Sunday, June 18, 2017

Ledger at 13 months

My sweet Ledger is 13 months old.  I love love this age.  He is doing so many cute things and learning so much.  I think if I could bottle him up right now, I would.  He couldn't be any more precious.  

Here are some of the things I want to remember about this month:

Ledger got another tooth on June 1.  It was the right bottom lateral incisor.  So, that makes 7 teeth total.  Four on the top and three on the bottom.  

He is talking more.  He says "doll" for ball and discovered the boys' basketball recently.  He was so cute trying to bounce/dribble it down the hall the other day.  He will still play catch with you.  He calls all cars, trucks, and vehicles "tractors."  He says "tractor" pretty plainly.  Other words he is saying are Momma, Daddy, Bubba, Sissy, Dash (da), Bath (ba), thank you, bye bye, snack (nack), poo poo, no, and shoe.

Ledger can stand up on his own.  He will push toys around.  He finally started walking on the 10th.  It was an exciting day! 

He absolutely loves books.  I love to see him sitting in the floor looking at books.

He loved the pool when we went for the first time on May 30th.  He did great.  He also likes to swing, but doesn't seem to care for slides yet.  They are a little scary.

He likes to ride in the little wagon Mimi and Pappaw got him while Layton pushes him.

I started weaning him this month and I am down to just the last feeding of the day before bed.  I am not ready to give that one up quite yet.

He is still getting into everything.  We have to really watch him in the kids rooms.

Ledger is a great eater.  He has taken to whole milk really well.  I still haven't given him juice.  So, he just drinks milk and water.  He likes most foods, but doesn't seem to care for pasta much.

These monthly pictures are getting so hard to take.

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