Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Berry Picking 2017

Today we did our annual berry picking.  I love doing this with my kids.  They are crazy over fruit, so they love to go and fill their bellies while we fill the buckets.  We tried to get out there as early as possible to avoid as much heat as possible.  However, it is a long drive and so it was pretty warm.

Ledger still had to watch this year.  Next year will definitely be interesting because he will want to pick his own I am sure!

He did enjoy eating some blueberries while he watched.

I love that we always go with the Stephens.

Me and my berry pickers.  We picked blueberries and blackberries.

Stacey and her girls.

These usually last us quite a while.  I mostly use the blueberries for muffins and smoothies.  The blackberries are usually either for cobblers or to put on waffles.

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