry.  It won't be with push mowers!

We went to church Sunday morning and then hung out the rest of the day.  We headed home Monday morning.  It was a great visit!

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